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24 Apr 2017 1:06
Current *insert status*
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15 Mar 2017 17:17
I thought I give way more kudos to people than I get, BUT WOULD YA LOOK AT DAT.
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19 Sep 2016 5:50
You know you'r past your expiration date when you can say "I hate my life" whilst laughing
15 Jul 2016 10:04
Sweet thingz. I got Hearths tone for my PC once more, because I felt like I was good enough on mobile. Then I realised that I am cursed to be unlucky. 12 Tavern Brawl losses in a row. Feeling: Cursed
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28 Jun 2016 9:34
I'll be gone to a music festival this week, so nothing is gonna be up from me. And probably nothing in the week after.


My name is Kornél and I am from Hungary.

If I am not in deep shit from IRL I spend my time on the guild. I got a serious addiction, and I log in every 30-60 minutes if possible. I am open minded, and make at least one or two RP ideas in my head a month. If you want any advices, come to me and I'll hook you up in no time.

I find a soltitude in writing a new world, and nothing is more fun to me than lore and information about new and exciting things. I like to think that I have a natural talent for writing, however it's much easier to see that when I write in Hungarian, rather than in English.

I am also a fan of artworks and music. I spend my time (if not here) drawing things and editing music/videos. So if you like electronic music like electro, glith hop, house or future bass, write to me and we can have a good time ;)

Oh yeah, before I forget. I may act rude and harsh sometimes, but rest assured that's no personal offense to anyone, it means I just had a really shit day. If you feel like I am acting like an idiot, tell me to chill and take a break. Works 90% of all the time.

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I'm interested and will think up a char, but know that I live in the EU and thus, have 0 knowledge of Northern California or any other US regions.

Am I supposed to have any knowledge of that?
@Grim Fandango But here I am thinking you have *time powers*

I vote yesterday.
@Liotrent Your call :D
It's so good that we are talking about this now, but it's going to make it really hard to RP an honest expression for our characters when they first hear about the other's abilities.
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