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characters of interest
This is a thread that will contain many of the characters that I enjoyed playing and creating. Unfortunately it won't contain every character as some of them are not always worth mentioning, but most of the ones that I have fond memories of.

I would ask that people do not post in this thread and if you wish to comment on any Character sheets, however you are more than welcome to PM me. :)
◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈


ROLEPLAY GENRE - Steampunk/Cyberpunk


ROLEPLAY GENRE - Dark Fantasy/Fandom


ROLEPLAY GENRE - Dark Fantasy/Fandom


ROLEPLAY GENRE - Superpowered


ROLEPLAY GENRE - Science Fiction/Post Apocalyptic

G A Z E a k a : R A C H A E L M O R T O N









ROLEPLAY GENRE - Apocalyptic/Supernatural

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Mid-Late 20's (A woman never tells)



Cari doesn't wear much in the way of additional plated armour as she finds that it affects her movement. She does however have artificially grafted metal that extends from her cybernetic jaw down to below her breast.

Mostly the same as what appears in the full body image above.

Cari has a twin set of pistols that she holsters on the back of her hip. There isn't too much special about these pistols as they are just general, bullet based weapons.

Cigarettes and lighter, and some money on hand.

Cari was a girl born into the poverty and violence of the city streets with little hope to make it out of there through conventional methods, such as education. This forced her to learn the art of deception and thievery, a fate seen so often throughout the neighbouring areas. Her skills however were far beyond a petty pocket thief and with those skills she had high hopes of eventually stealing that lifestyle of luxury and dreams.

However fate has a funny way of playing out with both a bounty placed on her head and a heist that backfired big time. A sealed metallic safe that she had planned to break into had been electrified as a security measure so as soon as she placed her charges on the door hinges it triggered an unexpected explosion. The front of Cari's chest, her jaw, and both forearms were charred beyond any repair; making it impossible to heal without the assistance of cybernetics.

After her recovery she heard rumours of a ship that offered a chance of escape, the Dusicyon. Knowing that there was still possibly a price on her head she eventually tracked down the vessel and applied for a position.

Cari has two cybernetic arms along with her artificial jaw and chest. Most of the times she keeps these covered with a bandanna and black leather gloves. The strength of her forearms isn't too much stronger than an average male's, however her grip level is extremely high due to the mechanical aspect of them (ie: she cannot crush stones, but can hang from a suspended beam for an hour if she so desired). She also once punched a guy in the face and broke his nose, all for saying, "Your tits look fake."

After the Battle of Tirbetha ended Cari needed some drastic repairs to her cybernetics. Along with this she opted for some enhancements utilising the materials and equipment available within the city to help with these changes.

  • Right Hand Enhancement: Due to the complex damage to her right hand, the forearm was completely reconstructed. While the reconstruction was taking place a winch line was added to the wrist joint, allowing her hand to detach from her arm and extend out for a few metres. To assist with this feature an air compression chamber was added so that Cari can fire off her hand and grapple onto a ledge or pipe. (Rough Example: 3:30-3:45) She still has full hand and finger movement but the wrist as an entity still obeys the laws of gravity when fired, giving it a trajectory arc.
  • Left Hand Enhancement: Since the left hand wasn't damaged the modifications that were applied were more additions rather than a full reconstruction. Within the palm of Cari's hand is a small electromagnetic emitter that when placed on a small devices (ie: communicators, laptops, locks, cameras) it will allow her to temporary shut down it's components. This has no area of effect so she needs to have physical contact for it to work, as well as not always guaranteeing the most desirable of outcomes especially with subsystems that only activate when the main network is shut down.
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Blood Diamond





6" (183cm)



Kaylin is a bit of a detached, yet also cunning individual. She doesn't have much emotional connection to many of the others around her and often disregards threats as mere taunts. With quite a high intelligence (needed in order to pass her medical courses) she can often plan and forward think her actions before jumping into the heat of battle. If needed, she will play individual ghouls off against each other or the CCG and will do so to either hide her kill, or allow her to hunt peacefully.

While wearing her mask and posing as the Blood Diamond, Kaylin will appear as a deranged, blood thirsty individual. She loves to kill and will torture her victims in various ways in order to find out how to make them live longer while consuming their dying bodies. She found that the fresher the meat the better the person tasted and any way of preserving that freshness was something that she needed to know.

Born to a successful family, Kaylin was lucky in the sense that she went to a decent school and managed to get into her university of choice to study medical science. Her family however died while she was off learning her degree, not by the CCG as she had somewhat had hoped, but killed and consumed by another fellow Ghoul. At the time she was old enough to understand what happened and felt distraught, but it was the beginning of her detachment from those around her. The once happy and cheerful person was reduced down to someone who simply viewed the people and Ghouls of world as predators and prey.

This sociopath like attitude allows her to operate within the 13th Ward Morgue with relative ease without getting emotional over the death of yet another individual. She is often able to evade the CCG, especially since she is working right under their noses, with this choice of employment allowing her to feed on the body parts within the dead before sewing them up to hide the evidence. This form of deceit allows her to hunt when she has the desire to obtain a fresh meal rather than survival like many of the other Ghouls.

Kaylin works most of the time in a morgue within the 13th Ward

Mostly within Ward 13, but her job allows her to venture into other wards with relative ease. She currently lives within a rented apartment in the 12th ward, but often moves houses to help throw off the CCG Investigators.


Kaylin works on her own, but due to her job she is occasionally in contact with members of Hydra's Nest and Jokers End who are often trying to convince her to side with one of them.

None at the moment


Kaylin's Ukaku wings are mostly orange in colour but under certain lights they appear to glisten like diamond. This uniqueness helped her earn the alias of Blood Diamond.

Most of the time Kaylin will keep the two wings pressed together to make it appear as if she only has one. This can catch many people off guard when she crystallises one side for a long range attack. Often her attacker will then go in for the close up kill to which she will use her mostly hidden other wing as an offensive short-distance weapon.

Kaylin carries around a few minor medical supplies in order to occasionally drug her victims into a dazed state, give them pain killers in order to prevent them from going into shock, or just to bandage off bleeding limbs so that the victim doesn't bleed to death too early.
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Jeremy looks young for his age (Mid 20s) but that's also because he cannot remember what year he was actualy born in. He does however remember the Sydney Harbour Bridge being built in 1923 so it's estimated that he's at least 100 years old.


Most of the time his clothing usually consists of a corporal hat, polo shirt, loose fit jeans and a set of skate shoes. He has a large Celtic Cross tattoo on his back as well as a set of tattoos on both of his knuckles (the word "Lamb" being on his right hand, and "Goat" being on his left)

Jeremy is an Australian. He has an bit of an attitude to suit his look and is often called cheeky, reckless, or just simply a smart arse.

Knowledge in Spells and Magic

A dual set of Beretta 92s and a backpack full of assorted ingredient for spells and potions

After experiencing the murder of his witch girlfriend and breaking free of her spell he moved over to the US for both a fresh start in a new country and to continue his hunting.

Most people that enter into a relationship say that it feels like being under the spell of love. Jeremy however experienced that in a literal sense of that statement rather than the metaphorical version. It turned out that his last girlfriend was a witch and she had a real obsession with him, to the point where she created a love potion mixed with a longevity spell and secretly gave it to him one evening during a dinner. After being poisoned he immediately fell in love with the girl and to her knowledge they were to live happily ever after, forever.

This never happened though because many, many years later some hunters managed to track the witch and kill her. Without the potion and magic poisoning Jeremy he began to regain his true thought pattern and was disgusted by what she had done to him. Through her he also learnt about the many creatures and beings throughout the world and decided to try and do his part in setting things right.

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  • Mutation (1 Point)
    Eppie can mutate her body into a grotesque figure of oozing body parts, increasing her size to about one and a half times her original size. She is able to perform acts like throwing her arm out and transform it into a beast like jaw or shifting her limbs and body parts to other locations on her body.
  • Heightened Senses (1 Point)
    Due to the multiple bodies living inside Eppie, she has an above average sense of smell and hearing, while she is also able to grow an extra eye on other parts of her body, for instance the palm of her hand.
    • Mutation Drawback
      The transformations that her body performs have a huge impact on her overall well being. Eppie can only fully transform for a very short amount of time, and use limited mutations for only a couple of minutes. With the human body naturally unable to cope with these kind of transformations it will leave her nauseous and drained of much of her energy, and in the case of long term transformations, haemorrhaging and tears in her skin.

Eppie was first discovered in the bathroom of a country home, surrounded by the blood and torn bodies of her parents. The paramedics that arrived at the scene could not understand what nightmarish events had happened that morning, but they took the orphaned girl and eventually she ended up in a foster home. For many years she was moved from home to home with each foster parent saying that she had a severe identity disorder until one family decided to take her to get some test done.

The test came back with some unusual results, revealing that Eppie had an array of different genes living inside her with each identity being somewhat alive. The doctors thought it might be a variation of Chimera's Disease and attempted an experimental hypnosis session to try and subdue the dormant identities. During the first session it was unfortunately discovered how dangerous and blood thirsty some of these persona's were with Maw, the main voice in Eppie's head, reaching out with his arm and tearing the doctors limb from limb.

For the years following Eppie was on the run, eventually ending up in Mercury City where she would pick up the occasional job from a group of higher ranked villains in order to earn some scratch.
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Fang (Sometimes Wolfe Fang)


Much like the image presented above, Alexis' style usually consists of her brightly coloured, grunge style hair and clothing that would typically be seen on a punk rocker. Her left arm is tattoed from her fingertips all the way to her shoulder, while her right only has a tattoo on the upper arm.

Alexis can come across as a bit of cocky person, thinking most of the time of herself first before her fellow team. She is a regular smoker and isn't afraid to have a drink, even while working.

Every city has an area known as the slums, and every slum has it's fair share of crime. This is unfortunately where Alexis grew up and matured into the person she is today. For most of her younger life she was surrounded by the violent and volatile nature of these people with many small gangs claiming their own share of property, including the people around them. By the time she was in her early 20s she had already been claimed by one of these gangs and helped participate in their many crimes and wrongdoings.

Several years later she branched off from the gang, feeling that she needed a bit more of a challenge to which she both discovered the Devil Runners and witnessed the destruction of the world.

Alexis has a mechanical grapple-hook that she can use to traverse the landscape, making her extremely fast and nimble. This comes in the form of a glove that connects up to her backpack, using the backpack as storage for the wire and firing mechanics, while the glove is used to aim the shot. The hook can be fired about 25 metres and has the strength and speed to pull her from one place to another in a second or two.

She acquired this during her time in the Gang when they went on patrols and leapt from building to building in order to perform successful raids on the unfortunate inhabitants.

  • Gas Mask: (Image) Alexis has a regular run of the mill Gas Mask in order to protect her from the toxins within the world. The filters, while regularly available, so have to be changed often.
  • Assault Rifle: (Image) The fast firing Rifle that Alexis uses is of a unique shadow chrome design, giving it a slightly reflective surface. Like most weapons on the planet, it uses standard ammunition that is fired through the use of electromagnets.
  • Plasma Pistol: (Image) Alexis also uses a small Plasma Pistol that fires a small, short ranged blast of energy at a given target. The energy fired will leave a slightly caustic residue on the surface and can burn through most armour given enough time. This weapon however can only fire a few shots at a time as it has an overheat protection module that prevents the unit from failing, and is used mainly in emergency situations.
  • Machete: (Image) In order to deal with closer enemies, Alexis has a blade that she keeps attached to her side. The hooked back part of the blade can be used to grab on to other objects or limbs if the situation needs it.
  • Backpack: Alexis has a backpack that she has filled with various items that she finds useful, including a couple of timed charges and a few handy tools. The pack also houses the mechanisms used for her grapple-hook.
  • Light Armour: Alexis doesn't have much in the way of armour, preferring the light nature in order to focus on speed and flanking her opponents before they have a chance to react.

"This bitch bites..."
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Arkheus Identification Card
Bureau of Public Citizen Management

Artistic Impression

Name: Rachael Morton

Aliases: Gaze

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Job Title: Slave/Gang Member

  • Superior Accuracy:
    The design of Rachael's weapon makes it pretty hard for her to miss a target, so long as the one being shot as is within the crosshairs. This however only applies while she is scoping as her hip fire aim is absolutely atrocious.
  • Fearless:
    The lack of sight means that any dangers that are presented to her are quite often missed. Crossing the road and almost being struck by a vehicle, having a gun pulled to her face and even venturing into areas that are classified as dangerous simply don't phase her. It's not that she's not scared by them but simply isn't aware of the immediate threat.
  • Observant:
    As odd as this sounds, Rachael is highly observant all of her other four senses. She has the hearing that can pick up slight changes and fluctuations, the ability to smell the faintest of smells, to feel and memorise changes in texture, and taste any abnormalities in her food.
  • Backstreet Specialist:
    Growing up in a world of crime, Rachael is well aware of the hell hole she lives in. She has several contacts through her owner, Julius, and is quite comfortable moving around many of the hubs in The Core on her own. If you ever need to know a back route to get to a location then Gaze will be your person of choice. She just can't guarantee that it'll be safer...

  • Submissive:
    Julius owns Rachael, and Rachael is his slave. She has been granted a fair amount of freedom but if he instructs her to perform a task, then she simply has to obey. Failure to do so often results in a backlash, either through torture or forcing her to activate her visor for hours at a time.
  • Migraines:
    Rachael's visor is a wonderful creation, a gift that has granted her the sight that she never had, but the vibrant images and continual inputs into her mind do cause her migraines. The intensity of these headaches will vary depending on the length of time that the visor has been used, with each use causing her some eventual discomfort.
  • Paranoia:
    This is a condition that presents itself once Rachael starts to use her visor. The overload of imagery and inputs that she experiences overpowers her fearless nature, causing her to freak out about the world around her. Eventually it can get to a point where it breaks down the female, causing her to collapse under her own weight.
  • Range of weapons:
    Rachael is severely limited to what weapons she can use and her Tarkus Rifle is the one one that has been set up for her. This creates a huge problem if she gets into a heavy fight as she does not have te ability to switch up guns like many others.
  • Known to Authorities:
    While Gaze doesn't have any warrants out for her arrest, she is known to the authorities due to line of work. This does sometimes present challenges when moving to different locations and sometimes has to utilise a false identity in order to avoid questioning.

  • Freedom from control
  • Drug use
  • Friendly Company (Even if she can appear snarky)

  • Julius the FUCKEN Leech
  • Augmentations and Cybernetics
  • The Adult Industry

Important People:
  • Julius the Leech

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"That is the difference between you and me... Red Star doesn't flow in your veins."

[ ★ ] C A L L S I G N

[ ★ ] N C O R I G I N
Red Star

[ ★ ] D - O - B
January 26th, 2650 (27)

[ ★ ] G E N D E R

[ ★ ] A P P E A R A N C E
Tahlia is a healthy blend of both Asian and Australian, a result of Red Star's invasion into the southern continent. Her eyes are slim and direct with a dark brown iris, a trait familiar to the people from the far east; while her hair and face resembles a more Australian/European look, complete with the light, sandy brown braided locks and pale white skin. The Australian has an average height of about 5" 8' and a slim, yet defined build that can fool people into believing that she not a force to be reckoned with.

The former soldier usually dresses in a way that can give off the vibe that she is still loyal to the fierce Red Star Corporation. A set of tan cargo pants complete with a set of white sneakers; a loose fitting, white tee-shirt; and a hooded jacket that is coloured in a deep dirty brown with no particular markings except for the large black and red star that positioned across the back itself (She can't help that the best piece of clothing she was ever given for cold climates was issued out by Red Star themselves).

Around her left wrist are a variety of bands and beaded bracelets that she makes while sitting on watch. She has a tattoo of the southern cross on her right wrist, a mark that shows how she views herself as more of an Australian than Asian.

[ ★ ] P E R S O N A L I T Y
Tahlia can come across as both an aggressive and abrupt individual, especially when it comes to her body language and outback Australian tact. Not swearing isn't an option, smoking is pretty much a given birth right, but she will obey commands from anyone with authority.

Amidst all this Tahlia will try her best to help and support her fellow comrades, even if her efforts don't always come across with the best results. She also likes the peace and quiet as it reminds her of her hometown and allows her plenty of time to tactically plan her next set move. She is smart, she has a dark history, and only reveals parts of her former life to those that she truly trusts.

[ ★ ] S K I L L S E T
Former Commander - Tahlia was once the commander of a small Red Star force. This rank has changed the woman into someone that is able to express off authority and status. Many of the local pilots can vouch for this when she forcefully punished a crew member for stepping out of line.

Perceptive - Tahlia is analytical, cautious, and an observer by her very nature. Years of standing guard over her hometown while picking off targets from over 20 kilometres away allowed her to learn that combat should be avoided at all costs. Eliminate the target before they have a chance to break through your fortifications.

Backseat Fighter - This trait is both her strong point and her weakness as she does not have the best skills when it comes to close, melee style combat. Instead she will tend to used her team of pilots as guardsmen so that she can stay out of the thick of battle and inflict maximum damage. Enemy Pilots may see her 'running away' from a fight, believing her to be a coward, but with every few metres that she gains, the more dangerous she becomes.

Jill of most Trades - Some of Tahlia's less noticeable skills include her understanding of firearms, basic mechanical and engineering knowledge, drinking, and poker. Alone they aren't anything special, but together it's what makes her unique.

[ ★ ] B A C K S T O R Y
Tahlia was the daughter of a renown Red Star engineer and grew up in the remote region of Broken Hill, an old mining town that once funded and contributed to the growth of the Red Star Corporation. From a young age she was inducted into the the NC program and by her late teens she was operating on the battlefield as an NC pilot. Due to her skills, her position within the corporation and a series of events, Tahlia ended up moving up to the rank of Commander and was awarded the menacing death machine known as the AFW-Mk.8.

With Tahlia's new position and her powerful NC she was instructed not to make contact with any outsiders that wished to know more about her or her division, in turn the Corporation would not publish her post mission debriefings within any of it's public archives. The popularity of Tahlia Styles flared up when her team managed to force a retreat on a small army of NC Raiders that were looking plunder Broken Hill for it's valuable mineral resources. It was a David and Goliath battle, a fight that she barely won and the only known record of her military service that was released to the world.

Eventually things started to change when supplies and funding began to dry up. Red Star wasn't using the town's resources any more and rather than support it's locals, they pulled the plug, letting the colony eventually collapse in on itself to form a Ghost Town. Tahlia was one of the last residents to leave. She wanted to protect everyone for as long as possible but when it came apparent that all she was protecting were old heritage buildings, she made the choice to move on.

Eventually she found herself signing up to New Anchorage and has been there for several weeks.

[ ★ ] T H E M E C H

The AFW-Mk.8 (also known as Spyder) is a unique, prototype combination of Bipedal and Quadpedal technology. Most individuals will witness the machine in its standard Bipedal design, with only the rare few getting the opportunity to watch it convert into its Quadpedal setup. By converting to quad mode the back mounted weapon can then be allowed to realign and transform the entire NC into a mobile artillery.

Most of the NC is covered in a black and dark brown colour with a half scratched off Star design from the Red Star Corporation. It is trimmed with red highlights and covered in a variety of battle wounds from decades of service. The interior is a sleek design with keys and warning labels written in a mixture of Japanese and English, along with a screen that provides a wide viewing angle to the outside world

  • Transformation - The shift from Bipedal Mode to Artillery mode can be achieved when the NC lurches down and converts its arms into a set of front legs. By doing it's stability is greatly increased tenfold when compared to many of the standard Bipedal NCs in the battlefield.

  • Meteor Ordinance Cannon (M.O.C.) - This torso mounted, tri-barral weapon is the AFW-Mk.8's primary weapon of choice and uses Mag-Rail technology in order to fire its projectile. Each shell is a unique mixture of both cluster bomb design and napalm, meaning that by the time the projectile reaches the intended target, they are faced with a wall of fire and shrapnel. The M.O.C. range is limited to line of sight so higher ground is an advantage to the operator, but also requires a huge supply of energy. Rapid succession of firing will deplet the operational energy capacity to a point where the NC will hard shut down until the reboot sequence can be completed.

  • Dual Gatling Guns - During Bipedal mode, these fist mounted Gatling guns can be used to easily take out any smaller targets that are within it's range. When the NC converts to Artillery Mode the guns are unfortunately folded up into the NC's arms, meaning that it sacrifices this armament in order to equip it's Meteor Ordinance Cannon

  • Twin MIRV Launchers - Upon the AFW Mk.8's shoulders are a set of twin pods, each with 25 individual ports that contain a collection of Radar Guided MIRV missile. These fast firing missiles can be used in quick succession for any medium range targets, but have the unfortunate trait of overshooting their targets when fired too close. The MIRV Launchers can be used in either Bipedal or Quad mode.

  • Trakdar - Trakdar is a speciality built Long Range Scanner and Surveillance Bot system that utilises a 3D mapping technology in order to give a detailed view of the environment around the NC. This map is additionally enhanced by a drone bot that can be launched from the AFW-Mk.8 in order to give details on areas that can't be fully scanned by the NC itself. Each target that is discovered is painted with a marking which allows proper calculations to be make for the Meteor Ordinance Cannon.

[ ★ ] R E L A T I O N S
Oakley James Styles - Oakley is Tahlia's only son. She rarely talks about him and the records displayed on Red Star's databases all indicate that any further information is currently Classified.

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"But... I don't like cauliflower."

[ ♫ ] C A L L S I G N
Previous Callsign: Mad-E

[ ♫ ] N C O R I G I N

[ ♫ ] D - O - B
Unknown Date (Presumed July), 2654 (22)

[ ♫ ] G E N D E R

[ ♫ ] A P P E A R A N C E
Madison is a young woman in her early 20's with a distinct taste for heavy, hard wear clothes; usually with a choice of factory work boots, a thick jacket with a woollen interior and an old set of torn jeans pants. She has vibrant pink hair which is coloured as her natural hair is a crisp blonde that she dislikes, while her overall skin tone and texture gives her the innocent look of a younger teenager. Whenever she walks she likes to let her feet hit the floor with a heavy thud, giving an impression that she is simply bigger than what her small size indicates.

Ever since the Volkov job she has been in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and during that time had to have some immediate, life threatening operations performed in order to save her life. Some of the damage she endured included a searing blast to her left eye where the iris and cornea were damaged, thus requiring an artificial insert; and a deep wound in her right arm that got infected in the bone. This wound in particular needed an immediate amputation and was in turn replaced with a bionic limb.

[ ♫ ] P E R S O N A L I T Y
Madison was once described in one simple, four letter word... Loud.

The young girl has a vibrant personality with a matching taste for music. Most of the time when she is in her NC the sounds of a hard hitting bassline can be heard. This music isn't just for show as it is the only way for her to regulate her thoughts in order to sync up with the NC. This wild attitude comes as a serious double edge sword since she lives off pure adrenaline. Madison has been known to run her ammo supplies completely dry, take on NCs far stronger than what she is trained for, and will even risk her own life in order to make a final blow.

However being loud doesn't mean that she is open. She will rarely talk about her past, specifically the death of her parents, and with the events of late she has been more closed off than usual. She is now at the point where others are concerned about her being too quiet, wondering if she still has the willpower to get back into an NC.

[ ♫ ] S K I L L S E T
Mechanical Knowledge - Madison is a skilled mechanic and knows how to make various changes to an NC. After all... she did grow up with a man who rebuilt her original NC from a pile of scrap.

Music Lover - Most of the people on base already know that Madison has an annoying love for music to the point where it can become distracting. What many of them don't know is that she is quite gifted when it comes to her own vocals and will sing to herself if she is alone and unable to hear a beat.

Nimble - This hyperactive girl has way too much energy to store up and not use. Unlike others that are skilled at fighting Madison's strength comes in her speed and agility, a trait that can be seen on the battlefield.

Bonkers!!!! - Probably less of a skill than anything else, but at her peak Madison is quite the insane individual. She has very little natural fear, and if something doesn't work... Just grab a bigger hammer!

[ ♫ ] B A C K S T O R Y
Madison was born in a small community but was left abandoned when her entire settlement was wiped out by a raiding force. She was only a little girl at the time and was discovered by a small group from the colony of Smith's Rest as she wandered the empty wasteland, sad and alone. They decided to take her back and placed her under the care of an engineer known as Duncan Brown. There she grew up for the next two decades, learning how to operate and use the different types of machinery that Duncan worked on.

Through his guidance she became very knowledge about the NCs, learning the different ways to repair and operate them. It was only a matter of time before she ended up fighting for the cause along with the others at the now named New Anchorage. With this team she performed well, taking on other NCs and mercenaries alike until a terrible accident during a Volkov mission, an accident that nearly took her life when a Warhead from her NC exploded at point blank.

Madison and her NC was airlifted by Blur back to base where the team had to cut through the wreckagein order to reach her. For the following months she was placed in an induced coma and heavily operated on so that they could save her life. Eventually the girl woke up and since then she has been struggling to find her true calling. Madison is currently unsure about who she is, her skills, and even feels like a shadow amongst the other pilots. Through all that heartache she can hear the cockpit of her NC slowly calling back to her, begging her to take the controls once again, demanding that the show must go on.

[ ♫ ] T H E M E C H

Mad-Cat is a redesign of the old Mad-E model NC, a necessity considering the amount of damage it endured after the incident. A large portion of the heavy armour plates were removed and the Warhead Launcher was decommissioned, allowing the NC to be reduced back to a standard structure for the mechanics to work on. The team believed that if Madison was to get back into an NC she would be more suited for something a lot more mobile than the heavy, over equipped unit that she operated before.

Mad-Cat is still currently being fitted out but upon completion it will show off its fresh, sky blue design and superior melee combat abilities. The unit has been reduced in size to something that closer resembles a small NC rather than the medium design of old.

  • Hydraulic Legs - The reduction in weight and rebuild of the unit's legs have allowed the NC to be used for more tactical and forceful advances. The hydraulic legs can be used in order to leap towards an opponent, drastically reducing the distance to meters.

  • Rendering Claws - Each arm has been equipped with a set of rendering claws. Rather than just being of a simple metal design these claws are edged with plasma jets, giving the appearance that the edge of the blades are on fire. Not only is this an advantage for tearing apart unlucky NC units but at night it can create an impressive light show.

  • Emergency Protection - Due to how the NC will be more of an up close and personal unit, several safety measures have been put into place. The First is a Damage Awareness System which will take note of any components that aren't working correctly and will reroute power, plasma, and movement through other pathways. This essentially creates a unit that can take a variety of hits and yet still perform in battle.

    The Second is the I'm-Outta-Here command. This series of code was introduced specifically for Madison considering how battle hungry she can get. When the damage to the unit reaches a certain threshold the System will lock her out and activate all thrusters, ejecting herself and the NC out of the battlefield.

[ ♫ ] R E L A T I O N S
Duncan Brown - Duncan was Madison's carer for most of her life but after her accident he left New Anchorage, telling her fellow pilots that he believed he failed in protecting her.
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⟡ ⟡ ⟡

Veronica is quite the unique individual; a female who has changed her style and appearance several times over in the past few years. For her it wasn't too far out of the ordinary considering that if you didn't adapt to what was hip, new and current, you quickly got left in the past. Even the smallest of things like changing her hair from pink to blonde was enough to keep up with the times, but often more drastic changes were needed.

As of this moment she is enjoying her more relaxed style of clothing, a simple white singlet top, a set of slightly worn, black jeggings and a pair of forearm length leather/PVC gloves. Wrapped around her neck is a silk wool scarf that she uses to keep herself warm on some of the colder days, and around her hip she has a thick leather belt in which she hangs her sidearm off. Up on her left collarbone is a cybernetic implant that protrudes from her skin and on her right forearm a series of holo-tattoos that can both animate and disappear according to her emotional and mental state.

Veronica has had a couple of cybernetics implanted into her body with some being useful while others are more decorative.

⟡ Holo-Tattoos
Holo-Tattoos were quite the rage several years ago with many individuals lining up to get them implanted, even when they cost a pretty penny. Veronica uses these as both a conversation starter and a diversion tactic so she can trick authorities into the believing that she is not the one they are looking for. Many of the younger recruits tend to believe her, but seniors tend to see through her lies.

⟡ Collarbone Implant
Veronica's collarbone is implanted with a communications data node. This small node has the ability to create a holographic light projection in front of her thus allowing her to both communicate with another individual or access any information she may have stored away. In essence, it replaces the need for her to carry a mobile phone around in her pockets.

Before Veronica was classed as a renegade she worked for the government in the Tactical Defence Unit as a foot soldier, a simple dog of the military. During her time she trained and used her skills to both bring down organised crime and protect the people of the city, but as with all dreams she eventually had to wake up and see the world for what it truly was like...

Internal corruption, the hunting of innocent protesters and a culture that proved to have a deep, vile poison within its veins. Veronica didn't particularly want to be a part of that and while she was happy doing some of the dirty work to clean up the mess in the city, she didn't appreciate being a cog that would help contribute to the oppression. Eventually she made the decision to leave the force and set about on her own form of righteous justice. It was a move that somewhat alienated her from the rest of society, forcing her to build relationships with various criminals in order to gather the information, resources, and work that she required.

Eventually Veronica found her way into Biz-Bop, a drinking and clubbing establishment that doubles as a place where one was able to get work through the bar itself. Its exclusive and low key nature meant that she is able to stay hidden away from the watchful eyes of the government, but as with the nature of this world and the continual changes that it endured, that familiar sense of security would eventually run dry.

S K I L L S / T R A I T S
⟡ Firearms
Veronica has been trained on the use of several firearms from assault rifles to shotguns, and even the standard issue pistols. When she left the TDU she had to hand in her military grade assault rifle back to the armoury but was able to keep her personal side arm for self protection. While her abilities are classified as above average she isn't skilled enough in the use of more specialist weapon like a sniper rifle.

⟡ Light Crowd Control
A situation in the TDU could change at any given moment, forcing a soldier to change tactics from ranged to melee at a moment's notice. Veronica has learnt the ability to fight off the occasional individual or duo, using techniques acquired from fighting forms such as Judo and Taekwondo, but any more can prove quite troublesome.

⟡ Perceptive
Knowing where your enemy is, any changes in the environment, and understanding the best course of action are all skills one learns to simply survive. A soldier who didn't pick up these skills was not only an easy target but a risk to the team in general. In many cases being perceptive has not only saved Veronica's skin from dire situations but earned her extra brownie points for spotting something of relative importance.

Vortex Blaster - TDU Edition
The Vortex Blaster is an energy operated pistol that takes many inspirations from the old revolver designs due to how it ejects it's used cartridge out through the side of the unit before a new power cell can be inserted. Each cell has the ability to fire off 12 shots, but a modification from the TDU armoury allows the weapon to fire 3 condensed shots which have about as much power as a shotgun blast. The weapon is also imprinted with a fingerprint identification scanner, meaning that anyone who isn't on the authorised user's list will not be able to fire a shot when the trigger is pulled.
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⟡ ⟡ ⟡

With hair as dark as the night and eyes as vibrant as jade, Willow knows that her style can appear quite dominating. She has a clean, delicate face that holds few to no blemishes; with the exception of the jewellery that she decorates her lip and ears with. Around her neck, wrist and waist are a few bands and bangles that compliment her unique style, while the tattoos on her arms reinforce the rebellious nature that she presents.

Willow's choice of clothes are just as stylish with a decorative, light-grey tank top and a set of black, half torn jeans; along with her knee high biker boots that help to add the final touches to this grungy design image.

For most of Willow's life she was someone who never fully fit in within the crowd, she didn't have much in the way of good friends, and unfortunately she was someone who was continually drawn into the darker underground life of petty crime; a sorry affair for someone who was as talented and clever as she was. This toxic lifestyle eventually took its hold when she landed herself in prison with a well earned sentence for several acts of crime.

For Willow the life behind the bars was pretty much what she expected. Gangs, violence, and an overpowering authority that held little respect for the inmates. After several long months she received a transfer to a different section, not knowing what was awaiting her.

The facility that she had landed herself in was run by a group of blacklisted scientist, ones who were working on Demon DNA and experimenting with human trials. Willow was desperate to avoid this fate. She was forced to witness, from within a coffin torture cage, the moment that their patient died on the operation table only to suddenly reawaken as a Murrian Zombie. She watched as the scientist carved up its live body, pulling out organs just to see how long it's extended life would last. She screamed as they bought the hanging cage over to the creature and lowered her to it's reach, allowing her arm to be within biting distance.

In those moments she could feel time slow down as the shadows around the room shifted. The creature lurched out from the darkness, striding towards her speaking a tongue that was of old scripture. Willow could only understand some of the foreign word, but there was no mistake that this shade was offering a deal for her freedom.

Willow accepted the deal not knowing what the consequences would be, not knowing the impact that it would have on her life, but knowing that it had the opportunity to be more desirable than become a human lunch meal. Her new found powers allowed her to escape by fighting her way to freedom, but ever since that day she has been migrating from town to town in a bloodthirsty attempt to survive.

S K I L L S / T R A I T S
⟡ Curse of Bloodlust
Willow has the unique ability to build both rage and strength the more that she endures any physical punishment, and the longer she continues to bleed. It can be regarded as a rather dangerous ability as her natural thought process will slowly become more and more like a Murrian to the point where she will disregard her own safety in order to make a kill. Willow's Bloodlust can resolve itself in several different ways but the three most common is when she passes out due to blood loss, feeds on a fresh victim in order to quell the hunger, or after an extended amount of time when her body naturally tires.

⟡ Acidic Blood
Willow has blood that is considered caustic due to it's ability to eat through some metals and how it can cause severe chemical burns on human skin. Oddly enough this acidic blood has little impact on anything not made of metal or considered human skin.

⟡ From the Shadows
The shadows around Willow are her ally. As long as there is a shadow she is able to both draw her machete, Volgaen, and summon shards of hardened matter known as Black Crystals. These shards appear like black icicles, exploding from the darkness as if the shadows themselves are stretching out into the physical world.

⟡ Accelerated Regeneration
Willow's body is able to focus it's attention on the injuries that she sustains, allowing her to heal wounds at a faster than normal rate. Cuts will take several hours to heal while broken bones can take a few days. During this time she has to feed more than usual in order to keep up with the energy needed in order to heal these wounds.

Volgaen the Flesh Tearer
This demonic machete can be summoned from the shadows by the one that it views as it's master. By drawing this weapon Willow can focus her inner energy into the blade, allowing her strength and movements to be increased to a level that is considered beyond normal. This weapon has an additional benefit that when it is coated by Willow's own blood, it will take on the same acidic properties meaning that each cut will burn into it's victim's skin.
This weapon is also the reason why Willow has control over the shadows, meaning that if it was to stop viewing her as it's master she would not be able to summon it, nor the Black Crystals.

Black Crystals
These Black Crystals are built of solid matter considering they erupt from the darkness of any shadows around Willow's body. They tend to have a length of just over a meter and usually form in a tightly joined cluster. While these Crystals are considered sharp and have an edge that can pierce through thin sheets of metal, they are also fragile and will shatter with any forceful impact. Willow is unable to successfully materialise these black gems on a regular basis and has only ever seen them appear during times of extreme stress.

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