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Current BLARGH!!!!!! Happy/Merry Early Xmas everyone :D
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Yay old skills awakening... I feel this power... I HAVE THE PO"ER
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Jamming to Song of Storms... and trying to find another RP to join in... for funnsies :D
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Trying to interact in an RP can be hard for me sometimes... I think it's the control freakness of me xD
16 Jan 2016 23:02
It takes time to get back into RPing... Bit by bit i'm starting to get my old flair back!


I'm so lost... It's been ages since I've been on a site like this... So I like to join any kind of RP. From Fantasy to Reality... I haven't fully gone through the site but once I do I will gladly post things i'm doing or want to even start on this Bio here. Heh Bio... poison... Anywho!!! Alexander Starsion at your service.

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In Spiritum 22 Apr 2017 0:50 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Trent went beat red in the face at Lee’s words countering his own careless statement. He hadn’t thought at all what Lee would think of that and closed his book with a silent clap. This was the same man now, then a boy, who Trent had pestered for days on end to get him to smile during and after class. He even sat between Daryll and Lee throwing puns at each other and wanting to throttle the both of them. He could sense the slight confusion at Trent’s words and worry was suddenly consuming him. Trent shuddered as he thought of the videos he was sure Lee was thinking of. They hadn’t been pretty and had been used by Galahad and his teachers when Trent had supped too deeply of the Mist’s allure.

He patted Lee on his shoulder as he passed. Partly to show his apology and partly to soothe his own guilt. He turned to focus on Zimmy explaining the bracelet and Colette refuting it and showing she was no sneeze with her Mist usage and it’s abilities. He still couldn’t hear her and the world still went quiet so he went back to his book in his hands and dove deep into his thoughts working mechanically as he helped break down the site they had used for their breakfast. Maybe Colette was like a crystal. From how she spoke, it would make the most sense, since Mages USED what was in the area and it sounded like she PRODUCED Mist.

“Collette...” he turned to ask her and she vanished. He blinked and would deny it later but the slight squeal of terror from the horn blasting had come from him. He figured he could wait to ask her what she meant and possibly interrogate her about what she meant exactly and WHY he couldn’t hear her. It was bothersome.

It didn’t cross his mind to go talk to Zimmy, they weren’t extremely close, sure they would help each other in a few classes they shared. Trent would be a sound board for some of her prank ideas against Lee when he was in the middle of a battle with him. Same way with Trent helping Lee but he was neutral ground and kept it that way though forced shows of power. He’d admit to himself he’d never lift a finger to hurt his friends, but if push came to shove he wouldn’t be used. His mind was going off on tangents and it was starting to frustrate him.

Pulling at the Mist, he set it to turn the fire to embers, the pan used for the eggs to cleanliness, the food to return to it’s storage, the coffee cups that had been dropped or emptied to fly towards the trash. He opened his book again and made it look like he was reading the words as he walked towards the Dastardly Deathtrap.

He half listened to Zimmy and Daryll and smiled to himself when he thought no one was watching, nodding along and wanting to put in his two-cents but keep his words to himself. He was getting to the part where the prince found out his butler was really the evil villain behind the story when he heard his name from Daryll and blinked a few times to get reality and fantasy to separate themselves. He cursed silently about forgetting his glasses at the school and not packing them. Reading glasses weren’t cool, according to his royal pain in the arse, Gideon Anbruch.

“I’m sure we can come up with something to terrorize a bunch of librarians to help you feel like you,” Trent grinned whilst looking back down at his book. When they went off about working their aerial shit as Zimmy put it, he snorted, he added. “I can give you the cover fire if needed. Give you a tempest to get you higher or add pockets of gravity to draw you down faster. I’m sure we can figure something out.” Trent sighed internally and de-summoned his book back into a Mist Pocket pulled his guns out and started to clean them as the group rumbled along.
In Spiritum 21 Apr 2017 12:30 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
I lied I'l have a post up by no later then 10pm (est) tonight.
In Spiritum 20 Apr 2017 17:56 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
I'm passing this time as well.
In Spiritum 29 Mar 2017 1:06 Forum: Advanced Roleplay

Ya know, I don't try to hide how I'm going to build characters, but to have the GM see it instantly with how I built the character means I'm getting my point across which makes me feel better about how my writings going. Thanks for the boost boss!!! ;)

@Mercenary Lord

Real Life trumps Online Life, that's how I see it. Trust me, we're all going to wait on one another at some point or another. I don't think it's anything to apologize for. :D
In Spiritum 26 Mar 2017 20:38 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
I was rereading some of the OP for the OOC, and realized we'd all kinda forgotten about religion and stuff. (Plus we're apparently guaranteed Eldritch Abominations at some point.) Perhaps we could seek out the Order of Dawn and use them as a neutral ground from which to navigate this crisis?

I still think it's the church behind the attack... so def against that... and i will make Trent hate the church for one reason or another just to avoid them xD
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