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If you want to use any sheet formats or styles, do it— these aren’t works of art, coding should be for everyone. All I ask Is just don’t appropriate the content of the characters within the coding. Be fonz cool.

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“Y-You wouldn’t be afraid of a harmless w-w-witch would you? I p-promise that I won’t do anything bad, really!”


To describe Sania briefly would not be very difficult given the fact that she isn’t very nuanced when it comes to the depths of her personality.

Beyond all of Sania’s kindness and polite manner stands a girl who is the very definition of meek, shy, and reluctant. This isn’t particularly because she lacks any form of courage but rather that she lacks the confidence to be assertive, flirtatious, or prideful in any situation. It is due to this that her innate talent in magic may be seen as redundant because she is so cautious to the point of hesitating and second-guessing herself and the situation; especially when it comes to a scenario where she needs to act swiftly. Ultimately, Sania is very well aware she needs to be brave and be better than she is but the truth of the matter is that she struggles to want to; she’d rather someone think her cowardly or pathetic than see her as evil, dangerous, and threatening— she doesn’t want to be villainized and hated.

Her fellow guildmates have found it difficult to break her shell.


Belchardt Sania





Cloud Chasers

Sania was born in a small village of unremarkable reputation sixteen years ago, though she admittedly knew very little of her parents— a fact that was due to their disappearance before Sania was old enough to walk. In her parents stead Sania was raised by an old eccentric wizard named Belchardt Akranos, the only noteworthy individual who took residence in the small village at the time; a man whom Sania would recognize as her guardian. It would be relatively early in her life where she would discover her innate magical abilities; a discovery that would change her relationship with Akranos from foster daughter to student. But her tutelage was not conventionally legal due to the laws of the Librarium, though it wasn’t exactly for this reason that Sania’s idyllic life would come to an end.

The phrase “magic attracts magic” is very old and very true— and Sania would witness it when demonic abominations set their sights on her unremarkable village. The resulting battle between Akranos and the demons would result in the near destruction of her home and the loss of her mentor, though she struggles with remembering it in perfect clarity. The surviving villagers branded her a witch, cried for the Librarium, and Sania fled the village in fear for her own life. Following her fearful escape from a place she once deemed her home she now found herself a homeless nomad, travelling place to place trying to survive by any means necessary whether it was stealing food or scavenging what she could. She was twelve years old.

Eventually she found herself being discovered by someone who offered her shelter. But more importantly what she was offered was a new home and a new family— the Cloud Chasers.



Sania’s guild mark is pressed on the upper end of her back and lower neck.
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"I knew you were stupid, but I didn't think you were this stupid."

29 || Japanese || Female


If I have to explain this to you, I don't think we can be friends.


Make sure to explain in detail why your character is becoming a Nomad, and what they hope to accomplish.


Explain how your character fights. Describe their martial arts training (if any), and describe how their moves generally look. Do they fight aggressively by getting up close? Do they zone their enemies? Also put any special abilities they have here.

[REMOVE THIS. What are the special moves your character can do? Mostly things like fireballs, or any other special techniques. Remember special attacks are the flashy, hard hitting, moves in fighting games. Not normal moves. Make a list of around twelve special attacks max. REMOVE THIS.]

■ [Move Name Here]
[Description of move here]

[REMOVE THIS. The big flashy super moves that take off a large chunk of health off their enemies. These moves should go without saying, but give your character around three. REMOVE THIS.]

■ [Move Name Here]
[Description of move here]

What are the weaknesses of your character? Are they bad at up close and personal encounters? Do they suffer from an illness? Or do they have a pathological weakness?


What else?

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“My master always told me if I am patient in one moment of anger, I will escape a hundred days of sorrow. I still am not quite sure what that means, especially in the shadow of the darkness.”


Naat Reath





Jedi Sentinel

Standing at 1.5 meters, Naat is at a particularly mundane if a bit shorter height to her fellows. As a daughter of Corellia she has noticeably defiant traits behind her appearance and it is likely if she was not in the Jedi Order she would dress as such. Her hair was rather short in her youth but over time has had her hair grow out; sometimes covering her cerulean eyes.

T A L E N T S & B A C K G R O U N D


Lightsaber Combat: Even as a young initiate Naat was a talented duelist, often besting her more soft-spoken brother during sparring duels before he was assigned as a padawan to Jedi Master Echuu Shen-Jon. Due to her focus on the lightsaber’s role in combat, Naat found herself a proficient and often overzealous talent over even the simplest force-based abilities. Her abilities were well-known as they became honed in battles such as Krant and Sarapin. Naat is known to utilize forms such as Makashi, Soresu, and Ataru; switching up depending on the situation. Naat has often been intrigued by the options from mixing and matching lightsaber forms and is curious about the “forbidden” form of Vaapad after an experience witnessing Mace Windu at the Battle of Coruscant in 19 BBY.

Investigation: Deductive and with a good perception, Naat is an able Jedi Investigator though she is not particularly brilliant in this aspect despite her ability to look at the “big picture”. Small things can sneak by her and cultural inflections or mannerisms are not something she has studied in earnest. She is used to people being direct with her and as such doesn’t notice when individuals have ulterior motives for or against her benefit.

Tactical Analysis: After her experience as a Jedi Commander throughout the Clone Wars and serving through battles on Krant, Sarapin, Coruscant, Alderaan, Dantooine, and various galactic skirmishes Naat has found herself to be a capable tactician worthy of mention. She thinks skillfully “outside the box” and can be unpredictable in her unorthodox strategies. Her intelligence allows her to think of the battlefield as a whole and was seen as a padawan of note that would meet Knighthood quickly due to her achievements.

Starcraft Piloting: Naat is a competent starcraft pilot, knowing how to fly small starfighters and speeders with some skill. She’s flown Jedi Starfighters, Gaba-18 speeders, and served as an additional co-pilot for more than a few transport ships. She is most at home in a small starfighter, though she is hardly the best of Jedi pilots.


Naat & Stam Reath were born on Corellia in 36 BBY, though by the time they were barely out of infancy were discovered as force sensitives and inducted as initiates of the Jedi Order to where they began earnest study of the force on the planet of Coruscant. It was here that they became enthralled with the religious culture and traditions of the Jedi. Unlike her brother, Naat found herself fascinated by the concept of lightsaber combat when she found force abilities difficult to grasp; having that connection with dueling helped her remove doubt that she was not just another throwaway force sensitive and had a future with the Jedi Order. Lightsaber dueling became her whole world following the discovery of the fascination, earnestly trying to pick apart every Knight and Master who demonstrated before her. This passion would be initially overlooked due to her brother’s skillful grasping of Jedi philosophies but also raw force ability. Her brother was picked up as a Padawan and for some reason or another she remained a masterless Padawan for many years following their initiatehood.

As Naat trained herself in earnest awaiting to attract a master, a darkness dawned on the galaxy as her brother found himself involved in what would become known as the Battle of Geonosis— a battle that would begin the Clone Wars and a battle that would take her brother’s life at the end of a Dark Acolyte’s lightsaber. When Jedi Master Echuu Shen-Jon returned from the battle he was in distress; a distress that Naat could feel in her bones since it happened. Naat held a bond with her brother since birth and when he was struck down it was felt with great spiritual force— the most powerful instance of spiritual pain she had ever felt in her life, a pain that would cause her great grief and great anger. The name of Sev'rance Tann would cycle in her mind every single day afterward, her discontent festering as the dark side began to rear it’s head to try and twist her emotions against her ideals. The appearance of Sev'rance Tann was a precedent that the council couldn’t ignore and soon assigned Echuu Shen-Jon a new padawan; that padawan being none other than Naat Reath. Noticing the growing darkness in both Echuu and Naat, the council believed pairing them would bring the light back to their spirit and create a bond that would desire to bring Sev'rance Tann to justice. So began Naat’s entry into the Clone Wars.

The field of battle as a Jedi Commander was different than her silent study of lightsaber duels, historical battles, and lightsaber forms; a fact that became apparent to Naat upon entry into the Clone Wars. Despite this harrowing feat she found herself eager to bring Sev’rance Tann down and avenge her brother no matter what. Fighting the Separatists was just one small obstacle in her path in her way and it became evident very quickly that Naat was very good at combat despite being completely green to the battlefield outside of simulations and studies. Her master remarked on her talent for battle as being surprising, even likening her to his former master in her hardened battle ferocity. This became something the droid army of the Separatists learned on the planet of Sarapin. The objective however was not to obtain Tann but rather Zian Finnis, a Separatist officer who had been placed as overseer of Sarapin following the success of Tann’s siege. Naat and her master did not let this get in their way and with some careful battle strategies captured Finnis easily. The council hoped Finnis would become a useful informant, a fact that became apparent when he told Echuu Shen-Jon where to find Tann as far as he knew: Tatooine.

Once on Tatooine, the two Jedi began to investigate Finnis’ information— something that would become challenging on such a backwater planet nestled as a hub for the Hutt Cartel. However, when information led to learning that Boorka the Hutt had aligned himself with the Separatists, Echuu Shen-Jon began negotiations with Jabba the Hutt, Boorka’s rival. After a battle that resulted in the death of Boorka (and creating a power vacuum Jabba quickly filled) the first hint of Sev’rance Tann became apparent as information led to a planet named Krant. The council was pleased by the continued success of Shen-Jon and despite their worries told the jedi to pursue Tann asking the two Jedi to stop the problem at the source before the Separatists could gain more ground under Tann’s command. As Echuu entered the Krant system things would turn interesting as strange signals were picked up on the moon of Aereen— it became apparent that the Trade Federation had begun an illegal mining operation ordered by Tann to supplement their efforts on Krant, a dangerous precedent. The Jedi Council forbade directly invading Krant until a base of operations was established on the moon which is exactly what Echuu & Naat did.

After Jedi Master Mace Windu approved of the invasion of Krant, things only took a turn for the worst as during the siege Naat herself was captured by Tann as the Dark Acolyte goaded Echuu Shen-Jon in a duel to decide the fate of Krant and his padawan by proxy. Echuu Shen-Jon would defeat Tann, but according to Naat had sustained fatal injuries during the battle that caused his own death moments later. Naat would return to Coruscant and reported to the council about the events that took place on Krant. Now masterless Naat wondered what the council would do next as they thought on her and her late master’s accomplishments during the campaign. Following her report regarding the defeat of Sev’rance Tann, Naat Reath was looked at cautiously and was met with by her master’s former mentor and teacher, Mace Windu.

After speaking with Master Mace Windu, Naat masked her feelings as she came to reflect upon the campaign with Master Echuu Shen-Jon, unsure of where to go next. Her brother had been brought to justice, but she had also lost her jedi master in the same instant. Was the consequence worth the achievement? She took to meditation to try to find answers for herself as the council left her unassigned for some time. The thought of knighting Naat Reath came to the council’s discussions, though she had only served in four battles thus far and despite the emotion that had left her had much to learn. Despite being masterless it became clear that Naat’s innate talent for combat, battle, and tactics was needed— thus it was decided that she would be thrown back into battle as she served as an informal padawan to jedi knight’s who needed aid in the battles that consumed the galaxy. Assigned to Mace Windu as a commander at the Battle of Malastare Naat witnessed one of the most fierce battles of the entire Clone Wars firsthand, making her previous experiences on Krant, Sarapin, and Tatooine seem like child’s play. After accidentally awakening the Zilo Beast Mace Windu’s forces started an attempt to combat and capture the creature but it was soon discovered that it was impervious to lightsabers and blaster fire. Naat is ordered by Mace Windu to rescue non-military and injured units out of the range of the creature.

As Naat began to be more successful she found her force powers growing despite her minimal usage of them beforehand. She soon learned that her innate battle affinity was a consequence of her connection to the force and not just raw physical skill— the legendary force ability known as “Battle Meditation”. Whilst Naat was far from being as prodigal as Bastila Shan during the Jedi Civil War, the ability was still quite rare. She would begin to attempt to hone this ability for the Order’s and the Republic’s benefit; the path was difficult but she was certain it could turn future battles in the light’s favor. Following Naat’s involvement during the Battle of Coruscant discussions about the female jedi by the council have been brought up again, but it seems more pressing matters have been brought to their attention as of late...

Working alongside colonial Wookiee’s who had escaped Separatist imprisonment, Naat Reath would become a pivotal piece of what would become known as the Battle of Krant. However, the temptations of the dark side were quite strong and within her youthful ignorance found herself drawn towards the concept of vengeance as she hoped to kill Sev'rance Tann for her execution of her brother during the Battle of Geonosis. Many struggles with the dark side of the force would become apparent and she witnessed her own master’s struggle with staying in the light. A multitude of secrets were spawned on Krant which she withheld from the Jedi Council upon her return to Coruscant following the battle.
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David W. Levitski

“They’re hungry and sick, yeah, so what, I have a solution right here with this baseball bat.”

Honest Abrasive Inquisitive Condescending

Detective David Levitski




David Levitski is a man who believes that the world is unequivocally shit; that people are born inherently bad and that the people who try to look for the good in others are naïve children dancing around with a delusional imagination. It is because of that fundamental viewpoint that David’s views are entirely centered upon and anybody with an opposing view he naturally presumes is an idiot— a fact that has come up often in his long-tested career as a police detective to varying results and consequences. David is honest, albeit abrasive and crass, but honest— a fact that can seem a bit confrontational, antagonistic, and needlessly offensive. Sometimes he doesn’t know the difference between the hard truth and just being a jerk, but given his attitude he might actually know that he’s being judgmental and offensive; he just might not care.

David is also generally prone to excessive notions of violence, condescension, and wildly vitriolic sarcastic remarks. It is with this anger that it is shown that David is avid in his dedication, resilience, and tenacity— so much it goes to a level of ruthlessness. He is the guy who gets the job done with results even if the path to the finishing line is littered with broken windows and burnt down sheds; his diligence is admirable, his preference towards being brutal and ruthless are not. But for some reason David’s never been outed as corrupt or out of his bounds. IAA has investigated him several times in the past fifteen years with not even a suspension to David’s name for just that reason.

Whilst his aforementioned traits are generally despicable and unpleasing, there is a man underneath David that longs for peace and order. He values people who are hard workers and get to the point, and tends not to condescend actual children. Also, as far as those new to him know, he has a charming outer shell that appears to be a kind middle-aged man despite his inner chaos and “true self”. He may not value the world as it should be, but he will never succumb to deception of lies or betrayal of those he considers valuable as allies. He’s got some duality to him, for sure.

Hobbies & Interests:
David has a few hobbies that he indulges in with his time off, but most of all of them that he is involved with is his locksmithing. The old cop collects old lockpicking sets and tends to enjoy cracking locks in his spare time; a strange hobby for a cop, for sure. He comments that it “keeps his hands busy” among other things. Elsewise, David is pretty simple— he likes books that tend to be crime pulp novels, older films, he plays acoustic guitar (and has since he was a kid), and occasionally coaches baseball to involve himself in the community beyond his role as a police detective.

Likes & Dislikes:
+ Folk & Jazz Music
+ Efficiency
+ Women
+ Honesty

- Naïve Optimism
- Wasted Time
- Crooks
- Patience

As a career cop David has collected various skills such as familiarity with handguns & revolvers, investigation talents for picking up on clues in people as well as the environment, occasional lock-picking, and breaking limbs with baseball bats. Wait, what? Truth be told, David was not a “by-the-book” detective in his early career years and in fact was kind of a “thug with a badge” detective in his past where he was known to use intimidation and physical assault in many situations to get what he wanted. If the situation needed this arsonist to have a three broken fingers to get some information then David would break four. Despite this sense of ruthlessness, David is good at his job as his skills make obvious. It is presumed that his old age and change of scenery has mellowed him some, but there's always something can make a man snap.
  • Criminology
  • Intimidation
  • Investigation
  • Lockpicking
  • Marksmanship [Handguns]

A man as long-lived as David Levitski could publish a novel of his escapades and life experiences alone. This of course is something David Levitski would rather not occur as he would rather not be judged by his new neighbors for what he achieved throughout his childhood and adulthood. Born to a Polish immigrant following the Second World War named Waclaw Levitski in 1963, David would be the eldest of several siblings raised in a lower income class household that had much conflict inside and out. His father was an abhorrent and abusive alcoholic who struggled from one job to the next—from general labor to distribution line factory work and so on thus when the next time his father lost a job nobody in the family was sure if they were going to leave the city they were used to or if another one in the area would repeat the process. It came to a point when David’s mother divorced his father and they moved to a more stable (relatively speaking) environment permanently around 1974.

David’s new environment was crime-ridden and tough on his mother, especially considering the stigma that still existed amongst divorced women trying to pick themselves up in the era. Perhaps it was here in his mother, Ashley Levitski, where David learned an admiration for hard work ethic since his father was so careless and arbitrary to the point where David didn’t care for him. In a chance encounter in the local park David found himself at odds when he attacked a boy over a name he called his mother to the point he told him that he would “erase his face” – he was interrupted before doing so by a police officer by the name of Thomas O’Reilly, who would be his first father figure.

The time passed in the inner city and under the guidance of the “old school” police officer David found himself joining the Police Department and aspiring to keep his burning temper under control within the confines of the law and if so necessary unleash it on those who deserved it—for not out of a sense of morality, but just desserts. David’s talents were soon discovered in these formative years as he found a knack for noticing things that other officers didn’t which eventually served him well when he was promoted to Detective fairly early on in his career, though due to politics and relationships with his superior’s daughter he found promotion climbing any further was quite unlikely. Still David found himself enjoying the work with every thumb he cracked or head he slammed into a table—as if he was exerting some weird power fantasy over his abusive childhood with his father. Nonetheless, time went on.

In time David found his younger brother, Richard, following in his footsteps—though in his time away from home his brother had taken to weird senses of optimistic morality and found himself clashing with his older brother during holiday gatherings in which they debated perspective. Admittedly, David was abrasive and patronizing towards his own sibling and likened his intelligence to inanimate objects in an attempt to give himself a reason to beat his brother down. However, Richard didn’t snap proving himself to be the better man. Still the siblings found themselves at odds with each other for many years up to through the childhood of Richard’s first son which he named after himself.

The time as a cop carried on and David continued to see people for how they really were—selfish, manipulative, deceitful, arrogant, pig-headed, out for themselves, and ultimately pretty terrible people. For every criminal he met he saw at least one aspect of his father in them which only made it all the easier to trait them with such vitriol. “Guilty until proven Innocent.” he figured about these people. As time toiled onwards things began to change such as his partner in the squad car, shifting from “old school” detectives like Andrew Tate to “new school” detectives like Joseph Atkins and Miranda Beake. The world kept proving itself to David however and he never strayed from how he believed. The years moved on. He moved to a new city— Dixie Inn.

David has been in Dixie Inn for twelve years, attempting what he did before, hoping to find a slower-paced smaller city to really sink his teeth into and relax. Despite having the tooth to continue it up north he wanted something different and Dixie Inn most certainly fit that definition.
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Sibela Zheitk

Mid-to-Late Twenties



A quintessential Hylian, Sibela Zheitk is still appears fairly well despite a decade or so of hardening and conditioning by facing the ire of criminals in the streets of Hyrule. The Zheitk dynasty has had its fair share of opportunistic adventurers, hireswords, and village rangers thus making Sibela’s pedigree of a warrior creed not at all out of character. However despite her formidability she is not particularly large (five foot seven). Despite this she does have a refined strength due to her time conditioning and wielding weaponry and basic armor. Sibela is used to wielding weapons and when off-duty does not go far from her blade, even in non-threatening environments; said blade is a well-crafted sword of Hylian make that lacks much for appearance due to her former rank in the Hylian Guard.

Perhaps what represents Sibela the most is the tenacity to persevere and be resilient against all that the world throws at her. From surviving in the slums of Castle Town to Ganondorf’s assault on Hyrule Castle to the Kakariko Massacare— Sibela is most definitely resilient. Most people who have survived even a fraction of her experiences have turned out darker, bleaker, and pessimistic individuals but Sibela holds on to her ideals that have made her survive as long as they have; these ideals representing hope, bravery, and determination. But being hopeful and optimistic does not mean Sibela is naïve by any means; she’s witnessed death, misery, hopelessness, and dread; she knows how the world works and the consequences of those who try to survive in the shadow of Ganondorf’s tyranny. So it is with a clear mind she travels, holding on to the courage that allows her to move forward; courage that exists to inspire. The world may be a blackened wasteland, but if you don’t let the world define you perhaps you can push for a better one.

Expanding on Sibela’s optimism lies a cheery, albeit weary smile that exudes a personality of fearlessness, quirk, and kindness. As aforementioned this is a way Sibela can move forward for if she allows the darkness to consume her then she will be nothing and those who depend on her will have no reminder of the world as it once was. It is, that in actuality, Sibela’s whole reason for giving a pseudo-façade for people to witness— the world you knew and the world you deserve is not dead as long as you are alive. Sibela cannot believe her brothers are dead, nor that Ganondorf is undefeatable. She refuses that belief and will fight anyone who dares to suggest it.

Sibela grew up in the slums of Hyrule’s capital, her father falling into poverty soon after the death of his wife and the birth of Sibela’s twin siblings, Rokon and Dozal. However, the children of Turuk would soon find themselves in peril as their father looked to a man named Mozas for help. Mozas was a shifty merchant who allowed loans in exchange for favors and debt, but in the slums of the capital there was hardly many opportunities. Mozas told Turuk he had six cycles of a year to pay him back, but when the time came up and all of the income earned back (and ready to be exchanged) was stolen Mozas was not pleased and told his men to clean up his loose end—a fate Turuk knew would be coming as he sent his children to hide as enforcers came upon him in an alleyway of the slums as his children were hidden nearby. The end result was tragic and Sibela and her brothers would never forget.

With her father losing their life to Mozas and his “kindness”, it left Sibela and her two siblings alone and distraught within the slums of Hyrule’s capital. The hate burning within the thirteen year old girl was strong and it was with that strength that she dedicated herself to keeping her family alive by any means that were not relying on the merchant and con man who had ruined their lives. Though the difficult of such a task was hardly easy and the challenge changed throughout ever day thereon as it seemed she would be doomed to the life of a street urchin. There were days where she wanted to end it all and wallow in the shadows of the Hyrule cemetery— to take the sword of her ancestors and kill herself as well as what remained of her family before the gods in an act of desperate hopelessness. Her father’s stories about heroism, prevailing against the darkness, and the mythic tales of the hero of Hyrule himself kept Sibela from not committing such a thing and in the coming years she would come to be glad for it.

In the following weeks, Sibela would find her destiny changed as she picked the pockets of an off-duty guardsman named Ukal who chased the young Hylian straight back to her den where her brothers found themselves starving and in ill shape. Assuming Ukal was going to take back his food and coin from his rucksack she had there in an instant instinctively retrieved the sword she had kept hiding nearby in case she would ever need to use it. Ukal was decidedly amused, but enraged as well—but he was not angered by Sibela, but rather the circumstances where these children would need to do such a thing. It was there he adopted the children before him and began his odd mentorship of Sibela herself. It was here not too long after Sibela had considered ending their lives that they found their hope and a new home to live in, it nearly broke the young girl’s emotions flat.

Ukal saw great promise in the child who wielded a sword to protect herself and others with no hesitation, and knew great things would come out of her if he could guide her. This would in part begin Sibela’s training to become a guardsman in the shadow of this mentor that Ukal would become—though it would be several years before she would join the ranks of that aforementioned guard. Her soon-to-be mentor’s training was admittedly fierce and unforgiving, but she knew that if she could survive her father’s death at the hands of a vicious murderer then she could power through this and perhaps bring Mozas to justice much like Ukal brought other motley criminals to justice every day. Sibela never complained about it, her eyes on the end goal of bringing her nemesis to justice and her father’s death avenged.

Several years later, Sibela found herself recruited to be a member of the town guard of the capital. Within the early years within the guard she found her training by Ukal had prepared her far greater than others of her equivalent age who had only been taught the basics by the required training courses. Sibela’s drive for justice given to her from her childhood earned her a rigid reputation from the younger recruits who were more loose and playful, who had only joined the guard for the income that it provided (even if said income was not too grandiose); said rigid reputation was shot back with ire by the female Hylian who found her youthful comrades as “lazy” and “lacking purpose and drive”. In the early years of her role as a guard she found herself investigating Mozas himself, which had become a decrepit old man who had nearly lost all of what he had only a decade and a half earlier; an appearance that made Sibela nearly amused with pity. It wasn’t an easy job and turning Mozas in helped a bit of her pain, though his former partners in crime were still out there and the ones that played a part in her father’s death and ruin would be ones she would spend a near decade bringing down.

Time had passed, and her mentor had retired— her brothers were adults now, fashioning into careers of their own (Rokon had become an adventurer like his grandfather and Dozal had become a hiresword for a reputable guild) and much of the justice that she had vowed to bring had been brought. Mozas sat in a Hylian stockade and much of his accomplices had fallen into a similar fate, disappeared, or died resisting arrest. Life had pretty much settled and was as good as it could be— until the whole world went up in flames. The world was in peril at the hands of Ganondorf once again as prophesied. Sibela was twenty years old when she led a defense of the people of Castle Town before she was forced to retreat— a fact she was rather disappointed with in the end result. She had trained herself to help others since she was taken in and here she was unable to do anything significant in helping the realm.

She was as helpless as she had been when her father was murdered.

But she pushed on— with communication cut off from her siblings she hoped that they themselves would not get ensnared by Ganondorf’s forces, though the thought of them being dead plagued her nightmares frequently as she like many other Hylian’s regrouped in Kakariko Village; and for as long as it took she reinforced the village as best as she could as a volunteer. Her tutelage as a member of the Town Guard of Castle Town gaining her renown and influence despite being comparatively so young to others who did the same. But Kakariko Village needed all the heroes it could take as they were sure that Ganondorf’s moblin army would soon be at their doorsteps. When Kakariko’s time came, Sibela instead of standing firm once again fled but this time it was not her choice but rather an order directly from Impa herself. Seeing the dire situation and utilizing Sibela’s sense of duty, Impa told the blonde-haired Hylian to evacuate who she could and fight for another day. Despite feeling like a doomed coward, Sibela pressed on and avoided an untimely death at the Kakariko Massacare.

Ending up in Oasis, Sibela attempted to find her center— opting out of repeating her mistakes and joining the Resistance’s makeshift Guard. Trying to look optimistically towards the future and the fight against Ganondorf she began exploring after setting up her new home in Oasis. In addition to needing to find purpose in her existence again she needed to know both of her brother’s fate. So she began revisiting their last known locations, gathering clues and contacts out in what was left of civilization beyond Oasis. Retracing Rokon’s steps to a ruined temple she didn’t find what she was looking for; but something had found her. A Fragment of Courage; a piece of the legendary triforce that had been shattered before it vanished. What did this mean? What was this destiny?

She was honored… scared… but honored.

Sibela pushes forward with a heightened sense of purpose— not only will she find her brothers and learn of their fate, but she would stop Ganondorf. The god’s had deemed her worthy.

Streetwise: At thirteen years of age, Sibela had to survive in the slums of Castle Town following the death of her father and her subsequent homelessness. In addition to taking care of herself she also took care of her younger brothers which required her to steal enough food and water to survive consistently for several weeks until she was adopted by a Hylian guard by the name of Mozas. Whilst her sense of survival skills in this manner are admittedly ones she doesn’t call on often— they do exist as optionable skills.

Hylian Guard: Trained by Mozas and conditioned by her peers since the age of fifteen, Sibela has all of the knowledge and skills appropriate for a guardsman. In addition to familiarity of the sword, shield, and fist she is adept in knowing Castle Town in all of its functions. Although her knowledge of former criminal factions is irrelevant in the present, if she ever would return to Castle Town she would know all of the subtle passageways and entry points including alleys, sewers, and so forth.

Adventurer: Following the path of her brother, Rokon, as well as her ancestors Sibela is a lightly seasoned adventurer and whilst she is no expert of temple traps, creatures, and maps she is competent enough not to get killed outright in a temple or ruin.


Requiem: The weapon most comfortable in Sibela’s hands and also qualifies as a dynastic heirloom that her grandfather had used during his adventures within the realm. Requiem is a Hylian Long Sword pressed in steel and faded with the colors of the kingdom—the royal blue and gold being hardly vibrant to the eye due to age and worn nature of the hilt. Requiem is meant to be wielded alongside a shield, though her grandfather used it with two hands. Despite the national colors, there is nothing regal about the sword itself and only the most foolish lowborn man or woman would assume otherwise.

Hylian Shield: Not an expected weapon, Sibela’s former mentor trained her to use it like one as the unexpected utility of an item can lead to saving one’s life in tricky situations. The dexterity and strength wielded by her training and experience has led her to be adaptable and confident in many scenarios where she could’ve found herself in perilous danger.

Cloak: Protects Sibela from harsh weather, cold temperature, and serves as a makeshift blanket when needed.

Knife & Canteen: Attached to her belt is a canteen of water and a knife for quick defense or utility.

Rucksack: Carries individual supplies and equipment that can’t be attached directly to her belt. Said supplies included include small supply of food rations, a sleeping roll for comfort in the field, and a sharpening tool for blades.

Psyche: Sibela has a lot of weights and flaws on her shoulders despite being a well-seasoned and trained swordsman. Whilst she exudes a bright and optimistic personality there is a darkness that dwells within her to succumb to the harsh and unforgiving world— to admit that her brothers are dead and the relentless onslaught of Ganondorf will consume all. In many ways this constantly assaults Sibela in her thoughts and through her nightmares thus attacking her psyche one bit at a time. It is hard to believe that Sibela could give in to hopelessness, but the possibility is there and she knows it well despite her attempts to outwardly ignore it.

Limited Experience: Sibela did not leave Castle Town until Ganondorf revealed his intentions and changed the world for the worse— and due to this Sibela lacks real experience with ruins, temples, geographic areas beyond Kakariko Village, Hyrule Castle, and Castle Town. She will need a veteran dungeon crawler or ranger to really make sense of things beyond her depth.

Limited Skillset: Sibela knows how to use a sword, knife, and shield. She has elementary knowledge of archery at best and is hardly a thief (though she is halfway competent at stealth), ranger, or magic user. What Sibela knows she knows very well and what she doesn’t she is generally ignorant of.

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H A N A K O /// R A E L

“I’m often hired as a procurer of fine items. I can’t tell you who my clientele is though, sorry.”


Hanako Moriyama

Rael xiel Vauxdvihl



Hanako imagines herself as a more confident version of herself, with more flare and assertiveness— a fact that translated to her subconsciousness and her appearance in the world of Pariah. Whilst she still maintains the same petite frame, reddish brown hair and brown eyes, Hanako lacks the visual impairments of her real world appearance with no suggestions that away from Pariah she is nearly blind without corrective eyewear. Her hair is woven in a loose ponytail strung by a simple black linen band and her general appearance is not so flashy it is impractical with a dark red coat, white tunic, white leggings, and dark red boots. Many jokes have pegged Hanako’s avatar, Rael, for her preference of the color red; some of which that she has found endearing.

As her choice in fraternity may imply— Hanako’s personality, even when in character as Rael, is determined by self-interest and voracity.

As the product of a sheltered upbringing, Hanako hasn’t really had many opportunities to be socially adept especially considering the enormous shadow of her incredibly renowned and wealthy parents who coincidently were also immensely overprotective. Her father insisted on private schooling and strict regulations for socialization for the majority of her life and her mother saw their reputation as too dangerous for Hanako to have a life in the public sector so as a byproduct Hanako gathered few friends and fewer social experience. To describe her as “socially awkward” would not be entirely inaccurate; but within such social ineptitude Hanako ended up directing her emotional and mental energy into creative outlets such as video games, short stories, and augmented simulators– and such efforts would eventually become immensely valuable.

It was through virtual social networking where Hanako felt like she could finally be social, and away from the eyes from her parents she could take her time away from her studies and finally act how she wanted to; and away from the expectations, rules, and restrictions she felt she could be herself without any filter to speak of. However such freedom could be seen as anarchic given as soon as Hanako immersed herself in the world of Pariah she chose quite possibly the most self-serving faction of the choices available— Draethir. In combination with that fact and her fanatical stance of being an “avid roleplayer” this has created a personality that represents Hanako’s avatar, Rael, as one who is an opportunist who while not unwilling to work with others is still all very cynical, greedy, loud, and arrogant.

As such in the world of Pariah, Rael is a wildcard and is notorious for that fact.

Hanako Moriyama was born to an affluent family within the Tokyo Prefecture in Japan in 2094 CE, situated to be the prospective heir of the family’s wealth and legacy.

As a child Hanako had few friends, a fact that led to her social anxieties and ineptitude regarding interaction due to the steadfast efforts of her parents to protect their interests by isolating their daughter from the public sector of life as much as they possibly could to minimize any potential defamatory gossip or public embarrassment to occur. This would not change as Hanako moved through adolescence— a fact that would often make Hanako feel claustrophobic, restricted, and inconvenienced. Within that childhood Hanako found herself able to be creative and inspired despite lacking a lot of time in-between schooling, family expectations, and the few friends she spent trying to understand by socializing with. This creativity would lead to a variety of short stories and an interest in video games.

By the time of 2112 CE and Pariah’s launch, Hanako’s wealth allowed her easy access to the module— and the rest is history.







Rael xiel Vauxdvihl is a name that has been one with the community of Pariah since the beginning of the immergence crisis— where a variety of new residents came to settle within the confines of the realm from parts unknown. In the time since said crisis Rael has earned a reputation that is equal parts renown and infamy, a fact that has been a result of Rael’s arrogant brand of individualism, profession, ethics, and her record on not entirely playing well with other residents of the realm. However, this has not made issue with the fraternity that fostered her as the denizens of Draethir consider her living proudly by their pathos.

For those who are not denizens of Draethir or are disconnected with the socio-politics of the world at large, Rael is an arrogant opportunist who has connections to the illegal markets and their brokers. It is with this connection that led Rael to her current profession, that of a collector.

Serving as a middleman and agent of the illegal markets and their buyers, Rael has often been utilized as a purveyor of niche, exotic, and esoteric needs due to her skillful scavenging and looting of instances across the known territories; things such as lost artifacts, rare poultices, noteworthy items, and uncommon goods serve as Rael’s “specialty” and when tasking a dungeoneering group is too costly Rael’s services are usually acquisitioned. This can extend to her looting adventurer corpses before a cleric restores them, or even serving as a plant inside an adventuring party to swipe an item or three. Rael’s sense of guile and wit has often kept her alive in many instances.

Depending who you ask Rael can be seen as an expert in dungeoneering, a untrustworthy thief, a shrewd profiteer who works for the illegal markets, or a hardy combat rogue who is experienced with poisons.
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Riaon Tully Cathryn Tully Laerra Stark Manrel Tully Maeron Tully
Lord Paramount Kingsguard Lady of Winterfell Master of Laws Ward of Winterfell

[ ߜ ] S Y N O P S I S
House Tully is the ruling house of The Trident— also known as The Riverlands whom hold their seat at Riverrun. The current ruling lord of the house is Riaon Tully, the third son of Draedon Tully, and a veteran of various insular conflicts involving the Trident including The War of the Four Swords which lasted between the years of 434 and 437.

[ ߜ ] M I L I T A R Y S T R E N G T H
The strength of The Trident is significant and in the one-hundred and fifty years since the return of House Targaryen to Westeros. It is no small question that the people under House Tully had suffered much and under strong leadership through his line would they see prosperity through confidence. These renovations have included renovations to the military structure, several strongholds including the legendary seat known as The Oldstones, refinement of a naval fleet, and strengthening of the economic fold. Whilst relationships with other members of the Seven Kingdoms have been cautious due to the ramifications of alliances, where The Trident lacks in political power they hold in their personal strength including military and economic strength— though they are certainly not the strongest in either of those areas they are nonetheless valuable as allies and members under the Iron Throne.

The strength of The Trident is roughly 45,000 - 50,000 swords, likely comparable to a lesser extent to The Reach. Unfortunately, the strong personalities of the river lords lead to fractious divisions as much is clear as rivalries’ and contentment’s still exist today. It is said that two of the major houses, the Brackens and Blackwoods, could easily cause issue and historically have caused problems helping to paralyze the region. The ratio of foot-to-horse is likely fairly high, standing ar around 3-to-1. Houses on the major rivers will have barges, galleys, and skiffs while the masters of Seagard, Maidenpool, and other port holdings own a fair amount of major ships for coastal defense.

The major contributions to naval strength is House Mallister, House Mooton, and House Cox; with major reinforcements by House Tully and others in last fifty years. Additionally, the Trident hosts some of the finest archers in Westeros that hail north from Dorne— a tradition that was rigidly re-introduced to The Trident during the reign of Edmyn II Tully.

[ ߜ ] T H E R E A L M
♜ House Blackwood
The holders of Raventree Hall. The current leader of the house is Lancion Blackwood.

♜ House Bracken
The holders of Stone Hedge. The current leader of the house is Hugar Bracken.

♟ House Butterwell
The holders of Whitewalls. The current leader of the house is Tyral Butterwell.

♟ House Cox
The holders of Saltpans. The current leader of the house is Grasson Cox.

♜ House Darry
The holders of Darry. The current leader of the house is Melvan Darry.

♜ House Erenford
The holders of The Twins, also known as “The Crossing”. House Erenford is an old tested house that has survived despite the treachery by House Frey and their successors, House Haigh. In 398 AC they became the rulers after the Haigh Rebellion resulted in the fall of House Haigh. The current leader of the house is Mykal Erenford.

♟ House Goodbrook
The holders of Goodbrook Keep. The current leader of the house is Ethias Goodbrook.

♟ House Grell
The holders of Tumblestone. The current leader of the house is Lothar Grell.

♟ House Harlton
The holders of Castlewood. The current leader of the house is Gregor Harlton.

♟ House Hawick
The holders of Quiet Isle. The current leader of the house is Jaime Hawick.

♜ House Lolliston
The holders of Stoney Sept. The current leader of the house is Jonos Lolliston.

♟ House Lychester
The holders of Castle Lychester. The current leader of the house is Robert Lychester.

♜ House Mallister
The holders of Seagard. The current leader of the house is Arthas Mallister.

♜ House Mooton
The holders of Maidenpool. The current leader of the house is Edwyn Mooton.

♟ House Nayland
The holders of Hag's Mire. The current leader of the house is Petyr Nayland.

♜ House Piper
The holders of Pinkmaiden. The current leader of the house is Edmure Piper.

♟ House Roote
The holders of Harroway. The current leader of the house is Marthew Roote.

♟ House Ryger
The holders of Willow Wood. The current leader of the house is Jardan Ryger.

♟ House Smallwood
The holders of Acorn Hall. The current leader of the house is Hoster Smallwood.

♜ House Terrick
The holders of Whispering Wood. The current leader of the house is Wilhem Terrick.

♜ House Vance
The holders of Atranta and Wayfarer's Rest. The current leader of the house is Braeden Vance.

♜ House Vypren
The holders of Fairmarket. The current leader of the house is Damon II Vypren.

♟ House Wayn
The holders of Tumblers Falls. The current leader of the house is Idthan Wayn.

♜ House Whent
The holders of Harrenhal. The current leader of the house is Brynden Whent.

[ ߜ ] R E L A T I O N S
The Iron Throne
The Trident has had little-to-no interactions with The Iron Thrown & The Crownlands of note.

The Trident has had little-to-no interactions with Dorne of note.

Iron Islands
The friction between The Trident and the Iron Islands has not changed— though certain amicable agreements have been made during the reign of the former Master of Coin of The Iron Throne, Alford Tully, that resulted in an uneasy peace between the Ironborn and the Rivermen. However, such agreements have since been repealed and House Tully was a significant factor of the deposing of House Greyjoy from power.

The North
The Trident has a strong relationship with The North, as they have had since the times of Eddard Stark— though not without circumstantial difficulties and challenges since. The current ties with The North through Ethan Stark are around a decade or so years old; an alliance through marriage that was solidified following the conclusion of The War of the Four Swords which House Stark supported House Tully in.

The Reach
The Trident has had little-to-no interactions with The Reach of note.

The Stormlands
The Trident has had little-to-no interactions with The Stormlands of note.

The Vale
Generally considered close allies of The Vale, The Trident continues this tradition with the prospect in mind that if both regions worked together they could assert their security as members of the Seven Kingdoms without fear of tyranny. Marriage alliances are commonplace and both Lord Paramounts often are close in confidence with one another about their concerns.

The Westerlands
Following the events during Cersei Lannister’s influence, the relationship with The Trident and the Westerlands have been dubious at best. Even with the deposing of the Lannister’s from control of the Westerland most Lord Paramounts of the Trident have stringently avoided marriage alliances or optional trade agreements whenever possible. There have been attempts to mend these ties but none have been particularly successful.

[ ߜ ] R E C E N T H I S T O R Y
The Haigh Rebellion (390 – 398)
A rebellion initiated by House Haigh, the then ruling house of The Twins— the infamous stronghold that hosted the Red Wedding.

As if continuing the history of greed and envy of House Frey, Lord Barrian Haigh began a campaign of preposterous boldness where he believed the Lord Paramount was a weak and indecisive ruler so much that he would let Barrian do whatever he wanted. This was brought on by Alford Tully’s policies on the Ironborn as he used 1/8th of the realm’s economy as a bribe to remove possibility of Ironborn raids or invasion as possibilities. The policy was rather unpopular but was believed to be a means to an end. Barrian, however, was no fool or obvious traitor until well into the year of 390 considering he had spent two decades building a network of intrigue with developments of spies, hireswords, and even ships. This was, in part, due to the fact that his brother, Kylian Haigh, was high-ranking member of the Trident’s northern naval forces and his other brother, Bryer Haigh, was a hiresword who left Westeros for Essos several years prior.

When Haigh struck, he struck hard— and he struck House Mallister from the inside of their city. But he was careless and a few principal members he had not indoctrinated or killed from House Mallister escaped. Two of which being Arthas Mallister who immediately contacted the Lord Paramount of the Trident, Kavvin Tully, as well as his cousin who was the commander of the entire navy, Drevyn Mallister. The War of the Haigh Rebellion had begun.

The War of the Four Swords (434 – 437)
An internal war in The Trident to some perspectives was inevitable.

Prior to 436, it had been several decades since the restoration of the ancient capital seat that was previously known as The Oldstones by House Tully— of which created the precedent that most people associate with the beginning of the war but maesters and other scholars of recent note will strictly suggest that it was simply a convenient symbol to gravitate towards for several generations of upset. The truth was that the renovation of The Oldstones was just a call to arms for several individuals including the likes of Romarn Mudd. Draedon Tully refused to allow their aspirations and ambitions to throw the Trident into chaos.

Romarn Mudd was a originally a noble from a lesser house in the southwestern provinces who claimed he was a descendent of the original and rightful holder of The Oldstones and by proxy the entirety of The Trident as well. He was surprisingly well supported by smallfolk and other lesser nobles of note that identified with Romarn’s claims and in part due to their lack of faith and confidence in that House Tully were taking to mind their interests at heart. Of the major houses only one of them supported their claim— House Vance.

Taking place initially during an outbreak of sorts, it was difficult for House Tully to secure three ambitious threats immediately. The earliest battles of the war took place around contending with Romarn Mudd and Kaegan Vance; the former being far more of a threat than anticipated due to his tactical brilliance as well as his sheer charisma that brought people to his side. But a few months after the first strike near The Oldstones, the first significant loss in Braedon’s son, Roderic Tully, when the young lord’s transportation of supplies and reinforcement were attacked by an ambushing force led by Kaegan Vance. The majority of the reinforcements were scattered and the damage was already met. A soldier who survived identified House Vance’s figurehead as an enemy and it was then that House Tully realized they were dealing with someone who had infiltrated his vassals.

Later, after Romarn had taken The Oldstones from Braedon’s younger brother, the Lord Paramount of the Trident decided it was time to centralize his main forces and march himself. He left a steady force garrisoned in Riverrun as Lancion Blackwood and Melvan Darry took to reinforcing the southern territories against the lesser houses that had rose their flags to support Romarn. However, this strike was anticipated by Romarn and he had left watch over The Oldstones to Kaegan Vance and his minor forces whilst he snuck through the wooded rivers to siege Riverrun whilst the Lord Paramount and the majority of his army was away to Oldstone. The Battle of Riverrun would be bloody and vicious; it would be the battle that took the life of Braedon’s heir, Vorian Tully— it would also be the showcase for the talents of Riaon Tully and Cathryn Tully, who were only fourteen years past their nameday at the time.

Riverrun would’ve been a critical victory for Romarn had not for the intervention of a coalition of forces led by Edmure Piper and Hugar Bracken from the south and Ethan Stark from the north.

The war would continue to be a back-and-forth until Romarn Mudd’s capture in 439 AC after his defeat against one-on-one combat with Ethan Stark. His fate would be a sentence to The Night's Watch despite Braedon's desire for vengeance and retribution he knew he had to be a just lord.

Blood Runs Over Westeros (450- )
The Trident has remained neutral following the majority of events that have transpired. Their lack of decision has been questioned but with several significant members of House Tully in King’s Landing it is believed that political waves will be put in motion quite soon if Lord Paramount Riaon Tully does not budge.

[ ߜ ] N O T A B L E M E M B E R S
Edmyn II Tully ( 302-353 ) Reigned from 332 to 353
The former Lord Paramount of the Trident and Marthew’s father.

Marthew Tully ( 327-376 ) Reigned from 353 to 376
The former Lord Paramount of the Trident and Kavvin’s father.

Kavvin Tully ( 345-414 ) Reigned from 376 to 414
The former Lord Paramount of the Trident and Draedon’s father.

Alford Tully ( 348-411 )
The former Master of Coin and Draedon’s uncle. Noted to be a economic “genius”, it was noted that Alford completely reorganized The Trident’s economy and brought it into a new golden era of wealth. He even served on the Iron Throne’s small council as Master of Coin from 377 to 411.

Draedon Tully ( 388-449 ) Reigned from 414 to 449
The former Lord Paramount of the Trident, and Riaon’s father.

Johardt Tully ( 390- )
The Lord of Oldstones, and the Commander of a large portion of House Tully’s military presence, and Riaon’s uncle.

Manrel Tully ( 392- )
A significant member of House Tully who has spent his entire life learning the art of naval warfare before becoming The Iron Throne’s advisor known as the Master of Laws in 438 AC, and Riaon’s uncle.

Laerra Stark ne. Tully ( 412- )
Married to Ethan Stark. She has five children— Alys Stark (13), Draedon Stark (11), Astrid Stark (8), and Roderik Stark (5).

Riaon Tully ( 420- ) Reigned from 449 to Present
The current Lord Paramount of the Trident.

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R I A O N “ T H E S H A R K ” T U L L Y

30 Lord of Riverrun Lord Paramount of The Trident

[ ߜ ] P E R S O N A L I T Y
Riaon abides by the laws of Knighthood and Lordship, reflecting on his education as a squire and heir to House Tully’s stronghold and lands. However, as learned as Riaon is he is far more irascible than his father before him which is evident by the lively temperament that lies beneath his “armor” of manners, respect, and learning. As such had earned him childhood nicknames by his sister as well as his father’s own concerns about Riaon’s abilities to focus through hardship or obstacle. Despite such beliefs ringing true about Riaon’s anger and reactions that follow, Riaon utilizes his fury well in combat scenarios— for example, whilst other knights are blinded by their rage on the battlefield Riaon knows how to direct it to power through difficult opponents; claiming his anger and zeal gives himself “clarity” not “disability”.

His anger aside, Riaon proves to be a skilled knight although his capacity as a commander has yet to be seen due to the lack of a large scale war striking the Riverlands. Though given his experience, confidence, and aura it wouldn’t be a far stretch to believe that Riaon has the potential to be a capable commander. With that said there lies more personality faults in the line with v, believing delicacies and “dancing with words” to be pointless he tends to take a more blunt and direct approach with words which can result in various consequences depending on the situation. Still though, v won’t be outwardly rude as he not only knows etiquette but also doesn’t believe belittling others proves much use on or off the battlefield; after all he had fought with squires and smallfolk alike during his dealings with the Ironborn which had weathered whatever snobbish preconceptions he had gained due to his upbringing as one of the lower nobility.

Whilst he isn’t condescending towards those that would be seen as lesser towards him, Riaon is proud of his station and his ancestry. Going back to the only academics he ever cared for, Ancient History, Riaon identifies as Riverlander (or Riverman) and finds trouble enjoying the fact Southern and Northern lords have claimed ownership of his people for centuries; a fact he considered culturally suffocating. His discontent includes that of anyone that abused his ancestors whether they were descended from Valyrian, Ironborn, or whoever. He finds it infuriating that the men of the Rivers have not truly ruled themselves in such a long time.

[ ߜ ] A T T R I B U T E S
Crude Politician
Despite being the son of a Lord, Riaon’s aptitude for intrigue and diplomacy are average at best. This can be due to his guardian’s focus on training him as a knight and the only intellectual studies Riaon cares for being historical and military in nature.

Cultural Pride
For various reasons Riaon is partial to being mildly xenophobic due to a strong sense of cultural pride and identity. He dislikes those descended from Ironborn and Valyrian descent the most and is more prone to ignore their opinions or be irritated by their presence causing his perception to be muddied.

Experienced Knight
Despite his young age, through his efforts as Knight-Captain and his experiences, Riaon is a skilled knight though to what capacity in comparison to others is unknown. Due to this he is competent with swordplay, horses, basic tactics, and so forth.

Riaon has a strong mind and body despite any emotional problems he may have. He can be tricked, but is generally set in being able to withstand with his values and direction; his body has been trained to withstand the weight of armor and the pains of war.

Despite his resilience, Riaon has a bad habit of letting his anger and zealous nature to guide his actions and it is said that getting him in this sort of mood is not difficult.

[ ߜ ] B I O G R A P H Y
Riaon Tully is the son of Lord Draedon Tully and Lady Lysandra Vypren, birthed around 420 AC.

Riaon’s father arranged for his son’s (and his daughter, Cathryn’s as well) guardianship under Ser Damon Paege; hoping that his son would gather wisdom underneath the renowned knight and tactician. This however was poorly timed as it was only a few years before the horns of the uprising of Romarn Mudd rung out. Still, the nearly fourteen-year old ward followed his guardian without question.

In time and through dutiful service as a squire, Damon was risen to knighthood for his diligence during events of the uprising as well as combat experiences that were to follow— particularly in a devastating reaving of Seagard. This had been his first real experience with the Ironborn outside of the texts that Riaon had read throughout his childhood upon his education regarding the history of the lands of the Trident and the Ironborn’s tyrannical reach that only ended when Valyrians dawned upon Westeros atop dragons. Perhaps it was Riaon’s anger or zeal that made him fight hardily against the Ironborn that descended upon Seagard, but in the end he was recognized of his worth in battle beyond the simple capacities of a squire. A fact that House Mallister’s lord noted about the young man. But the problems against the Ironborn were far from over, a fact that was clear as Riaon looked west beyond the sea.

On one such occasion, his sickly father requested his presence for an “important matter”— a matter that would be the courting of his future wife, Trysta Erenford. A courting that seemed to be successful in strengthening the bonds between Erenford and Tully, and Trysta and Riaon. Perhaps it was the comfort of returning home, the childhood attraction they held, or the tension lightening after the end of the fighting he had been dealing with but Riaon felt at ease, at least for a time. Following his betrothal, staying in Riverrun seemed to be of an interest to him, and one he eventually felt compelled to maintain. He was home.

Years later, following the resignation of the former Guard Captain & Commander of Riverrun it came to the point where Riaon had requested a more active responsibility and instead of hiring a new Knight-Captain, his father’s council opted to promote Riaon himself to the role. After accepting the responsibility, he found himself avidly attempting to clean out Riverrun with this authority upon the discovery of a criminal cartel in the city that attempted to use Riaon’s “inexperience” to expand their operations. However, this did not go well when Riaon responded back with vicious measures that would earn him the title of “the Shark of Riverrun”, a title he ignored as he continued to choke down crime in his city.

Some years ago, Riaon’s wife, Trysta Erenford fell victim to an incident that would cause her early death— fellow individuals in Riverrun noted that Trysta was sick and with child and had always been a “meek” child in her youth. Her death was ruled as the product of the illness and her weak body; taking with her the unborn child of her and Riaon’s marriage. This burdened Riaon much considering this was the same illness that had been plaguing his father and many others in Riverrun. Riaon didn’t immediately remarry and coped in solitude for some time.

It has been some years since… and now his father has passed and it is Riaon who sits as Lord Paramount of The Trident.

[ ߜ ] R E L A T I O N S
The main dynasty of the Tully’s descends back to Edmure Tully and as such represents the heirs of The Riverlands through his descendent, Draedon Tully. This includes Braedon’s widow as well as all eight children he conceived.

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“My only purpose is to avenge my father.”

Namikaze Fukushu

Nickname or Codename





A brief description of your characters appearance. Supplementary to your faceclaim/image choice.

Fukushu was born as a daughter of vengeance, as a tool for Konohagakure. By all accords Fukushu has been raised with illogical ideals, abrasive ambitions, cynical assertions, and hateful pride; all traits that are surprising within the soul of a child of twelve years. These facts can all be traced back to one simple thing: her name. Fukushu is not masculine, feminine, or androgynous, it is a word that is literally translated to a terminology that has defined her before she even took her first step— vengeance. A sad reality of the time she was named and her mother’s own cynical outlook on life created the shadow that Fukushu would soon follow.

Beyond her given name, Fukushu’s mother also was quite vocal in raising her daughter in-between ANBU operations. Fukushu was told that she was expected to be greater than all of the shinobi of her generation; that her destiny was to bring down the murderer who killed her father and his immediate kin, removing the curse that followed her father’s clan for generations. Disheartening and overbearing as it was, Fukushu understood what her mother told her as she slowly began molding the weight of responsibility into an ambitious dedication as she trained meticulously even before her admission into the Konohagakure Academy. It was here that Fukushu’s perspective seemed to only distance herself from her friends and extended family; a sentiment Fukushu viewed as abandonment and turned towards abrasive spite as a response of this distance as she refused to ever believe it was her fault. Fukushu wrote it off with confidence, though she began to wonder what was wrong with her that others couldn’t support her and understand what she was doing was right. In time, the world became more and more lonely and she began to lash out at others and wither into a personality of hatred, aggression, envy, desperation, and abrasiveness.

But within Fukushu is a girl that is crying and trying to reach out despite her abrasive appearance; for she is only standoffish because she has had little loyalty, generosity, or kindness in her life considering she has only had duty and expectations brought upon her. For those that create a bond with Fukushu there is the possibility that she could connect to them in time and that her tactless comments, childish taunts, and icy demeanor could fade as she truly finds people she feels at home with— people she trusts. But for the moment, Fukushu is as is because she is hard to interact with and impossible to relate to as per other student’s beliefs.

A rough or detailed recent history of your dynastic clan. For world-building.

The daughter of Namikaze Ayano and Kohaku Daichi, Fukushu was destined to have the burden of the Kohaku Clan upon her shoulders. Nearing the end of the war, tragedy occurred shortly after Fukushu’s inception— her father’s death. So it was here that Fukushu’s mother became unmarried, alone, and enraged by the villains who took the man she loved from her. Out of anger and hatred she looked to the birth of her daughter as an opportunity and subsequently named the child after her internal emotions that she desired: revenge.

Fukushu was raised solely by her mother and had a childhood where a large shadow loomed over her as her mother threw out expectations of a design towards her daughter; a daughter who saw these expectation and meeting them as the only way to satisfy her mother and as a byproduct earn her affection. So it was here that Fukushu dedicated herself with every fiber of her being to meeting her mother’s overbearing perfectionist demands. Whether it was a simple errand or a grueling challenge there would be no doubt in Fukushu’s mind that she would obtain it until success— failure was never an option. A fact that Fukushu in time was entirely unrealistic upon meeting some of her peers; some of which excelling far above her. A fact that nearly shattered her world view. But she carried on as she entered the Konohagakure Academy and dedicated herself, even at a young age, to the art of a shinobi. There was no room for other hobbies in her life; a sentiment that would have social consequences as some of her friends began to distance themselves from her.

Her time in the academy continued to bode poorly for her socially, though Fukushu tried to appear that it she cared not for such things. There was no room in her life for friends who couldn’t understand her or see why her ambitions were just. Her academic abilities fared well despite her lacking the trait of being naturally gifted— A- in Taijutsu, B- in Ninjutsu, and a C in Genjutsu. The latter of which was not good enough for her given her naturally competitive edge to some of her classmates; something she’d fix in the future. Upon graduation she eagerly awaits her assignment to a squad despite her issues with working well with others.

Within your clan and the academy/village.



A brief idea of skills your character leans toward and the like, no need to go into huge detail; needed for understanding of moderation staff for balancing issues. How does your character fight? Do they lean to Taijutsu or Ninjutsu? You get it.

Fukushu is not an item specialist, so she generally is limited to her generic shinobi tools and supplements such as minor scrolls and salves. Her education in item development was limited, but it is a skill she has interest in expanding more given it was one of the harder things to comprehend given her limited intelligence regarding the subject. But until then she will have a few kunai, shuriken, smoke bombs, and Wakizashi in her kit alone.

Obvious list is obvious. Link to the Naruto wiki as well.

Obvious list is obvious.

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“For the wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done, and there is no partiality.”

Peter Francis Lothry




Grant City, Michigan

Normal / Acrobatic



When Peter Lothry was young he was a vicious youth full of anger and hatred who inflicted it on those who even looked at him slightly wrong. It was because of this that he gained a sort of infamous reputation as “the Lothry kid you do not want to cross” by everyone from his family to innocent bystanders who witnessed his temperament— a temperament that would constantly get him in trouble. However in Peter’s later years he found through trials of faith how to hone his wrath into something productive and focus onto those who would do wrong to others. It is with that in mind that he seeks to become a spirit of vengeance and retribution as he looks to redeem himself for his family’s sins at any cost. To say Peter is zealous is an understatement. However, Peter in his current mindset is patient and determined rather than impulsive and brash. It is with conviction due to his training as a religious monk that he believes that there is no room for error, no room for failure, and no room for emotional exuberance. Peter still reflects sadly on his past and goes forward trying to do things right and correct wrongs by not only his mission against his family but by the wrongs of thieves, murderers, and psychopaths. In this way his personality can be seen as one that is sympathetic, just, zealous, and patient.

Born the son of Francis Lothry, the patriarch of the Lothry Crime Family, Peter had an abrasive life in store for his future and despite his mother’s strong faith that led to a religious upbringing it would be a long time before Peter truly accepted god and become the hero he has become. Generally speaking, for the majority of his life, Francis was born with a silver spoon in his mouth while his father controlled a variety of businesses through his criminal connections and more legitimate control of the majority of the shipping and industrial infrastructure of the ports of Grant City. This allowed Peter to have a wide range of opportunities and found himself actively dealing with harassment in school from his more pompous classmates who while also cut from a silver spoon considered themselves untouchable even with Peter’s father being who he was— a fact that was slightly true as his father valued business over family. But that didn’t stop Peter from punching people who crossed him in the teeth.

A habit that consistently got him into a lot of trouble and various lectures throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school. Earning a reputation as “The Battling Bruiser” by his senior year, he became somewhat of a minor celebrity to the paparazzi, his fellow classmates, and his enemies. A reputation that he’d take with him as his father’s underboss, Rupert Blodis, took him under his wing to “use that anger productively in a proper workplace”. This would be around the time Peter went off to university for his business & engineering degrees to show that he wasn’t just a mindless brawler to the public and his mother. But despite that he juggled school and “work”.

However, lines were drawn in the sand and eventually he was made to make a decision he didn’t want to do and people he grew to care about found themselves killed; angry he confronts Rupert about the conflictions to the point the older man announces that he is a “failed” Lothry and lets him know that the test was sanctioned by his own father to see if he had what it takes to be a real associate of the family— a test that Peter had failed. He is tossed into a car trunk in a junkyard. But his destiny is not to die like a trapped animal, evidently— a fact he learns when he wakes up to not the afterlife… but the appearance of a church. It is explained to him that someone had found him beaten and bruised outside of the local junkyard and that the clergy had taken him in to recover. Peter thinks back to his mother’s teachings and leaves Grant City following the experience and journeys to find himself. He winds up in northern Georgia, and begins studying at a monastery. A monastery that would shape him into a weapon of god.

He has now returned to Grant City under an assumed name. He has plans.

Peter Lothry does not have any powers, but on the off-hand he is extremely skilled and conditioned. Throughout his life Peter has been taught many skills and techniques. Starting as a young upstart son of a mob boss Peter was taught the basic skills of a member of an organized crime cartel which included firearms, lockpicking, driving, and the knowledge of how the organization works. When that life ended he soon found himself honing his body and mind which led to mastering several martial arts, sculpting his body into a perfect weapon, mastering parkour and free range acrobatics, memorizing religious scriptures, and putting his business and engineering savvy mind to good use.
  • Master Martial Artist
  • Expert Acrobat
  • Able to Design Gadgets and Weapons
  • Understanding of Criminal Networks
  • Comprehension of Business-related Knowledge
  • Memorization of Christian Theology

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Rymi Ketres
31 1.6m N

Δ Appearance
Once described as a perfect picturesque appearance of a young noble from the streets of Theed, Rymi has become almost unrecognizable in the time since due to her turbulent and strife-filled lifestyle. Still, the visage of a fair Nabooese girl still exists between the cracks as evident from her feminine features and former noteworthy appearance. What was once the home to sharp, bright blonde strands of hair and deep brown eyes has faded in recent years to take upon more of a “dirty” look. Two notable scars rest upon her face; the first running shortly across the top of the bridge of her nose, and the other running underneath her right eye down to her cheek.

Physically speaking there are few who would find Rymi as particularly imposing or intimidating, which in consideration of her height, gender, and build isn’t too surprising. However, just because Rymi is smaller and most certainly a feminine human she doesn’t lack for bruises, definition, or conditioning. Life is difficult on the Outer Rim, and Rymi has had to push herself beyond even the conventional military training she was put through as an adolescent. Rymi has forced herself to be quicker than her enemies and doesn’t lack in strength with her methods, which do show underneath the synthetic cloth that she most often wears.

Rymi’s standard kit accommodates for a very simple appearance of synthetic weaves and materials— a cloak, jacket, tunic, pants, and utility belt. Anything else is circumstantial and largely irrelevant. The lack of weight keeps her light on her feet and able to maneuver through crowds in her affinity for daring escapes.

Δ Weltanschauung
“The war molded her, but the Empire changed her.”
- Yarilo Kriant

• Sarcastic
• Impulsive
• Cynical
• Overzealous
• Practical
• Loyal

Δ History
Rymi Ketres was born in the great city of Theed on the planet Naboo some thirty-one or so years ago. Her parents were lesser nobility that were loyal to the elective monarchy that represented the people, though it was only her father who had any prestige at all to his name. Rymi’s father was Draloe Ketres, a fighter pilot and officer of the Royal Naboo Security Force, and was a man that had served with diligence and cunning for the majority of his military career; a fact that was heightened by his noteworthy efforts on keeping the sector safe from pirates and other insurgents, as rare as such incursions were. During Rymi’s early childhood Naboo had entered a time of peace and prosperity, though the possible threat of any enemy never left her father’s mind; as he often said— “It is better to be prepared than be caught with your pants down.” A sentiment that Rymi would later in her life wish that many other Nabooese took to heart.

Just short of the eighth anniversary of her birth, a shadow began to loom over Naboo with the enforcement of the Trade Federation Blockade— a precursor to the Invasion of Naboo and the battles that would take place despite the attempted mediation by the Jedi Council and the Galactic Republic. When Draloe entered his Starfighter it would be the last time anyone saw him alive. As skilled as her father was, ultimately he could not best the automated defense fighters of the Trade Federation; another addition to the many lost against the fight to stop the subjugation of the planet and the people who called it their home. It would be a tragedy that Rymi would never forget.

Following the defeat of the Trade Federation peace returned to Naboo, though it was a fragile sort; but even more fragile was Rymi’s psyche. The bright, optimistic, and hopeful young girl was replaced by one who obsessed over her father’s death and vowed to bring the type of profiteering injustice the federation thrived on to an end— or at least as much of an end she could do in her lifetime. As time went by, Rymi found herself enrolled at a royal academy and following that the Royal Naboo Security Force; following completely in her father’s footsteps. A fact that was remarked on by close family friends and mentors (like Yarilo Kriant) often. But what was also spoken of was Rymi’s inherent talent at starcraft piloting and tactical awareness; it was as if she was possessed by the spirit of her deceased father. This talent would later come to be tested in The Clone Wars.

During The Clone Wars the young pilot was tested often by the Separatist threats to the Republic— though somehow she didn’t perish out of her arrogance or impulsiveness, even when facing down her old nemesis’ in the Trade Federation. The Republic, knowing full well of her impulsiveness and obsession were quick to use her skill to benefit their field of the battle as even if the war was named for their clone army, there were many non-clones who operated; Rymi was one such individual. The war however would end in “murky” territory and when the republic rebranded itself as an empire just prior to the defeat of the Separtists, Rymi’s natural Nabooese spirit began to wonder what exactly was going on. The records are unclear about the brief period between the end of The Clone Wars and the beginning of Rymi Ketres’ freelance career as well as the reasons for it, but a fair assumption is Rymi wasn’t too keen on Moff Panaka’s appointment or the events that began to occur as followed.

As a freelance operator Rymi continued her goal to fight the spirit of The Trade Federation and anything that represented an ethic or belief she was opposed to. She worked as an independent fighter pilot against pirates, worked as protection for a one-time smuggler, operated as a sort-of bounty hunter, and blocked profiteering in several sectors under various aliases. Eventually she ended up being a “ethically-inclined” smuggler-for-hire though she adamantly claimed she didn’t accept any job she was offered. There were standards.

However, Hutt’s don’t like people with standards.

Δ Equipment
Unsurprisingly, the most significant piece of equipment Rymi has continued to use without variation is the sidearm she has the most experience with— the Theed Arms S-5 blaster pistol. The high damage blaster is not only a nostalgic affection of her time within the Royal Naboo Security Forces (and its sub-branch, the Royal Space Fighter Corps) but also the same blaster that her late father, Draloe Ketres, used during the time of his military service before his death when she was a child. Beyond the S-5, Rymi’s equipment is situational with the exception of the utility belt she holds many useful items such as explosives and tools within. One would not be wrong if they assumed she had a vibroknife or hold out blaster somewhere on her person.

Δ Skills
Awareness: Even before the end of The Clone Wars, Rymi was taught to keep her wits sharpened and perceive her surroundings— a fact that has extended into her freelance career where she has relied on being quicker than the people she has occasionally made “appropriately upset”; so it’s safe to assume that her reflexes are quick and that she keeps that in mind when she was outmanned and outgunned outside of a ship.

Firearms: Rymi is not an expert marksman by any definition of the term, especially with her policy of shooting blindly when the situation is drastic— though it could be argued that she is a fine enough shot should she lean back on her military training and actually aim in the first place.

Piloting: Rymi Ketres was seen as a gifted pilot since the moment she enlisted in the Royal Naboo Security Forces. She fought in the tail-end of The Clone Wars, and consistently offered her skills as a freelance pilot and fixer rather than being landlocked following the war. She’s familiar with small fighter starcrafts the best, though she isn’t inexperienced within a light freighter or similar vessels either.

Security: Knowing how to bypass a lock has come into handy when Rymi has found herself outside of her starcraft, though she isn’t a skilled hacker or saboteur by any means. She knows her way around a security spike and when to recognize a door can be forced open, but that’s about it.

Δ General Notes
• Her father, Draloe, is deceased and has been since her sister was two.
• Her younger sister, Rian, is an imperial agent within the newly structured Galactic Empire.

Δ Relations & Impressions
Grida Cairnu -

Mokra Tem -

Mus Rosh -

Relloc Provnor -

Rytthik Darhask -

Xymone -

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S i r I G N A T I U S
"Rome has betrayed itself. It knew the truth and chose violence, it knew humaneness and it chose tyranny."

34 Male Former Sagittarii

[ ♔ ] A P P E A R A N C E
With deep ancestry descending from Capua, Italy— Ignatius is a Roman in culture and ethnicity. Whilst Ignatius’ family claims that the Dontus line is entirely composed of pureblood Romans, the likelihood of that being based in truth is unlikely due to the presence of various ethnicities and nationalities in Capua for many years. Whilst Ignatius is most certainly distinctly Roman he probably has traces of Goth, German, and Greek. More individually, Ignatius is a tall man that appears Roman in origin with mid-length dark brown-to-black hair and olive complexion. He is well built due to his legionnaire training and conditioning, and contains a fierce and unflinching yet wounded look to him.

[ ♔ ] B A C K G R O U N D
Ignatius Dontus was born in the Imperium Romanum thirty-four years ago in the city of Constantinople to a family of Roman lineage that had represented central Roman politicians in Capua for several generations until they were forced to vacate Italy by the Ostrogoths. The Dontus family were Patricians and as such had many expectations that were pressed upon to each individual members including political affiliations, social ideologies, and strict teachings that had leant the dynasty a particular reputation that was inherently negative— especially towards the Peregrinus classes of foreigners. As such the first ideals that Ignatius came to know were fashioned out of hatred, bigotry, nationalist agendas, and classist elitism. Such values would not be corrected for many years to come, as Ignatius often reflects upon.

Following one of the traditions of his house, Ignatius looked to serve the imperium in a different manner than his father had and instead decided to follow his father’s brother, Celsus, who had created his own legacy within the imperium’s military hierarchy as a Legatus. Ignatius’ inspiration was not disregarded by his father, though the disappointment that he’d not want to follow in his footsteps was prevalent and a series of passive-aggressive letters sent to Ignatius during his early career in the legion. Upon the time of the completion of his training and preparation for his first assignment there were no large scale wars going on within the imperium, though following the Anastasian War’s conclusion some years earlier there wasn’t exactly peace or stability either— it was a world on the edge and there were plenty of opportunities for battle.

Those opportunities turned into realities. Ignatius’ first assignments were alongside the fringe borders north of Constantinople in a fortress that was designated as a outlook outpost to keep an eye on activities of nomadic heretics such as the slavs, avars, and bulghars. The majority of Ignatius’ early career was dealing with these tribes and several conflicts that saw him gaining experience against minor threats to the imperium. Days turned to years— but then something far more pertinent became a reality. Called into the tent of his commander, he was brought into a discussion about transferring him towards more of a position worthy of his talents. Noting his talent with tactics, archery, and his connection to the Dontus dynasty he gave a missive that sent Ignatius back to the capital to serve a more central legion. His new commander was an aspiring commander with ambitions and a staunch connection to the emperor himself— his name was Belisarius Falvius.

Conflicts between the imperium and the Persians of the Sassanid Empire had finally began to get heated once again within the earliest years of Ignatius’ service under Belisarius and Ignatius alongside his commander and others gathered a reputation following the battles of Dara & Callinicum. Ignatius’ experiences alongside Belisarius made him reconsider his thoughts on foreigners serving so highly in the empire and made him speculate if Theodoric was simply just the exception and not the rule. However, such favorability between him and his commander would change two years later when they were assigned to handle the Nika Riots in Constantinople. The horrors of war and the reality of the men he was fighting with would shock Ignatius to his core when they committed a massacre against the rioters at the Hippodrome. The blood of 30,000 people was now on all of their hands.

Once Ignatius began to backtrack his investigation’s reports— he saw ways they could’ve met diplomatic ends with the rioters, but he knew that resorting to quasi-genocide had been the only answer that the Emperor had given to Belisarius and the other commanders. Feeling unease with the empire, Ignatius began investigating the affairs that he could using his contacts from his family’s relations in Constantinople. As Ignatius went further down the rabbit hole, things only became exponentially more complicated as the actual politics and realities of the imperium became revealed— he learned more about the rioters that he had more or less executed in a dishonorable and brutal manner, but that the darkness of Constantinople was scarier than whatever had been ingrained into his head as a child. He thought to confront Belisarius— who laughed at his moralizing of people against the imperium as well as nearly killing Ignatius after painting him a traitor.

When Ignatius awoke he was disowned by his family, painted by Belisarius (and as a product, his people) as a traitor who aligned with the rebels known for the Nika Riots, and a dishonorable fiend who attempted to kill the honorable Belisarius in his sleep. Somehow, Ignatius had everything he ever had taken from him and before he was hunted down like a dog he made to escape the city and the imperium. He fled for many months, travelling from Byzantium to Gaul and then Britannia. Finding work as a hiresword, Ignatius found work fighting Saxons and other threats as he began trying to find purpose back in his life… or what little of it he had left.

Now a stranger in a foreign land, Ignatius soon found himself in associated with the people of Camelot. Following an incident regarding rescuing a noble’s daughter from treacherous individuals and solving a conspiracy against them he found himself knighted by Brythonic conventions and rites— and now he potentially sits with the rest of the knights at the famous round table.

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The Sin of Envy
The Kitsune Trickster

“Am I supposed to be afraid of you? You’re kidding, right?”

Kieamiera Drox



Behind Kieamiera’s cerulean eyes and forest green hair (and obscured ears) persists a woman of defiance and confidence, a fact that isn’t just present in her personality but also in her appearance; a fact that is solidified through the natural aura that exudes from the young woman. However, even with this in mind Kieamiera is not an intimidating woman and within the ignorance of man not knowing of what she is many situations have escalated from presumptions about the green-haired woman and her unassuming stature, a fact that should not be all that surprising given her height of five foot four and a relatively athletic build. Beyond that, Kieamiera’s attire is often what she finds economical in addition to the emerald green cloak with golden trim that she awakened in following the state of amnesia she found herself in. Thus it is not uncommon to see simple trappings of leather boots and gloves equipped on Kieamiera’s person alongside rough tunics and free-flowing skirts.

Kieamiera’s brand, the mark of Envy, persists upon the back of her right shoulder often obscured by her clothing and hair from public view.

Fiercely independent and defiant, Kieamiera has always been described as a hot-headed idealist among her peers; a fact that has always put her at odds among some of the other sins, such as the equally temperamental Shakita Tallborn. Even with her emotional upsets, Kieamiera is not inherently out to pick a fight and before her banishment did not perpetuate that her abilities made her better than anyone else upon the world; a fact that was accented by her strong belief that she needed to protect others from harm even at cost to her own reputation, wealth, or life. How Kieamiera’s amnesia has affected her camaraderie and ideological beliefs is uncertain. However, as moral aligned as she was; she inherited a sinful trait for a reason and it is very much present. The principal sin of Kieamiera’s life has been to yearn for what other people have and to want to be these other people in spite of who Kieamiera is and what she should be proud of. It is abundantly clear that the allure of having things that are or were absent in her life has often controlled her which has in turn caused deeply-seated emotions of sorrow, longing, and doubt.


Kieamiera awoke much like her counterparts that she had suddenly forgotten due to the events that preceded her— alone, confused, and utterly devastated. The loss of Kieamiera’s memory frustrated her and as she came to in the snow-capped forests she found that nobody would be around to give her enlightenment on what had happened to her and where she was now located. As if on cue, creatures from the depths of the icy woodlands came to give her urgency as much as she was confused they were in equal amount hungry. In the act of survival it was here that Kieamiera discovered that she was stronger and faster than her would-be dinner patrons— a fact that seemed unusual though her memory could not give her the solace she desired. Thus it was here that Kieamiera began travelling like a nomad, trying to understand her inconsistent memory and the world that seemed so familiar yet... strange.

By Kieamiera’s hands persists a weapon of fantastical power forged in the form of a shortbow by the name of The Banshee’s Cry that is littered with ornate symbols etched into the alloy that it was crafted from; though Kieamiera knows not the language of which is written. The story of how Kieamiera recovered the arcana she came into possession of isn’t a particularly prolific or epic tale— upon her travels, Kieamiera came upon an ancient treasure trove within a ruin in the snow-capped region of pine and oak she had initially found herself within. The discovery was a fluke after finding herself lost and stumbling across the wrong path that collapsed into the ruin that she explored only to sate her contrived sense of curiosity.

The hallmark ability of the Sin of Envy descends from the blood that flows within Kieamiera’s veins, but she wouldn’t know it if you asked her in her current state and possibly not even so if she had her memories returned to her. Without over-complicating it, the ability is to shift into a camouflaged state that to the human eye is completely invisible and unlike shapeshifting holds several advantages in the context of combat to hapless fools who do not know the abilities of their opponent. However, such invisibility does not make her movement muted as the more observant enemies will catch cues and find ways to combat it with ease presuming they can keep up with the attributes that make Kieamiera faster and stronger than your standard mortal.
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Katherine Annabelle Königin




Crescent City, California


City - World

Katherine Königin is a conventional girl who has always had people gravitate towards her but she can be described easily and rather straight forward in general— she’s a prototypical youthful teenager with long blonde hair and cerulean blue eyes, soft complexion, average height, and a modest physical appearance that is still in the teenaged years of development. But even taking that into account there is something else about her that most people don’t notice; a darker presence following her and perhaps one that has made her expressiveness dulled and give an appearance of someone who is very world weary despite her young age and generally bright demeanor. However as inherent as this is it is also one that sits beneath half-hearted smiles and a warm yet friendly aura.

When transformed into a magical being this facade is dropped completely as scowls, furrowed brows, and aggressive expressions follow Katherine into battle. The cosmic energy also changes her appearance as well as radiating a presence that negates any outlook that this white-haired girl has any similarities to Katherine Königin. Beyond this presence and cosmetic changes to her natural appearance her transformation also changes her to bear the traditional garb of the wards of the Celestials with long fantastical coats, scattered armaments, and regal embroidery. Her long hair that is generally kept long as Katherine is also tied up in a ponytail with a fantastical bonding stringing it all together.

A few years ago, Katherine was the average girl from Crescent City— idealistic, cheerful, and optimistic. But in the time since the ever-smiling exterior of the teenaged woman has shifted into ingenuity; as if behind her now half-hearted smile exists a girl who is burdened by life and the consequences of the world she lives in. A case that is definitely true. In the present day, Katherine is more of a cynical realist who looks to everyone with a gaze of distrust and wary discontent. However, beyond her cynicism, angst, dread, and other pessimistic traits there is still the same person there was before her mother’s murder occurred in some part. Her confident bravado, sense of humor, and dedication to what she cares about is all still very present. Though some of these traits have been twisted by her experiences as a superheroine as evident by her streak of overbearing arrogance in not only her role as a protector but in her day-to-day mundane life. As she moves forward in her life she feels weary of her attachments to her “old self”; a fact that she reflects on daily as she remembers it was Katherine before the contract was the one who failed her mother and needed the powers she so desired that have burdened her since.

But despite the burdens placed upon her shoulders, she is not completely hopeless nor does she believe in that the world can be changed— she just has misgivings about who she is protecting and their own sinful souls that reside behind a facade of innocence; because there are few who are truly innocent. Even then, Katherine has sworn not only through her contract but to herself that she would protect others from a fate they don’t deserve, that senseless loss and death will not be accepted by her hands.

By all appearances, the childhood of Katherine Königin was one of unremarkable mundanity— never could she imagine what sort of responsibilities would fall on her shoulders when she became sixteen years old and her life would begin to take a dramatic and extraordinary turn that would change everything she had ever known. Katherine was born in Crescent City only a few days after the bells of the new millennium rang and was raised by her parents in what could only be described as an “idyllic” environment in a upper middle class suburban neighborhood that had little strife and issues to speak of; a sort of perfection that Katherine and her friends would jokingly call plastic and fake for the majority of their childhood as they explored without worry of consequence. Despite this though Katherine was not naïve in her upbringing nor was she snobbish like many others in the neighborhood; a reality that was due in part to the parentage of her father, Detective Jonathan Konigin, who molded Katherine’s morals and ideals from the onset alongside his morally-inclined wife who worked as a nationally regarded medical practitioner and socialite.

But despite all of the “perfection” that existed in Katherine’s childhood, it wasn’t to last forever. Whilst at a High School theatrical production where Katherine played the lead role a tension began to fill the air and not one from her prospective performance but rather on what was to come that she couldn’t at the time possibly be aware of. This was also be significant as it was the first time she would cross paths with the celestial alien lifeform known as Queon, though she would write off such appearance as her imagining things until their first real meeting several weeks later. Harboring an interest in Katherine, Queon had found himself interested with the girl’s moral compass, cosmic potential, and the tragedy itself that had prevented her mother from attending the play— the tragedy that had prevented her mother from surviving a chance encounter with a man outside the hospital of which where she worked; a man that had driven a knife through her throat.

The loss of Dr. Priscilla Königin was one that drove a wedge in the consciousness of the family; not only because of the sudden loss of the optimistic and idealistic matriarch of the family but also the brutality and ruthlessness of the murder itself. Katherine was appalled by the vicious crime, her younger sister was shocked by the happening, and her father was furious— all understandable emotions to feel regarding the situation they had been forced to experience. Dedicated by solving his wife’s murder, Detective Jonathan Konigin worked around the clock to pick up the pieces through dedicated investigative police-work where he and his team of fellow homicide detectives and forensic scientists began putting together the pieces. Tracking everything back to a young eccentric Silicon Valley-type millionaire by the name of Patrick Wells the long process of arresting and proving the murder was on Wells’ hands became the principal issue as Wells’ lawyer had evidence thrown out as circumstantial, poked holes in the prosecution’s arguments, and cleverly fabricated evidence that “proved” Wells was innocent. The police worked faster and harder, but ultimately the case was thrown out as a mistrial due to several factors and the millionaire savant walked freely and smugly that he got away with it.

The victory of Patrick Wells is what caused Queon to appear before Katherine in the darkness of the night. It was here that the celestial being proposed several pragmatic questions as he explained to her what he was and why he was on the planet Earth— and why he needed Katherine’s help. And that is where Katherine’s story begins.

Celestial-imbued Physiology: The cosmic beings simply known as “Celestials” have been monitors of the universe since time immaterial and as such have taken wards of various species to be their guardians, sentinels, and wardens against various threats on a galactic level. As the ward of a celestial, Katherine is imbued with cosmic energy to become effectively superhuman. These abilities are vast and can be summed to various effects such as god-like strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, and restorative abilities.

  • Superhuman Strength: Katherine’s strength level varies on her concentration, stamina, and endurance but ultimately it is safe to assume she is on par with what she tends to fight as a general rule. Her strength allows her to punch through concentrated steel, throw automobiles almost effortlessly, and possibly hold up at least two-hundred thousand tons of weight for a short duration of time.

  • Heightened Reflexes: The cosmic energy that runs through Katherine has gained her heightened reflexes so she can react quicker and faster when dodging enemy attacks as well as perceiving situations around her more efficiently. While she doesn’t have a “sixth sense” or anything of the sort it is described that her predecessors could perceive monstrous attacks fast enough to react to dodge them.

  • Levitation: Using the cosmic energy within her Katherine can levitate in the air giving the appearance of flight as well as move at various levels of speed when being imbued with enough energy to allow her to levitate— though the harder she pushes herself the more stress it will put on her.

  • Healing Factor: Katherine can recover from various wounds after a time of recovery; though such restoration of her vitality cannot be achieved within her “active” form.

While the abilities gained from being linked with a cosmic being have fundamentally given Katherine superhuman abilities it does come with several critical flaws, weaknesses, and limitations with most notably being that of her stamina and endurance as well as her mental state. In short Katherine is not invulnerable by any definition as a various amount of damage can be placed upon her by various effects— in the end she is still just an altered humanoid who can feel pain, bleed, and potentially die from exertions from other beings. Ultimately when her cosmic energy is depleted and her soul destroyed there will be no possibility of her recovering from any wounds.

Queon of the Celestials: The cosmic being that Katherine made her contract with and her mentor in her newfound mission against the Abyssals.
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“Presumption is the thrall of ignorance.”





Jedi Order

Jedi Knight

Standing at 1.7 meters, Talija is not particularly tall for her species though she is still quite young and has not reached the apex of her adult growth. Her body is particularly modest and toned with soft peach skin and dulled brown eyes that compliment her flowing cerulean hair. If not for her outward pointed ears she could easily pass for a human female. Her attire tends to be a synthesis of her Sephi culture and her Jedi religion.

Introverted — Due to her introverted and reserved nature Talija has issues even regarding fellow Jedi and their trials. She’s not particularly social thus lacks strong ties to many jedi that were not instructors of hers. She gets frustrated by social issues and finds trouble with finding understanding in communication which lends her to a more direct approach to conversation.

Limitations — Talija has limited or a lack of knowledge on medicine, mathematics, demolition, sabotage, economics, and things out of her depth. She is only good in what she knows and in certain situations will find herself unable to take action.

Selfless — Despite her introverted personality and frustrations with understanding others she feels it is her responsibility to put the weight of others on her shoulders. Whether it is droid, Sith, bounty hunter, or monster she will take the route of the selfless; putting herself in blind danger.

Stubborn — The double-edged sword of resilience. Talija refuses to be ‘broken’ or ‘converted’ thus allowing more ire from her Sith enemies which can lead to more excessive trials and tortures from them.

Lightsaber Combat — As trained and conditioned by Master Laureli Xchal, Talija is skilled in a modified form of Djem-So. Excluding this modified style Talija is also skilled in basic fundamentals of Ataru, Soresu, and Shii-Cho, but she feels most at home with her master's style for obvious reasons. She is also adept in Niman due to her time with her second master.

Perceptive — Heightened by Master Laureli Xchal’s training, Talija is skilled at perceiving her environment as well as things or individuals in that environment. This can lend to a good deductive mind that can investigate situations clearly and inquisitively. This was particularly helpful in previous missions assigned to her by the Jedi Council.

Archival Study — Talija was a dedicated student sense her initiatehood. With devoted study of Jedi history, culture, and combat she has proven herself as one of the more committed students of the order despite her being a bit more reserved and introverted for such behavior. Said study also allows her a perspective into galactic culture, trade, and politics; considering many Jedi are seen as more arbiters than warriors she knows these are important knowledges to have.

Resilient — Talija is particularly stalwart in her ideals and morals. This is particularly helpful under psychological duress.

Piloting & Navigation — Talija is a competent pilot in small vessels and adept with galactic maps.

Basic Force Abilities — As a sentinel Talija has been trained to be diverse in the force and the lightsaber equally. She is adept at all of the basic techniques and some intermediate ones.

Cleanse Mind — A technique passed down by her master; a force power that allowed to negate mind-affecting force powers from the afflicted.

Talija was born to a noble family on Thustra on 17 BTC (3670 BBY), the fourth daughter in her dynastic generation. However it would become evident relatively early in her childhood that she had inherent abilities that led to the belief she was a force sensitive. Such thoughts made her father confused on the proper right of action but eventually folded on the matter of calling out to the Jedi Order to investigate the legitimacy of her force abilities—she was only six galactic standard years old. A sequence of tests were given to the young Sephi girl to which they discovered that her father’s findings were correct and started delicate diplomatic discussions with him about inducting his daughter into the Jedi Order as an initiate. Eventually he agreed that it was the best course of action thus beginning her life as an initiate.

For many years following she found the academy on Telos IV to be a more somber home and found peace there despite being whisked away from the only home she had ever known. But her parents had told her it had been very important to not only the family but the galaxy to follow and listen to the Jedi who took her to Telos. She took solace in the instructions as a “youngling” within her initiatehood. This could be one of the many reasons she would adopt a introverted and studious personality that would become part of her character many years later. Driven to live well to her family and culture’s expectations she found herself planting her face in the lessons she was given. In time, Talija became engrossed in the jedi code and the knowledge of her instructor’s teachings as an initiate which led to her strong confidence in passing the initiate trials. As she took the aforementioned trials her diligence caught an eye of a Jedi Master named Laureli Xchal, the Jedi who would later become her mentor and teacher in the ways of the force when she passed from initiatehood to the role of a padawan.

As a Padawan during wartime, Talija was one of many students of the Jedi Order that found themselves dealing with situations that tested their body, mind, and spirit. As her master was a skilled combatant and duelist Talija found herself in the thicket of battles between 7 BTC (3660 BBY) and 3 BTC (3656 BBY) up until the end of her time with her master during the Skirmish on Cyrillia where she and her master faced a twi’lek who happened to be a skilled user of the dark side of the force named Imij’turutu— a Sith. By the end of the battle Talija witnessed her master taking a critical injury before critically damaging the Sith they were facing. If not for the Sith’s injury or overconfidence fighting a Padawan Talija probably would’ve joined her master in her fate… but thankfully it turned out rather the opposite and the planet of Cyrillia was ‘saved’ from the Sith insurrection.

After the death of Master Laureli Xchal it seemed the fate of Talija as a Palawan was in two straits: she would either be reassigned a new master after her master’s own death in the skirmish on Cyrillia or tested by the Jedi Council for her knighthood—being distraught and emotionally exhausted from the skirmish against the Sith that they had discovered was not sure herself if she was even up to the task of Knighthood considering what she had just gone through and tested with.

Her humility in her “failure” was noted by the council and for a time she was reassigned to Jedi Master Ilar Qwik. Qwik was decidedly different given his older and less combat oriented approach. Whereas Master Xchal was a Jedi Guardian her new Jedi Master was known as a diplomatic Jedi Consular who would go on to take a less demanding instruction of Talija but still was very dedicated to instructing her in the ways of the force. He taught her diplomacy, encouraged her reading of the archives, taught her various languages & dialects, and strengthened her knowledge of the force beyond simple lightsaber forms though he did strengthen her ability to wield Form VI a.k.a. “Niman”. As time went on so did the war and in 1 BTC (XXXX BBY) Talija decided to take the Knighthood Trials with encouragement from Master Qwik. The trials seemed to flash before her eyes as the Telos IV trials tested her courage, resilience, faith, body, and mind quite rigidly. Upon passing and advancing into knighthood she reflected back on her time as a Padawan and strived to do better as well as to live by both her Jedi Master’s teachings with great dedication. She had made it.

P E R S O N A L I T Y & M O T I V A T I O N
“I will recite the Jedi Code until I die, I refuse to be broken by the machinations of these masters of darkness.”

A quiet girl known for her diligence in the defense of the faith and the ideals it stands for, Talija stands much like others of the faith with her devout beliefs and unmoving ideology. Despite her ineptitude with greater social interactions the Sephi girl refuses to falter where others shake and it was with that stubborn resilience that she impressed greater Jedi than she and perhaps even a few Sith. Her pride and loyalty to her family and her faith have become walls of strength and despite the dangers of arrogance she struggles with humility though she knows full well the path arrogance takes one down. Talija has been taught to put the needs of others above her own, to have an open mind to the suffering of others, and to tread carefully to not become corrupt—it is in that caution to the dark side that she recites the code of the Jedi several times a day and that was prior to being captured.

With all of her strengths and resilience in her ideals, Talija is hardly ‘perfect’. As a social introvert she has trouble understanding conventions of conversation despite her attempts to do so. She is not inherently robotic and has a great deal of sympathy and sincerity for others thus when she finds herself in situations where she appears cynical or ‘too pragmatic’ she has trouble taking it in stride and not being emotionally offended by the notion. The Jedi Code has of course helped her cope but she finds at best proving to people that she sympathizes with them and is an ally of great character—perhaps this is where her inherent selflessness descends from.

To tell fun and engaging stories as well as follow a characterization that plays off other talented writers. I’ve been a longtime fan of Star Wars (EU and then some) for over fifteen years and I think I can bring a lot of passion and cooperative play to the collaborative story. I’d like to see where this Sephi that-totally-is-not-lafiel goes in this role-play. The following are some think-tank ideas:

  • Light Side – where Talija’s struggles but ultimately doesn’t relent against the influence of the dark side. This could end with her becoming a weathered survivor or a heroic martyr in the face of the Sith subjugation and oppression without yielding in her ideals and morals.

  • Dark Side – the opposite effect. Talija crumbles in her ideals and succumbs to darkness and becomes something terrible despite all of her beliefs. This would probably end with her dying no matter what and it isn’t my ideal ending.

  • Somewhere in the Middle – I love gray jedi and for Talija to take a new but still inherently good path is interesting to me. If this happens it’d go the route of her finding her emotions like a Sith but finding the good in them to protect others on her own terms and not being particularly blind to the Jedi’s teachings as the end be all.

Jedi Master, Laureli Xchal — Talija’s first jedi master, a blatant perfectionist and dominating jedi who believed in rigorous conditioning to prepare her apprentices for the dangers lying beyond space and the inevitable resurgence of the Sith. She was a Alderaanian human female who was a master of the Djem-So lightsaber form.

Jedi Master, Ilar Qwik — Talija’s second jedi master, a diplomatic arbiter and wise jedi who believed in allowing the Padawn to bloom with knowledge as well as understanding. He is a Korunnai human male who was a master of the Niman lightsaber form.

Jedi Knight, Xid Terrik — A fellow jedi that she met as a padawan.
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Yamanaka Inori




Information collected by the census office of Konohagakure

“I will not tolerate your constant stupidity!”

| Birthname: |
Yamanaka Inori

| Nicknames: |

| Alias: |

| Sex: |

| Age: |

| Birthplace: |

| Bloodline: |
Yamanaka, Hagoromo

| Rank: |


Psychology & History

From detailed inspection and investigation by ANBU and medical personnel

“I-It’s not that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to meet my father’s expectations. I don’t think I want to.”

| Personal biography: |
The result between a ruthless ANBU specialist and an unorthodox jōnin, Inori was going to have problems as a functional individual from the onset.

Born in Konohagakure fourteen years ago, Inori’s home life could be described as challenging, especially considering the marque of expectations that were lined up given her status as the firstborn child of the Yamanaka Clan’s de facto leader, Yamanaka Inokaru. A staunch perfectionist and part time elitist, Inori’s father equipped Inori with a sequence of trials as soon as she old enough to take them. Once admitted into the academy these expectations would only increase and as she struggled to appease her father’s wishes she grew to know what disappointment felt like and looked like every time she saw her reflection or a glimpse at her father’s unimpressed expression. As a Yamanaka she was expected to be gifted in Genjutsu, but even more so as the daughter of Yamanaka Inokaru she was expected to meet every standard he met at the same age. Each scowl or head shake led Inori to become more and more passionate and dedicated, though no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t just reach the standards of her father.

Inori’s mother, Hagoromo Mitsuko, was no lightweight either when it came to raising her daughter. Outside of philosophical optimism and encouragement, the fire inside her mother was equally hard on Inori; even when she felt like she was accomplishing something she felt like she could hear her mother whisper to another shinobi one single phrase— “She can do better.” A sentiment that dampened Inori’s enthusiasm at many turns. The shadow of an Academy Student that was trying to live up to two unique icons of their respective generations based on older standards and beliefs of première shinobi criteria; it almost seemed like Inori was set on the path to fail.

However, pushing her doubts and fears inside her head and focusing on her studies at the Academy proved to be a less harrowing experience. She did well on the written exams and the way her parents pushed or “encouraged” her allowed her to do sufficiently well on the physical tests as well— it just wasn’t the physical tests she wanted. Inori scored lowly with ninjutsu and “par” for genjutsu; something of a disappointment for her. The silver lining is throughout the years a fire had been started from within which facilitated a need to express her sorrow and discontent; a desire that awakened in taijutsu.

For other shinobi, the harsh winter was something that was on their minds— for Inori it was her harsh parents and their assertion of what she needed to, not could, achieve.

Inori is a complicated kunoichi— and that is exaggerating. Taking into account her emotional baggage, mental issues, and neglect it is hard to imagine how Inori is functional at all. But somehow, through diligence or a happy accident she appears to be at the very least semi-functional.

But functional does not translate to nice. All of the sorrow, shame, doubt, guilt, and hate translates into a volatile aggression, pseudo-confidence, and antagonistic appearances. Inori ignores all of her authentic feelings and replaces them with negative displays of unrest— abusive yelling, patronizing insults, depreciative quips, and denial of affection are all “flavors” of Inori’s outer self. It is this behavior that makes her feel better about herself, if only for a moment; as if lashing out at others is an outlet of a greater inner struggle. A struggle Inori refuses to confront and therefore allows to fester. Ultimately, Inori desires friendship and relatable kinship but identifies as showing certain emotions as weak and unbecoming of a shinobi. For someone to crack the shell would be someone that has made an impression on her, and someone who can suffer through the wicked antagonism she dishes out.

But who could love her enough to tolerate such suffering? Who could care about her when her parents do not?

| Family biography: |


Both are names that have represented Konohagakure for generations, and are still part of the inner workings to this day. The Yamanaka in particular have always been staunch practitioners of caution, preparation, and espionage as evident by their countless roles within the ANBU sub-faction. Many Yamanaka members have been high ranking members of ANBU, though none have ever wish for the position of Hokage as they believed their best work was from behind the scenes and not as the face of an entire civilization.

Yamanaka Inokaru is no different in this case. As one of the highest ranking members of ANBU, Inokaru has put his master of Genjutsu on the table to being paramount in protection of Konohagakure’s interests though his pride has teetered toward arrogance in recent years. Inokaru only cares about expectations, preparation, and logistics— thinking those who don’t are naïve imbeciles or incompetent fools. He is only reined in by his optimistic yet frighteningly brutal wife, Hagoromo Mitsuko.

| Family ties: |
Yamanaka Inokaru | Father | 47, Jōnin, ANBU
Hagoromo Mitsuko | Mother | 39, Jōnin
    Yamanaka Inozoru | Brother | 9, Academy Student
    Yamanaka Inowara | Brother | 9, Academy Student
    Yamanaka Sayaka | Sister | 3, N/A

Several Extended Family Members

| Dreams and fears: |
Yamanaka Inori lives for the present and not for the future, or that is what she tells herself. The blonde-haired kunoichi has been known to be incredibly short-sighted and impulsive so gauging her dreams and aspirations are is a challenging endeavor. She’s given various answers to the question in the past— “I don’t think about it.” and “To survive.” being two central answers specifically.

Her fears, on the other hand, tell another story entirely.

Despite being highly confident, headstrong, assertive, and serious in her expressions Inori seems to actually be very conflicted internally. Whilst she would never admit it she is most definitely terrified inside her own head. Feeling like it is impossible to measure up to her clan’s (and father’s) expectations she has a steady issue of actual self-confidence and emotional unrest. The young kunoichi believes she is constantly running and nothing she does gets her closer to the metaphorical finish line— she’s a failure as a genin and she’ll continue to be a failure as a chunin; Yamanaka’s are not taijutsu savants, they are genjutsu savants, and if she cannot live up to that standard she is worthless; a burden on everything her father has given.

Beyond that fear of failure, is a calvacade of doubt and anxiety; something that she refuses to show in any means as it is her central belief, that showing weakness such as revealing your insecurities and sorrow, is the expression of a weak shinobi and she refuses to insult her father or her clan any further. Thus these emotions become repressed, bottled up, and allowed to fester underneath the cracks. Whether this will have long term effects is hard to say absolutely, but it is believed it will negatively impact her sooner or later. For the time these doubts fuel her frustrations which fuel her fighting and drive, so until it becomes a problem it can be seen as an asset.


Combat Reports

From detailed reports from previous missions and academy sparring matches

“Get out of my way unless you want to get hurt!”

| Fighting style: |
Despite the affinity for Genjutsu that Inori has in spades through the bloodline of her father she isn’t inherently a gifted in Genjutsu or Sensory abilities— a fact that continues to frustrate her throughout her daily life. Most often her paternal clan looks at the young woman as an anomaly, especially once factoring in Inori’s aggressive impulses and anxious temperament. As represented by the flora that embodies her the most, the ederuwaisu, Inori’s inner self is powerful and strong which lends to a partiality to close quarters fighting styles within the form of Taijutsu. The focus of her anger in the category is notable and oddly coordinated; almost as if Inori is at peace when she is most livid. As par the course, Inori is also fundamentally agile though she her form in terms of acrobatics needs a lot more work. It is cited that her chakra reserves are moderate-to-high, though sometimes she exerts herself to the point where her stamina is empty long before her chakra is.

With that said, Inori isn’t entirely without competency in Genjutsu or Ninjutsu— she just isn’t a prodigy like she was expected to be in terms of the former. She’s well versed in her clan techniques and the basics; and given the need (or the ability for her to center herself) can utilize them on a “sufficient” level.

| Ninja techniques: |

A rank techniques

B rank techniques

C rank techniques

D rank techniques

E rank techniques
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“It’s my responsibility to help others. I was born with this gift and I need to use it in this way, it’s a public service.”

Marcus Richard Huxley, Jr.



The Mage

Grant City, Michigan




Marcus Huxley is inspired in part by characters that follow the "awkward nerd" trope and as such is a mess: he's awkward, extremely nervous, easily excitable, a little bit naive, and leaps without thinking. Adding that in, Marcus wants to do the mystical stuff and doesn't see it as a huge weight on his shoulders as he never has had a character to tout responsibility over him. Marcus is a good kid at heart with more power than he realizes he should be comprehending.

Marcus Huxley grew up in Brooksdale, one of Grant City's many suburban midtowns in the metropolitan area. Growing up in the sprawling suburban area had a definite effect on him and he was teased or ignored by his peers depending on their gender. Marcus has been called a geek and loser for the majority of his life and his interest in urban mysteries has always sort of alienated him from others. When high school was over Marcus immediately set his sights on college, quickly quitting his steady job at the local movie theater to set his sights on the big city. With his grades set, Marcus found himself accepted into a Community College and found a second dilemma in his freshmen year: he needed a steady job. After several weeks of looking he came across an antiques shop not too far from the college he went to and decided that it would be a good place to start looking; though Marcus’ gut feeling of wanting to check out the store had been apparent before due to his taste in urban mysteries and the knacks people always seem to forget about.

This is where he began to work for an old welsh man who eventually revealed to him that he had been chosen—chosen as his apprentice. Marcus panicked but ultimately after witnessing the old man’s vigor and power realized he had either gone crazy or all of the tales and legends had been true after all of this time. Confiding in Merlin he ecstatically obeys this apprenticeship and honestly he felt like he could really use the money from working at the store as well. So the birth of Merlin’s Apprentice became so and over the next year he studied without application, until he found himself becoming inspired by crime-fighters. The debut of “The Mage” was as tacky as a name as it was; Michelle Kinney of The Informant had begun to report on the appearances of the superhero. In this time however, everything seemed to go downhill as his own nameless nemesis watched from the shadows as Marcus' relationship with Roxie begins to grow...

Marcus Huxley by all accounts should be a normal kid studying the geopolitics of sixteenth century Europe, but unfortunately he’s been gifted with knowledge of the arcane stream. Unbeknownst to Marcus he is one of several people in the world with a connection to the stream, a natural connection and it is important for him to take on the responsibilities of the realm of magic. Marcus can create arcane bolts and fields, levitate, absorb and redirect other energy, and even teleport. All of which takes massive focus and strain so he's not going to be nightcrawler or anything. Marcus is by all standings a pretty low level mage and street level hero that could become a lot more given happenstance of his life and how it is changing. His power is varied and scattered over hundreds of applications of the arcane stream and he doesn’t quite understand it.
  • ----


Merlin (Prime Dimension): Known by many names throughout history such as Rabbi Judah of Prague and St. Cyprian of Antioch, Merlin is the oldest known sorcerer among the Prime Dimension of Earth. Mastering aspects of the arcane, supernatural, paranormal, and cosmic leaves him as the most powerful magic user on the planet though even with the power at his disposal how long this will be so is unknown due to the fragility that has come with his extremely old age. Merlin has taken Marcus under his wing as his “last” apprentice in fear that his last breath will be soon; a death that if he has no successor will endanger the world.

Roxanne “Roxy” O’Hara: Marcus’ closest friend in Grant City and unbeknownst to him the descendent of Morgan le Fay. Roxanne is attracted to all things occult and during Marcus’ first year as a superhero was caught in the middle of several encounters that put her in harm’s way. She identifies as “welsh pagan” though she is far smarter than her punk rock sensibilities and occultism lets on.

Richard Davis:

Michelle Kinney: An investigative reporter, journalist, and editor of The Informant— a news outlet that reports on a variety of issues including Grant City’s insidious criminal activity and the heroes who work to clean up the city.
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“Most of all, trust yourself.”

Afarene Taranau


Much like her mother had in her lifetime, Afarene exhibits an appearance that is not short of a confident defiance alongside the natural appealing look of the high elves of Aith Anur; this extends to the boldness of her fiery strands of red hair that is said to be accented well by her almost icy eyes. But Afarene’s strength does not solely persist within her elvish glares and conventional appearance— this also holds true in her athletic build that has its share of scars that tell the story of a woman that has survived for a long time and done so with resilience. Ultimately, standing at five foot four places Afarene at a height that is shorter than the tallest of her kind but comfortably remains among the median average; some could consider her on the shorter end of height ranges, but she doesn’t think much of the fact.

Grey Elf

Lyriel, Elven Goddess of Life

In these dark times it certainly is hard to look forward with hope, faith, and courage— a fact that is abundantly clear within the spirit of Afarene Taranau. With the weight of the cataclysm of Aith Anur two hundred and fifty-one years ago and the cataclysm of New Anur fifty-one years ago it isn’t all that surprising that Afarene’s personality has been forged as it has. But Afarene has not been a overcautious cynic for the entirety of her life as it was in her childhood that her disposition was the polar opposite with great reserves of faith in the gods and hope for the future despite the calamity that had marked a great stain upon the souls of her species. Afarene looks back at such emotions as naïve with the knowledge she holds now although she covets them with much secretive nostalgia. After all, with the world exponentially at risk of the dead consuming it who wouldn’t dream of the days when things didn’t feel as bleak?

Of course, Afarene is not defined simply by her nostalgic thoughts and cynical mainstays. Perhaps taking after the fiery resolve and tenacity of her mother it can be said that while Afarene is a cynic she is a temperamental and prideful cynic. Labelled by humankind with terms such as brazen, brash, impulsive, irrational, impudent, and petulant if there is one key trait brought out by her personality it is her ability to allow her emotions rule her mind. Seen as unorthodox by her fellow Grey Elf cousins, unpredictable by her Human acquaintances, and entertaining by her Dwarven patrons it is clear that Afarene doesn’t have entirely conventional elven mannerisms; a fact that has distanced her at times with feelings that she is alien to the world at large. But such feelings of distance is often reined in by her sense of elven pride and confidence which forges a trait also like her mother’s own— defiance.




Arcane Magic

Elven Ranger — In high elven culture, the Saethydd were the wardens of the elven vanguard and served as rangers of the highest respects; as the terminology is archaic it is also apt to describe Afarene. The young Grey Elf comes from a line of Saethydd or “Elven Rangers” as humankind has described them and was put through similar training as her mother, Idryane, had.

Nomad — When New Anur fell it was a time where Afarene was just leaving adolescence and arriving at early adulthood thus the impact of the cataclysmic event was great. For many years she would take to traveling further away from what was left of the center of her culture thus it was here that Afarene was introduced not only to humankind but also of the comfortability in many subcultures and environments where she would form few long-lasting friendships.

Perceptive — Afarene has in the past been described as being astute and perceptive even among her own kind; a sort of effect of her upbringing as a Saethydd. This extends to her agile sort of unarmed fighting that the elves called Agorpalf (roughly translated to “Open Palm”) where perception and reflex is required over strength and vigor.

Survivalist — Afarene feels comfortable in all forms of woodland and frontier areas. Knowing what flowers are toxic or beneficial as well as how to find the right path to a herd of animals or bandits, Afarene is a born ranger and due to her longevity as a product of her race has an extensive knowledge of several forests upon the continent she was raised upon. If there is a branch unturned that she isn’t familiar with it would be a surprise to her.

Afarene Taranau was born in New Anur in the year of 1088 to two survivors of Aith Anur, Idryane, and an unknown father.

As a grey elf, Afarene’s childhood was essentially a mundane existence that lasted for a hundred years. Much like other children of survivors of the old civilization of Aith Anur, the history of the elves was important for Afarene to learn, especially in the shadow of what could be the genocide of the high elves as not only a civilization and culture but as a people. Her mother taught Afarene poetry, history, religion, philosophy, and song alongside her martial training as hope that Afarene would do the same when it came time to continue their line. It would be with diligence that Afarene took to this education with eagerness and passion; part of which was due to her idolization of her mother whom effectively raised herself and her twin brother, Gwydion, without the presence of their father whom she refused to name.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Afarene took up the training to become a Saethydd within the confines of New Anur’s domain; a pursuit that even with the support and aid of her mother’s own hand in her training that would take many years to achieve. As she worked forward in this manner her brother decided to take a different approach as he worked to aspire for not one goal in his life but two— to study under the finest elven magi and become a student under them, and work towards becoming an emissary of the grey elves towards the other races as he viewed that without peaceful union that conflict would soon to arise as New Anur slowly expanded upon the northern reaches of the continent. Whilst both of the siblings were competent in magecraft, it would be Gwydion who would realize it beyond the trappings of “latent talent”; two different children with different aspirations. Aspirations they would reach in time.

The principal moment in Afarene’s life that changed it was the loss of all she had left as not only a grey elf but as a daughter. In the year of 1211, the shadows of the sins of their ancestors revealed themselves to the world when the gates of the shining coffin swung open and the damned began to consume as well as destroy. She had been on the far reaches of what could be considered the territory of New Anur when the full force of the dead reached her people and by extension her mother as well. New Anur could not be saved from her hands alone, though at times the longing of a wish that she had perished alongside her mother would cross her heart would persist; an insufferable feeling. But she had to survive and utilizing her skills as a Saethydd she continued to do so as she pushed away from where New Anur’s territory once was as other survivors did just the same. This elven exodus was not seen favorably by the other races as humankind, dwarves, and others painted it as the “elven curse” that they had unleashed upon the world due to their own foolish hubris. Afarene had not been responsible for the existence of the Undying but in the years to come she would hear it in abundance.

For the years that followed, Afarene pushed further south into Northern Melfic as a means to survive; a place she would soon realize was the next apparent victim of the horde of undead that had destroyed New Anur only months prior. Such events would become known as The War of Ruin and Afarene found herself an unwilling participant in several conflicts as she moved from place to place within the northern stretches of the human kingdom. It was here that her nomadic sort of wayward lifestyle began to form as she began to realize that it was impossible to settle down back into a solitary area especially with the inevitable threat of the undead ever so present. As a Saethydd she was comfortable in the frontier hills and forests of the continent so it was there she would travel and survive; far away from northern Melfic.

Between the years of 1219 and 1246, Afarene had garnered a little bit of a reputation in various regions and communities despite racial prejudice often rearing its head. These long twenty-seven years of surviving, persevering, and pushing had grown her into a fine survivalist as well as marksman as she dealt with the rising degree of crime spurned on from the undead calamity that defined all of the races of the continent’s existence. To summarize all of her effective experiences over this course would be difficult considering the active ventures she found herself being involved with to not only keep herself sustainable and survive, but out of her moral need to live up to the memory of her mother despite her cynical ideologies Afarene had formed following the calamity that was the Fall of New Anur. Many times in the frontiers of Melfic and Naul Rahn she had been accosted by smallfolk and highborn alike— worried barons plagued by bandits, merchants needing passage through wilderness plagued by undead or criminals, peasant livelihoods at risk by dangerous dire beasts and monsters, and many other such events seemed to be the life that Afarene would now live and had to contend with quite actively. But with the peril of a potential genocide reaped by the Undying such exponential growth of conflict, paranoia, and crime the people growing restless is anything but inane.

But it was not to be forever.

But eventually Afarene’s nomadic existence seemed to settle down, somehow, when she found herself in the employ and service of Lord Tel Janin Silverblood, a situation that was effectively extended following her help in a situation pertinent to him in the year of 1246— sixteen years ago. For some reason Afarene found service a possible change where she didn’t have to force herself to push onward from forest to forest and village to village; even as an elf she didn’t want to admit the constance of the last twenty-seven years was wearing on her spirit. As it came to be, she reluctantly accepted, though she was unsure what her role in human nobility was to be given her particular skillset and race.

In the present day, several months ago after over five decades of putting distance between her and her past, Afarene found herself forced to engage with it when the appearance of a letter from her brother came into her hands. Gwydion had evidently become an emissary just as he aspired to in his youth despite it being under different circumstances. This letter urged her to join the effort to effective aide the Stalwart Alliance as he had and work with Duchess Aina Stormsparrow in bringing a final end and bringing peace to the ghosts of Aith Anur before it becomes too late. Reluctantly, Afarene considered the responsibilities she has relatively been trying to ignore and asks herself one question: What would her mother, Idryane Taranau do in the same scenario?

W E A P O N S + A R M O R
Thymestl — Afarene’s elven shortbow that has been known in elven history as a significant item that has generally been held in the hands of iconic and mythic elven heroes. It is a resilient and enduring bow that is masterfully crafted as can be expected by the high elves of Aith Anur and is said to be exceptionally lightweight as it is strong. However, Thymestl’s significance to Afarene is not in its iconic or legendary status but rather that it is one of the only things she has left following her mother’s passing a century ago.

Elven Twinblades — Also in Afarene’s inventory is a twin set of elven curved blades fashioned to serve as short swords; they are her only serviceable conventional melee weapons.

Afarene’s Armor — The last notable piece of Afarene’s equipment is her armor, a magically enchanted set of tough leather and cloth to protect any suitable ranger in combat situations yet light enough to allow the wearer to be more lithe and agile in the field. However, unlike Afarene’s twin daggers and bow the armor is not of elven make or design falling into more particular fashions of humankind.

Outside of her weapons and armor, the tools, coinpurse, trinkets, and affects within her disposal are quite small. As a survivalist and ranger she has the tools of a fletcher and hunter, the clothes on her back, and basic rations alongside camping affects such as flint and steel.
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“I shoot people. They fall down. They don’t get back up.”


Errol Vahn





Bounty Hunter

Hired Gun

Perhaps with another line of work, Errol Vahn would’ve been a picturesque spacer or colonist but unfortunately that is not how his life aligned. The mahogany-haired marksman’s body is littered with laser scarring, vibroblade gashes, and other noticeable scars that are the result of a war-driven life in addition to being a smug sarcastic asshole at the wrong time. Surprisingly, Errol’s face is generally unfazed with only minor knicks being apparent to the naked eye. Beyond this, Errol isn’t particularly tall or short (5’11”) and has a somewhat muscular and toned build due to his line of work.

T A L E N T S & B A C K G R O U N D

Errol Vahn is not conventionally trained in the force, although he unknowingly has a connection to it.

Marksman: Errol Vahn has been shooting people since he was sixteen years old— and most often against more experienced and deadly opponents. His experiences in the Mandalorian Wars led him to becoming a quick and dangerous shot or face the early consequence of sweet sweet death. At thirty-nine, Errol is one of the most skilled snipers that survived the conflicts. These skills are not unique to blaster rifles and carbines, but also pistols.

Saboteur: Errol Vahn is a skilled saboteur, grenadier, and demolitionist. This is clear in his adept knowledge and familiarity with various charges used in explosives throughout the galaxy. Errol is comfortable whether a detonator utilizes ion, plasma, thorium, baradium, or other more esoteric and experimental options as its core.

Field Medic: Whilst hardly on the level of the Republic’s finest doctors and field surgeons, Errol knows what stims do what and how to apply a treat injury kit with little mistake. If there is one thing Errol has learned is that if you don’t know how to counteract a Mandalorian toxic dart on the fly you’re pretty much dead.

Stealth: Rule number one of being a sniper— if they can’t find you, they can’t kill you. Errol fought in several battles and on one occasion even outwitted a Mandalorian searching party on Dxun. He knows how to be quiet and make his shots.

Aratech Sniper Rifle
SFOR Republic Carbine
Czerka T-3 Blaster Pistol
Grenade & Utility Belt


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