Moderation Policy in Off-Topic Discussion Sections

The mod policy is as follows:
We warn once, we ban once.

It's also:
Please don't make us go there.

There are some very basic standards of courtesy and conduct expected of people in the off-topic sections, though they are loosened and changed for Spam which provides an outlet for people to get it off their chests.

They are listed for clarification so everyone knows where the policy stands.
Sitewide Prohibitions

  • Explicit Images, including gifs: no nip-slips, dolphin tits or other permutations of nudity and explicit sex, which includes Japanese anime-style blurred genitalia. (err on the side of caution)
  • Racial/sexual/other epithets: If it's a letter-word, like the n-word, we will ban that. We also have urban dictionary, so we can look up things of this nature. So don't use a derogatory term for another racial group. ex. 'N*gger' 'K*ke' 'Gr**ser.'
  • Advocacy of violence against a gender/sexuality/religion/ethnicity/etc.
  • Smut: This should be obvious, due to problems the Guild has had in the past with Adsense, but this is also a no in the public forums.
  • Griefing: Harassment/Griefing is not allowed, and it's easy to avoid someone if you can't keep your cool with them. Also, if someone tells you to stop PM'ing them, stop immediately.
Off-Topic Specific Policy

  • Respect the Original Post's Requests – Sometimes in Off-Topic, when a thread is posted, someone requests that an argument not happen or that people behave a certain way. Please respect it-- if you disagree (but see below) feel free to post a thread to discuss what you want to discuss.
  • Criticize the idea, not the person – In RP Discussion and Off-Topic where disagreement goes hand in hand with discussion, it's a very good idea to stick to what is being said rather than moving into ad hominem territory. Stick to the topic, not the person. When discussing RP problems in RP discussion, don't name names, such as the offending GM or Player. Describe the behavior, don't identify the person. This also applies to starting a new thread to discuss an issue that was made verboten in another thread by the original poster. Be respectful.
  • Don't try to lure people into Spam to continue an argument – While it is encouraged that you go to Spam if you can't be entirely polite, it's also not kosher to try to lure people into Spam just so you can insult and belittle them. Bottom line, you can't draft someone into Spam even if you really hate them and they won't go there. Too bad.
  • Don't flamebait – This should be simple and self-evident. We have Spam if you want to be a jerk to people, but Spam also returns the attitude in spades.
  • Don't take the disagreement personally – In OldGuild, there was a distressing trend of people trying to bait each other into insults to get them banned. This practice is interpreted as Griefing. (It's also called 'Derpbating' because after a certain point, like repeating yourself more than once, it's become derpy.) See the above rules, please.
  • Don't waste our time - Founder's words, but pertinent when if have to keep dealing with an issue over and over again, without any real resolution. This covers any clever ways people might find to disrupt the Guild, particularly as regards to finding ways to get around the above rules.

The point of the off-topic section is to to allow social interaction on the Guild without the fear of insult or bullying or generally dickish behavior. Since we have an outlet area for people to be more crass with each other, we think it's important for everyone to keep it pleasant while in the other parts of the Guild. After all, this is a diverse and large community and we want to keep it growing.
Reporting Problems
In order to report violations, the best possible solution is to report it to us. You can contact the staff member(s) of your choice via PM. In the case of a trolling incident, it's best not to go feeding the trolls by engaging them -- just report. It's faster.

Staff List: