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Apologies for the late post. I had a few things on my mind that stopped me from concentrating. (Admittedly, Persona 5 was one of them :/)

I'll try not to make that a habit.

Well, at least Etsu could say that she came prepared. The moment the young teacher asked about paperwork, she immediately opened up her bag and fished out the necessary papers that she needed to bring that day, all filled out and signed on the previous day.

"The paperwork wasn't much of a problem," Etsu stated as she handed over the paperwork, "I'm more concerned about the uniform, if I'm honest, more specifically if there's a size that'll even fit me. Do you have any extra large shirts? By any chance?"

Now that she thought about it, she probably should've jotted down her measurements on a separate sheet so that they didn't need to take them for her. Not that she minded having them taken per se, and it may have been better to get them professionally done; she just thought it'd help streamline the process was all. But she supposed she should let the staff cross that bridge when they came to it.

"Well, it was nice meeting you anyway, er... senpai, I'm guessing is the correct honorific here?" Etsu wondered aloud, "You look a little young for sensei to be right, I believe, and senpai matches your handsomeness well,"

The blush could still be seen on Etsu's face from a mile away, but at least now Etsu managed to reclaim her usual composure, reestablishing eye contact with the young teacher and even giving a light smile as well. Perhaps letting him know that he was indeed handsome did the trick...


Sure enough, Etsu was let inside by one of the teachers who, judging by the pen in his hand, was likely dealing with paperwork at the time. This one seemed significantly younger than what Etsu was expecting, and he certainly looked handsome. Perhaps a little too handsome. Etsu couldn't help but blush when she first saw him, but now that she thought about it, the young man was probably out of her league.

"Oh, good morning!" he said in greeting, his voice oddly bright and enthusiastic, "I haven't seen you around before."

"Well... you see, I uh..." the loss of words that Etsu had was about as clear as day. Part of that was that there was no denying the man's handsomeness regardless, and part of that was that she felt embarrassed having to transfer in the first place. Third year transfer students were a rarity after all, so the fear of being singled out was a big fear she had.

"Ah! Are you the transfer?" this seemed to snap Etsu back into reality.

"Oh! Yes, I'm the new, er... transfer... student," she shuddered at the sound of those two words coming out of her mouth together, "My name is Izumo Etsu, and I came down all the way from Fukushima to be here. It's nice to meet you."

Etsu smiled briefly to match the young teacher's smile, but this quickly faded as she got lost in his eyes, and she blushed more heavily than before. She broke eye contact with him without realizing that she'd done so, and sunk her head a little.

'Why do I have these feelings for him all of a sudden?' Etsu thought, 'There must be more deserving girls for him than me, surely,'


"Faculty office? It's on the second floor. Closest room to the stairs. Look for the sign. If you'd excuse me, I have something to deal with."

"Um... thank you, I guess," Etsu replied, watching the boy head around the corner before wondering something about him, 'Isn't he supposed to be in class or something?'

Shrugging it off, she followed the boy's instructions, heading up the stairs and examining the first room she found. Sure enough, the tip paid off and Etsu was right outside the faculty office that she was looking for this whole time. She looked at her watch one last time, before finally knocking on the door to see if anyone was there to let her inside.

"I hope I'm not too early for this," Etsu muttered to herself, "...or god forbid late."
A bit of a delay getting my post up, but at least I managed it.

Lemme know if it's OK or not.
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