10 Sep 2015 18:26
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What about a theme about the four elements (fire, air, water and earth)?

You could pick any of the four to take a center role in the story.

You'd get a bonus for:

Combining all four
Not using a fantasy setting
Not using (typical?) magic
Letting a person or animal embody an element and personify it
Playing with the stereotypes of the elements (making reckless fire suddenly tame, or making sturdy earth actually fragile)
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18 Oct 2015 23:59
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Love as theme. One of the most Primal yet most powerful human emotions.
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19 Oct 2015 4:15
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Maybe love and/or Hate? They're both exceedingly powerful emotions and do on occasion go hand in hand.
19 Oct 2015 13:00
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What about a theme about the four elements (fire, air, water and earth)?

You could pick any of the four to take a center role in the story.

You'd get a bonus for:

Combining all four

But seriously, I think this would be a good idea - especially for those of us who would do Avatar Fanfiction. xD
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4 Jan 2017 3:59
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@ArenaSnow@mdk when it comes to a collab contest...I've done this yearly on another site. Sort of. I mean, who "wins" (and really, the prizes were such that even the last place team TOTALLY won!) was determined partly by rp ability but mostly by covering necessary elements, aand then also by points earned from a large number of puzzle and dollmaker challenges. I adore the game, and have been in it three times now. It's been around for four iterations. Another solo one with puzzles in an rp framework happened twice and was also fun. It's a good idea, but as mdk said, hard to schedule. Wayward Squirrel (the event) was stressful. VERY stressful. And teams often didn't complete all chapters, or dropped out in the middle. BUT I STILL LOVE IT AND THE IDEA IN GENERAL.

For themes: teamwork! possible awards might be it takes everyone (failure/success hinging on /everyone/ contributing), and enemy mine (gotta work with an enemy). maybe even the latter leading to friendship.
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16 Jan 2017 23:01
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Nice thread you got here guys, mind if I happen to plop on in? This is a theme I think would make for some interesting entries and interpretations:

*A possession, or one who can be possessive?*

I sort of toyed around with this idea once in my, sadly, failed RP, but the jist of it is: Is it a person, or a thing? (of course, that's just one interpretation). I could see a lot of interesting sci-fi and fantasy implications for writing using this theme, like humans encountering the orcish species and saying "Well, shoot. Are they people or animals?". Some bonus categories I thought up for this theme are:
  • I m-made this?: Who knew that mixing glucose and sodium made an intelligent life-form!
  • They're not one of us anymore: The loss of loved ones can be heartbreaking, especially when they become something completely unfathomable.
  • I will stand by it: It is hard to justify your actions when the whole world is against you.
  • Something broke on the inside: Horrible is the crippling of mind, body, and soul: more so for those watching.
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17 Jan 2017 22:41
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I've said it two years ago according to this, damn, has it really been that long? Anyway...

Spirits. Spirit world. Let's do it people!
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