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19 Sep 2016 5:50
Current You know you'r past your expiration date when you can say "I hate my life" whilst laughing
15 Jul 2016 10:04
Sweet thingz. I got Hearths tone for my PC once more, because I felt like I was good enough on mobile. Then I realised that I am cursed to be unlucky. 12 Tavern Brawl losses in a row. Feeling: Cursed
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28 Jun 2016 9:34
I'll be gone to a music festival this week, so nothing is gonna be up from me. And probably nothing in the week after.
15 Apr 2016 17:48
Stressed out, annoyed and tired. Perks and quirks of college. So with all the majesty of a drunken slug, I am off to have a sleep.
15 Mar 2016 23:55
"Maybe we should turn down the music?" Now I know how a Police Station looks from inside. #BestNightEver
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My name is Kornél and I am from Hungary.

If I am not in deep shit from IRL I spend my time on the guild. I got a serious addiction, and I log in every 30-60 minutes if possible. I am open minded, and make at least one or two RPs a month.

I find a soltitude in writing a new world, and nothing is more fun to me than lore and information about new and exciting things. I have a natural talent to writing, and have a vivid imagination, but because of these two facts, I can hardly express my thoughts in a rush. Hehe :D

I am also a fan of artworks and music. I spend my time (if not here) drawing and editing music/videos. So if you like electronic music like electro, glith hop, house or future bass, write to me ;)

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@liferusher I do wanna go there. Waiting for me peers tho haha
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A giant monster that ravages the farm lands. Tani is gathering a team to defeat it.

10/10 answer. So informative. Much wow
Huh. I wonder. What is this beast everyone is talking about :D

For real tho, do we have all the royal selection candidates, or no? Is it like in the actual series, or what? I am kinda confused about the current status of the Royal Selection.
Posted. Cause I am a lazy bitch.
Grian Rothfell_


Grian didn't like this fool one bit. He seemed like an arrogant idiot who thinks the world revolves around him. So naturally when he offered his hand, Grian made sure to put on the widest smile he could and gripped his hand as hard as he could without breaking the bones in the guy's hand. "Well met, Klaus. I take it you are in charge until commander Maria gets back." He released the hand and threw a ferocious glance at Klaus, the smile still on his face. He turned around to look at the surroundings. It wasn't like the barracks changed a bit since the last day. Grian didn't understand how he didn't see this guy the yesterday, but he didn't really care either. He was here for a purpose after all, and this pawn wasn't a part of it. All to complete the task of the employer. He turned his attention to Klaus once again and asked in a more sincere tone this time. "I heard about something of a merceneray trip yesterday. Killing mabeasts that surround the town or something. Didn't really hear the details." Grian scratched his neck, a body language that he picked up from the humans with his time with them. He found it silly, but it came without him being fully aware that he was doing it. "I was thinking that with all the mess and how I said I would help you all, that I could accompoany you on the trip. If thats still a thing, that is." Grian looked up at the sun, and waited for Klaus to take the bait. He really didn't want the man to see his eyes, in the case that this man was verseed enough to read anything out of it. Instead, he just admired the patterns in the clouds, and waited for the boy to take the bait. Or not take it, and simply invite him to the event.

Barkley, the Butler


"Oh, but that is natural Miss Emile. I wouldn't want to let down Mr Grian either." Barkley smiled at Emile and hoped that the girl would feel the same appreciation once they began cooking. But before that could take place, a very specific set of ritual events would have to take place. Barkley opened the door to the pantry, and disappeared in the large room.

The insides were filled with all kinds of materials and ingredients, everything a chef could ever need to cook something. Massive oak shelves were filled with all kinds of spices, their colors varying from red to green, from brown to purple. Massive loafs of meat hung from the cellar on hooks, and a large stack of different breads and flour were stacked in a corner. But teh highlight of the room was a massive book that was gracefully sitting on top of a desk, illuminated by candlelight. The signs of frequesnt use could be seen on it, with amny of the pages being slightly bent on the corners, and coloured by different liquids. There was no dust anywhere on it, so one could guess that this book didn't sit idly by for more than a day or two. Barkley slowly walked up to the book, and ran his hand on the fine leather that encased the pages. He opened the book, and began quickly browsing through the pages. He was looknig for a certain recipe, but he couldn't really be sure what it was jsut yet. He was afraid that he would fail to find something simple that even Emile can make, and something that was to the liking of Grian. Thought it seemed like Grian wanted to test Emile's loyality more than her cooking skills, he considered it a personal achievement to teach her something that makes Grian lick both of his paws.

After some desperate searching, he finally found what he was looking for. "Succulent braised venison" was a recipe that he cooked only once or twice before, but it seemed easy enough for Emile to make, and something that could be appropriate for a dinner. With a gleeful smile on his face, Barkley picked up a small piece of paper from a larger stack that was sitting next to the book. He wrote down all the ingredients, and then closed the book. He left the pantry, closing the door behind him, and waving the piece of paper to Emile. "Here it is Mm Emile. I wrote down everything that you need to get. If you wish to work here, I want you to get yourself acquainted with the pantry by yourself." Barkley extended his arm with the paper towards Emile, his face still, but his eyes smiling.

Hendrick Joseph


"Well, its really up to you big guy." Hendrick stood up from the table, and grabbed his staff. He looked around, looknig for any disturbances that he could see in the aura of the nearby people. "It doesn't strike me like there is any immediate danger here." He turned his head towards Reinhardt, and gently tapped the patches covering his eyes with a playful smile. "On the other hand there are many people who are suffering from slavery in this town every single moment. They truly are in danger, even as we speak." He shook his head, scanning over the crowd. People ran by, on an urgent businees, or loitered around stools waiting for somebody, or trying to steal a fruit or two in the right moment. Waste of time. He wanted to have some action, test his mettle against some gang bosses or whatever. Make friends in low places as well as places high. He could earn a favor or two by taking down this slaver he heard of from dock worker a few towns back in some coastal bay area. He finally turned back to Reinhardt, with a face of determination. "Do you want to waste time here, thinking whether it is worth helping or not, or come with me and actually put an end to the suffering of many people, even some who have not been imprisoned yet, but will soon be?"
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