Moderation Policy in the RP Sections

The mod policy is as follows:
We warn once, we ban once.

It's also:
Please don't make us go there.

We're not trying to put a heavy hand on the site, to the contrary, but we do have some basic ground rules that everyone is expected to adhere to in good faith; since there are only a few ways to crash land and they are extreme and all related to the good of the site and health of the community, there warning policy is also short and sweet. Here are some basic rules to the site and what follows is an explanation of our standards. We want everyone to understand where and when we act so as to avoid unfortunate removals of people from our community.

The following is a list of things that are prohibited in all cases, and mostly have to do with the safety and continued funding of the Guild through Google Adsense. This list is short and should be self-evident in any case.

Sitewide Prohibitions
(Things that you get in trouble for in any section)

  • Explicit Images, including gifs: no nip-slips, dolphin tits or other permutations of nudity and explicit sex, which includes Japanese anime-style blurred genitalia. (err on the side of caution)
  • Racial/sexual/other epithets: If it's a letter-word, like the n-word, we will ban that. We also have urban dictionary, so we can look up things of this nature. So don't use a derogatory term for another racial group. ex. 'N*gger' 'K*ke' 'Gr**ser.'
  • Advocacy of violence against a gender/sexuality/religion/ethnicity/etc.
  • Smut: This should be obvious, due to problems the Guild has had in the past with Adsense, but this is also a no in the public forums.
  • Griefing: Harassment/Griefing is not allowed, and it's easy to avoid someone if you can't keep your cool with them. Also, if someone tells you to stop PM'ing them, stop immediately.
  • Don't waste our time - Founder's words, but pertinent when if have to keep dealing with an issue over and over again, without any real resolution. This covers any clever ways people might find to disrupt the Guild, particularly as regards to finding ways to get around the above rules.

What follows is how they are interpreted to apply toward the roleplaying sections:

  • GM Autonomy – in most matters pertaining to the thread, the GM has the final say, as it is their plot and we do not wish to interfere with running RP's. Who is in, who is out, calls regarding the storyline and the rules by which RP's run (including how many paragraphs, post rate and order, etc, etc...) who needs to leave and so forth. The only time the moderators tend to step in is when the rules listed above are being violated, otherwise the GM is left to sort it out and deal with their problem players. Of course, the GM can also call us in, but that's usually when someone refuses to leave an RP alone after being asked to leave. Eventually the GM's will have the power to even more closely moderate their thread, but in the meantime, the mods will enforce that power if push comes to shove. If asked to leave by the GM, it's advised you just leave with a little dignity.
  • RP Thread Conduct – If you are not a participant in an RP or an interest check, but are merely there to critique the thread, you should probably not be posting. Trolling threads is one of those things that the mods come down heavily and we are interpreting that liberally because actions that discourage people from running RP's are contrary to the entire point of the Guild – it should be a safe place for all roleplayers.
Reporting Problems
If you need to report a problem in an RP thread, please follow these guidelines.

In order to report violations, the best possible solution is to report it to us. You can contact the staff member(s) of your choice via PM. In the case of a trolling incident, it's best not to go feeding the trolls by engaging them -- just report. It's faster.

Staff List: