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19 Sep 2016 5:50
Current You know you'r past your expiration date when you can say "I hate my life" whilst laughing
15 Jul 2016 10:04
Sweet thingz. I got Hearths tone for my PC once more, because I felt like I was good enough on mobile. Then I realised that I am cursed to be unlucky. 12 Tavern Brawl losses in a row. Feeling: Cursed
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28 Jun 2016 9:34
I'll be gone to a music festival this week, so nothing is gonna be up from me. And probably nothing in the week after.
15 Apr 2016 17:48
Stressed out, annoyed and tired. Perks and quirks of college. So with all the majesty of a drunken slug, I am off to have a sleep.
15 Mar 2016 23:55
"Maybe we should turn down the music?" Now I know how a Police Station looks from inside. #BestNightEver
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My name is Kornél and I am from Hungary.

If I am not in deep shit from IRL I spend my time on the guild. I got a serious addiction, and I log in every 30-60 minutes if possible. I am open minded, and make at least one or two RPs a month.

I find a soltitude in writing a new world, and nothing is more fun to me than lore and information about new and exciting things. I have a natural talent to writing, and have a vivid imagination, but because of these two facts, I can hardly express my thoughts in a rush. Hehe :D

I am also a fan of artworks and music. I spend my time (if not here) drawing and editing music/videos. So if you like electronic music like electro, glith hop, house or future bass, write to me ;)

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The clusterfuck is real over here. Just laughing at reading all the posts.
In From Sleep Awake 17 Jan 2017 7:46 Forum: Nation Roleplay
@Willy Vereb Sazagonys are Magyars much haha
In From Sleep Awake 17 Jan 2017 7:44 Forum: Nation Roleplay
@DeadBeatWalking Shiiiiiii.... I'll try my best, though I hope I have at least some degree of originality down on the board to at least warrant me confidence that I can finish it.

My hand still hurts XD
In From Sleep Awake 15 Jan 2017 19:09 Forum: Nation Roleplay
Back, I am! Work now, I will!
Hendrick Joseph


Hendrick dusted off the silver coin, and it quickly disappeared in one of his pockets. His previous grin now widened into a face wide smile, and he shook the hand of the large man with ease, holding his staff with his left hand. "Hendrick, the name is. Impressed me, you have." he dusted off his trousers where it was dusty and put his staff on his back, his back now straightened. "Know about sunstones, do you? To buy them, I have come." Hendrick pointed towards a smaller stool only a few meters away with many strange items on sale. "A man who can see is what I need. Accompany me, would you?" Hendrick turned away from the guard and started heading towards the stool. He quickly glanced back, not to check if the guard was coming, but more to emphasize his claim. "Come, come, chat we must."

Though the stool was just a mere 20 meters away, it was still the walk to get there amidst all the people. Especially that it seemed everybody else was going the other way compared to Hendrick. When he finally arrived to the stool, he stopped and quickly looked around, checking his bags to see if he lost anything valuable. His fears were quickly dissipated and he noted that this place was not where one would be robbed. or maybe it was the looming guard that protected his belongings. Nevertheless he looked at the items on sale, and examined the merchant as well. The man didn't seem to bother themselves about him, and he felt that the man's aura was filled with disbelief and superiority. Obviously the merchant was dazzled by a blind man looking at his wares, and he didn't expect less either. Only when he reached for a herb to examine it the man finally turned to him and adressed his presence. "Oi. How can I help you? Not good with seeing are you mate?" Laughter followed and the man gave a high five to a merchant in the next stool. Hendrick smiled and looked up to the man. "Here to see, I am not." Hendrick pointed behind him, where he felt the looming presence of Reinhardt. "He is."

hendrick turned to the guard and held up his index finger. With his other hand he searched one of his pockets and pulled out a small yellow and orange stone. It glowed with a dim light, and lights danced in it with a cheery rythim. "Help me, would you? A stone like this, I need. 2 to be exact." He held out the stone in his hand, letting the man take it if he decides to help. To sweeten the deal, hendrick added. "If you help, talk to you I will. Now, help me, could you?"
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