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Characters & Levels

Every character has three attributes that determine their general combat efficiency:

POWER [POW]: Determines physical attack damage and resistance.

AGILITY [AGL]: Determines speed and evasion/dodge.

SPECIAL [SPC]: Determines the efficiency of special techniques and magic.

These attributes just for comparison since there's no dice roll system in effect. That said, they should be taken into consideration when any situation that demands it comes up.

All of the begin at 01 Rank. Characters can spend Development Points [DP] to increasing the Rank of an attribute, at a cost of 01 DP per Rank.

At Level 01 no Rank can be higher than 05, but this restriction doesn't apply to later levels.

Development Points [DP]: DP can also be spent to acquire Features, at a cost of 2 points per Feature. At the same cost, a character can also improve an existing Feature, giving it new functions, or increasing its power in any fitting way.

Features: Features, or Feats, are the core of most characters. They can represent anything from a special technique or magic spell to a special power or signature weapon your character may have. Given their flexibility and power, features need GM approval before being acquired or upgraded.

At Level 01, a character has 05 DP to spend however they wish. These initial DP must be spent during character creation, any other DP acquired as result from leveling up doesn't need to be spent on spot. It can be saved for as long as one wants.

The amount of DP gained at each level goes as follows:

Lvl DP Gained
01 05
02 02
03 03
04 02
05 03
06 02
07 03
08 02
09 03
10 02
11 03
12 02
13 03

It's said that there are other ways of acquiring Development Points, but the truth about these rumors is unknown. If such a thing existed it certainly would be a very sought item.

Those should be all rules for character creation and progression. Feel free to ask any other questions if need be.
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Windelverse Notes - The Siblings:

The Siblings are the progenitors of everything.

Created as 3 children from the Absolute and crafting life into the cosmos.
Yet when their Almighty Father left them, they tore themselves apart through in-fighting and civil war.

Case in point, the three Siblings live on in the present day through three individuals: Kiara, Giltwith, and Lucas.
Making Juno, Roma, and Lux very special Vassals.

The reason they turned on each other was because they had very different ideas on how to bring back their Almighty Father back.

The Elder Brother thought that chaos and destruction would attract their Father's attention.

The Younger Brother believed it was through forcefully enacting peace to gain their Father's approval.

The Sister believed it was through unity that they would bring their Father back.

As you can see, this clash of ideologies has set them against each other. And for eons the three have been reincarnated as Paradoxums. Always fighting.

The most recent being Kiara, Giltwith, and Lucas.

However. The three reincarnations before Kiara, Giltwith, and Lucas were of the Victorian era. Or something.

They each had a maid.

The Elder Brother's maid would reincarnate as Juno.

The Younger Brother's maid would reincarnate as Lux.

And the Sister's maid would become Roma.

Although Juno herself obviously didn't serve the last Elder Brother, her personality was present in his maid.

The same for Roma and Lux.

As the Original Siblings fought, the Sister attempted to stop her Brothers. What resulted were the two killing her and shattering her. Literally.

Hence Kiara.

And for each cycle, history would repeat.

Their conflict has spanned all of time and space, indirectly causing everything.

Especially the Jester.

The Elder Brother, believing in Chaos, was unhinged and axe crazy.

The Younger Brother was no better, believing a dystopian utopia to keep people in check was ideal.

The Sister, much like Kiara, just wanted people to get along.

However, it was the Jester who began to break the cycle of the Sibling's Feud.


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