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Jaakuna sighed, then he laughed. “Well, my brother, I actually came here to see you.” Jaakuna said, “you see, I had this rather revolutionary idea that I wanted to help our wonderful world for the great war with Zodiark that is definitely on its way. All of the squabbling that we seem to be doing with Dalmasca and Rozarria is childish. So, when we — my friends and myself, that is — were in Stigma, I had the idea to come here with Reia(Lorenzo came along as a bodyguard) to potentially sign a treaty between our two countries.” Jaakuna would continue, “but apparently grandfather had other ideas.” Jaakuna grimaced, “I don’t know how, but through some stroke of bad luck, he somehow caught wind of what I was planning.

But how?

I just said I don’t know.” Jaakuna retorted back to Lannit, then turned his attention back to Roman. “But what I am sure of is that, while Hamut has Reia, he has control of Archadia. And what’s even worse, that means Roman is in danger. I just don't know what the next course of action is: do we join the others in the rescue mission or do we take Roman to safety?” Jaakuna mused aloud as he seemed perplexed on the situation.

Well, Roman isn’t deaf, or incapable of making a decision,” Lannit stated rather obviously, “so what say you former-Emperor! Do you want to fight - assuming you can - or do you want to flee? As they say: the choice is yours.

War? Murder? Come now, Reia, you honestly don’t take me for a monster, do you?” There was no feigning here. Hamut had a genuine expression of bewilderment on his aged face as he couldn’t help but laugh afterwards, realizing the situation that he was in. The situation that Reia had just put him in and it only hit him like a ton of bricks to the fact at the very moment he heard her speak. “The rumors about you just don’t do you justice, Reia. Your beauty is only matched by that tendency to speak your mind. Yet another trait that allures a lot to you. If not romantically, then simply presenting their mutual respect for you.

As Hamut would open his palm, sienna-colored magick flared into his hand, taking the form of an orb. It was a rotating orb of mist that looked like a meteor, emitting sounds that only the one holding it could know what it was. To Hamut, it was the sound of a comet coming from the skies and crashing into the ground. It was the sound upon impact that he heard — and it calmed all nerves that might’ve agitated. For him to hear it was like a soothing melody that quelled even the worst of pains, physical or otherwise.

And when Hamut looked at Reia, seeing the obvious intrigue on her face, he curved his lips into a smirk. “Exodus did me a huge favor. He saw that I possessed an innate ability to tell whether someone was being deceitful or not. As such I unlocked what was known as The Truth-Seeking Seal. Do you know what that means, Reia?” Hamut knew that she knew his question was rhetorical. “It means, anyone that I engage in any conversation with, I can tell if they’re lying. Let’s take you for example. I know that underneath this front you have put up is simply that. A front. You are frightened by what I could do. And frankly, that is justified.

Hamut judged her expression. He couldn’t get a read on it, despite what he just claimed. “Still not convinced? Fine, allow me to mention another.” Hamut kept his curved smile, “my grandson, Jackson. He spoke to me before arriving here. Did you know that? He was calling Roman, but couldn’t reach him because - well, I think you know why. He didn’t tell me why he had to speak to him, only that it was urgent. Truth is, I know why. This Seal allowed me to know. And do you know what it is I figured out? It was that he made some agreement with you about to sign a nonaggression treaty with our countries.” Hamut said, dropping the bombshell on Reia. “yes, I am well aware of that. And while I commend my grandson for having the gall to actually attempt something like that, I just could not let it happen, not when Archadia is in the perfect position carpe diem Ivalice.” Hamut crossed his legs, humming sinisterly.

So yes, to answer your question, I aim to incite war. But you asked me if I wanted to end the Roselia bloodline. Why stop there? Why should I limit myself to just one? Empress Reia, what I aim to achieve - what I am going to achieve - is to not only end your bloodline, but the Alexanders and any who will oppose my reign. And you walking into my hands has made a third of that easy for me. All I must do is —

Okay, so this was certainly a development. Or so Savayna thought so as she dug into the rabbit leg that had been cooked over the open fire. Delicious as always, it had been sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon and some other spices she wasn’t knowledgeable of. This region wasn’t exactly familar to her.

But that wasn’t the only thing that had happened. Apparently Emiri got a new friend too, and not a very nice friend. Someone worse than Jaakuna. Well, Savayna couldn’t really dismiss what Jaakuna had done for the girl. To her knowledge, Emiri was a runner. Obviously she was because she ran away from home, and now she’s with the new bad boy in town.

Fuck me,” Savayna muttered. That was really all she had to say about it. “What is it with that bitch running off with someone interesting? First it was Jaakie, now it’s whoever this fuckboy is. On top of it all, she has turned to the dark side? Just like Jaakuna did that one time.” Savayna took another bite of her rabbit, swallowing before continuing. “Quite frankly, I’m disappointed, ya male bunny. You and Aloa, despite what most might think, are actually quite strong. And Shion is too. Lord knows she gave us a few rounds for our gil. Yet, somehow, you couldn’t defeat the selfish, little brat who —” Savayna would have continued speaking, but she felt the nudgings from Mateus, begging her to shut up. Not only that, but she might’ve caught the look on Grant’s face. “Well, you know what I mean. She’s strong, but she’s still just a girl who I could wipe the floor with without the use of my magick.

Cocky aren’t you. Mateus sassed her. She scowled.

So, tell me, Vlyn, how was it that two of the most-skilled Viera and one of the strongest, bit-tittied bitches I have ever seen fight, couldn’t defeat our little Emiri and her new friend?

During Savayna’s rant, Vlyn would answer her question with the mention of dark magicks. Savayna raised her eyebrow in a suspicious way, huffing as if knowing that she shouldn’t have welcomed silence before speaking, because she looked at Grant. She could only guess what was going through his mind. She wanted to say something, but no words came out when she opened her mouth.

ALong the way, Dominic spent his time divided between pouting about how he has yet to prove himself worthy of Shion’s love, scowling at Shinto for what he said about not being worthy of Shion’s love, and Shion nonverbally telling him for certain that he wasn’t worthy of her. Or rather, because she found one that was, who apparently was the Golden Wolf of Archadia. Dominic couldn’t believe he lost out ot Francis. Of call people, he lost out to the one person he never thought would love again after what happened to his wife - and mother of Michel - passed away years ago. There was nothing Dominic could do aside from shoving the thought of them two out from his mind, and focus on the mission.

And with Shino with them, there was no way that they could lose.

As they would make their way through the dungeons, dodging and evading any signs of guards as they came. Some they surpirsed and fought, some they avoided fighting with altogether, but eventually, through several turns, a few flight of stairs going up and down, they were able to make it to the surface. Not only were they out of the dungeons, but the band of a prince, a famed assassin, and two criminals were in the Emperor’s Tower. Though, unlucky for them they were on the first floor.

So, now that we’re here, what’s the next course of action?” DOminic asked the group as lowly as he possibly could due to the simple fact that there were soldiers at all possible corners.

Isn’t it obvious? We get to the top floor where the Emperor’s Office is, and rescue the Empress Reia. Though,” Shinto bit his thumb thoughtfully, “we are wanted criminals, Dominic. Then, there's the matter of Lorenzo.” Shinto turned his gaze onto the prince, “apologies Lorenzo, but the rumors of your reputation don’t do any justice for the actual man.” Shinto coughed, going back to what he was saying. “If we are to have any chance of blending in and not alerting any soldier, a visit to the armory, or —” Just as Shinto was going to finish what he was going to say, he caught sight of four Archadian soldiers coming down the hallway. One was female with admirable bust, two were lean and of similar height, and one was a bit bulky. “How convenient.” Shinto curved a smirk, then looked to the others. “It seems as though the armory has come to us.” He chuckled, “Shion, when I give the signal, can you used a sleeping spell on them.

How will she know what the signal is?” Asked Dominic.

Shinto grinned, then he held one arm up, the other near his legs. Both were jerking to the opposite wall, then suddenly the four archadian soldiers were jerked that way as well effortlessly. And when they would pass the group, Shinto said, “Shion now!”

Just as Hamut had finished speaking, he heard a series of frantic knocks on the door to the Emperor’s Office, followed by “First Judge Magister Darcone! First Judge Magister Darcone!”

You may enter,” Hamut said.

The door would open and a man named Wyatt would enter. He was the apprentice of Hamut. A general of equal respect of Savayna. He had olive-colored skin and kinky dark hair. Eyes were of light jade. He bore a deep green and dark yellow armor. He took the knee, head bowed. “First Judge Magister, I come bearing horrible news!”

Yes, Wyatt, what is it?

“It seems as though Shinto Glacie, Master of Technicks, has been broken out of his high security cell.”

Is that all? Simply you do not think a lowly Glacie is worth interrupting my very important meeting with our esteemed guest, do you?” Hamut said, clearly irritated and a little insulted.

“N-no, but there is something else.” He hesitated.

Speak or forever remain silent.

“It’s about Emperor—I mean, Former Emperor Roman.”

Hamut arched his eyebrow curiously.

“It seems he too was broken out of his cell in the same wing.”

Upon hearing that, Hamut’s face twitched. His eyebrows scrunched, fists tightened, and he grimaced. It lasted for over two moments, then he regained control. “Very well. I thank you for telling me, Wyatt. Please leave us.

Wyatt left, and closed the door behind him. As he would, Hamut looked to Reia. She must’ve been enjoying this immensely.

When Nadeline said what Ultima told her, Sylvester would nod, and move towards the center pathway. The walls looked smooth, almost like granite or mable. The entire length of the passageway was overflowing with hues of blue: cyan, cornflower, sky, azure, sapphire, cerulean - all shades of the monotonous spectrum of blue flew around, dancing in sparks of mist. It was riveting. There was a certain order that one felt as they would walk through it.

It would last all the way until Sylvester and Nadeline got to a door with blue gemstones engraved into its steel foundation. When Sylvester pushed on it, the door lit up with the strongest light blue glow that one could ever dream of. It danced through the lines of the pattern of the door. Each time it passed a gemstone, the glow would coincide with that specific stone: default blue, azure, navy, midnight, icy blue, light blue, cornflower, sky, deep sky, and then back to azure. Once it came back to azure, the door would show signs of it fracturing, then it crystallized. Crumbling into thin air, sucked into a vacuum of time-space, and thus revealing the end of the pathway to them: a flight of stairs leading up.

I guess Ultima does know what she’s doing after all. Do tell her a lowly Hume give her his thanks.” Sylvester feigned appreciation, scoffing towards Ultima herself.

And then he stepped forward, gesturing Nadeline to follow him after she had time to talk to Ultima. The stairs would seem endless, but eventually they came to an end. When they reached the last step, and would get off the flight of stairs, they came to yet another fork in the road with the same choice of three options with the same colors, only the left was jade, the center was crimson, and the right was azure.

Again?!” Sylvester groaned, seemingly displeased with it. He turned to Nadeline, gripping her by the shoulders. “Hey, Ultima! I thought you said this was the way to go, huh? Don’t tell me this is your way of a practical joke!” As he spoke, Sylvester’s tone got loud and his expression seemed twisted, based in a deep-rooted anger.

He tried not to show it, but when Reia said that Jackson was the true heir, there was a grimace on the patriarch of the Darcone family. Though it was only for a brief moment, no doubt the ever-observant Reia Alexandria Roselia caught it. In fact, the thought of her questioning him about it brought an amused smile to the face of Bahamut. But to the matter of her question, he mused a thoughtful hmm.

True heir you say?” Hamut mused aloud, “well, pray tell, what constitutes a “rightful” heir? Your brother — Roland was it? — was the rightful heir before he was hung, wasn’t he? I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t he caught murdering your father. And it was Grant who caught him. Tragic. To think your older brother, through no fault of his own, had to lose his rightful place as Emperor of Rozarria because he simply was at the wrong place and wrong time.” Hamut had a grin on his face as he spoke. “The same with my grandson. He had been wrongly convicted for the heinous act of killing his own father, which in fact he didn’t. Not the same, but you can probably see where I’m going with this, can’t you Empress?

When they stopped and Grant caught the notice of a fire, Savayna did as well. As a dominant ice magick-user, there was an uncommon trait she shared; it was a sixth sense. To her, fire magick has this strong presence. It’s not that it weakens her or anything, but if it’s in a general distance of three miles, she can detect it.

And at the fire was Vlyn, the male Viera. Savayna still wasn’t used to that no matter how much time she spent around him. Given what had just transpired at Omisace, she was going to spend a lot of time at Stigma, so she would have to get used to it one way or the other.

As they would take a seat around the fire, Vlyn offering a meal to them, there was a thought that crossed her mind: how did he know where we were at the exact moment we chose to stop? It was peculiar, and it made her raise her eyebrow at the Viera. “So, this thing you need to tell us,” Savayna said, “you mind being a little more specific?

That hurt him like a sword to his back, it really did. It was like she didn’t think he was a man or anything. Well, not a real man. That wasn’t true. He was definitely a man. Come on, just look at his bulky muscles! Only a real man would have those kind of muscles. But nope, guess that didn’t matter. Her cold tone was evidence enough of how she truly felt about him. Still, Dominic would not lose faith in their future together. He had faith that he and his honey would be together at long last.

But until then, he watched as she and Lorrie would dominate. Only, he noticed something off. “Wait, there was…” DOminic was sure there was more than just twelve of those guards. Based on how he counted before, there was one missing.

And as Shion whistled, he saw one uncloaking themselves from a vanish spell. Shion didn’t see him. Lorenzo didn’t see him. He had a poisonous dart aimed - and shot - towards Shion. Dominic didn’t think. He just acted, and used his incredible speed, to burst forth. He placed a protect spell in front of Shion, and crimson sparks would surround his fist as he punched the last guard out with such force that it broke the metal door of Shinto’s cell.

Whew, that was a close one.” Dominic mused aloud.

Jesus, Dominic,” the Arc would hear a voice say, walking from the wreckage of the door, dust in his sandy blonde hair, and sunglasses, though they were vastly slimmer than Dominic’s aviator-styled ones. “You overdid it again.

Shin, my best friend!” Dominic brought Shinto into a big, bearhug. The blonde protesting but giving in due to Dominic’s overwhelming size.

Okay, that’s enough,” Shinto let out a huff as he saw who were responsible for his release. “]Shion how good to see you again. I have heard through the grapevine that you’re doing well for yourself. And if i’m not mistaken, during the attack on Archadia by Zodiark, you were caught dining with Francis von Sicarius.” Shinto recalled.

Wait what?!

What what?

That bastard Francis was with my honey!?

Shinto whacked Dominic across the head. “You delinquent, you and shion had one night together. One. I’ve told you plenty of times that it wasn’t serious, but nope, you don’t listen to me, do you? Maybe now you’ll realize this one is far above your league.” Shinto let out a heavy sigh, “my apologies Shion. I forget how hard-headed he can get. For any stupidity you have suffered through because of him, know that it will not happen again.” Shinto said as if swearing it to Shion. “Now then, mind telling me why you broke me out of prison? Not that I’m not grateful , but you have me at a loss here.

It’s quite simply really.


Lorrie here(Lorenzo Of Rozarria) wants us to help him rescue his sister who is currently the prisoner of Hamut —

“Lorenzo Roselia?” Shinto chuckled, “you’re Grant’s older brother. The same Grant that’s taking a fancy to my sister.” He said, chuckling again. “To think Savayna found herself a proper prince that loved her the same.” Shinto walked up to Lorenzo, smiling at him. “A brother of my sister’s love is a friend of mine. So, I’ll help in any way I can, but allow myself to formally introduce myself,” Shinto held his hand out to Lorenzo, “Shinto Glacie, older brother of Savayna Glacie.

When Nadeline spoke, suggesting that Sylvester go back to Rabanastre with her, back to Wesley, a thought came across his mind, momentarily halting any outward facial expression. It was as if his mind went blank. Then, like switch, he turned back on, smiling gracefully at the future queen. “I cannot. At least, not yet.” Sylvester informed Nadeline, holding his tone at a low, hushed, yet completely audible, level. “But, I will escort you out of these god-forsaken tunnels.” Sylvester took the lead.

Sylvester extended his hand outward. A brilliant white light shone in front of him, bright with hints of gold. Magick would take the form of an oval-shaped portal three paces wide and five tall. As he would put his hand into that portal, he gripped something, and pulled it out. From portal came an elegant sword with a pure gold hilt that curved into the blade in the form of a claw of some sort. The blade itself flashed white, particles of holy floating around it. An inscription of some sort could be seen on it.

Whipping it to his side, the portal ceased, and he looked at Nadeline with a guile smirk. As he did, he took Nadeline’s hand. The warmth of her skin brought confidence to him. The halls of wherever they were were dank and smelled like rotting flesh. They were poorly lit, but they felt familiar. Sylvester knew which way to go. He knew that taking a left where it would seem like a dead end would lead them to a secret staircase that went up. He knew not to take them because that would lead to a trap. If Nadeline questioned, he would explain to her to trust him. When they would head down a series of flights of stairs that went up, down, spiraled and contorted to mess with one’s equilibrium, they came to a door. It was locked. It wouldn’t budge no matter what either of them tried. Then Sylvester scoffed at the door, pressing his free palm against it. Pulses of red and white and gold and black went through the metal door, and completely dematerialized it.

When they came into what the door hid, it was three passageways, each having a different colored light: the left had a red, almost crimson light at the end of its route, the center was azure, and the right had jade. “It seems we are at a crossroads of sorts,” Sylvester ironically remarked. “All three look cheery, don’t they? But I fear that we can’t leave it up to chance. So,” Sylvester placed a hand on Nadeine’s shoulder.“Ultima, why don’t you make yourself useful and decide which is the safest route. I mean, that is what you Scions like to do, right? You like to make decisions for us mortals.” Though not blatant, a hint of loathing for the espers was present in Sylvester’s tone.

For the love of the Scions, why was he so fucking positive? Did he not realize what kind of situation he was in? Or rather, did he not realize where he was? He acted as though he was in his office, sipping his evening tea and enjoying the sunset view from his office. There is no black tea with saffron, cinnamon, and a dash of some fancy rose. There was no sunset view. He was in a prison cell, yet he acted like he had nothing to worry about.

Jaakuna shook his head, finding his brother’s optimism sickening. “Well, I’m here to break your happy ass out. Unless, of course, you would prefer to stay here?” Jaakuna was more asking for his own sarcastic self. He wasn’t going to leave it to ROman, because in a matter of moments, his two short swords would slice cleanly through the bars in a diagonal motion. “Now, let’s go. General night is going to be back, and I’d rather not be here when he does. Unless you want to face his wrath.

I personally do not.” Lannit chimed in, feeling left out.

See, you’re outnumbered, so let’s go.” Jaakuna tugged his brother by the arm, and hurled him over his shoulder.

A haste spell was cast from Lannit, and they sped away from the dungeon, away from where General Night’s men would be present, and to a safe location about one-hundred paces away. Still not close to where Dominic had been, but it was far enough.

I think we’re far enough,” Jaakuna said, setting Roman down on his ass as gently as he could. Getting a haste spell done on him throughout the day really took its toll on JAakuna. He needed to catch a breather.

Dragon Slayers do not exist here since they are ridiculously OP and piece of trash backstory.

Guess we won't be seeing the Magic Power Rangers in this rp.
He had her in exactly the position he wanted her. She had nowhere to go, but he still needed her. The information she had was vital for his plans. Specifically, he wanted to know her reasons for being in Archadia in the first place. He had his theories, but best to get the details from the person herself than just off of half-informed theories.

Tell me, Empress Reia, what was it that you wanted to speak to my grandson about? I know he is an important man, to come here with your foolish, little brother, and Roman’s own fool brother was risky.” Hamut was playing the field right now.

Jaakuna didn’t mind leading, but he did prefer to do it on his own terms, or at the very least, be it his own decision. He was able to get them past the gullible guards just by stating his name, telling them that the others were prisoners of war, and that they were going to be moved to the high security wing as opposed to the default wing. It amazed him how naive they were, but it was just as well.

A few more rounds of inexperienced guards would get them into the deepest reaches of the dungeons. It seemed as though wherever they kept Shinto, it was in the most secure region of this high security wing. Throughout the time that the group of five spent traversing through each turn and hallway of the wing, Jaakuna kept questioning Dominic about what exactly Shinto had done. Dominic claimed it was on a need to know basis, and when they found him, they would know. Of course this frustrated him, but he didn’t press on about it. Knowing how Dom got, he wouldn't let up.

And in just three yards, they would take one final turn. When Jaakuna would turn, he immediately jerked his body back. “Shit.” Jaakuna’s heart skipped a beat. not realizing what was waiting for them on the other side.


Isaiah is here.

You’re shtting me.

Go look for yourself.

And so Lannit did, then Dom, and then the other two did as well. “What is he doing here?” Lannit asked.

Hell if I know. But if he’s here, then we’ve got trouble.” Jaakuna cursed under his breath. “Wait..” Jaakuna heard Isaiah say something, but he couldn’t hear. “Belias, can you help me out here?”

Belias scoffed. Jaakuna heard it. A moment would pass as not only Jaakuna, but everyone else would have their sense of hearing enhanced so that they heard what Isaiah was saying to a few guards and a general.

“First Judge Hamut wants what?!” A guard asked.

He wants to move him into this wing.

“But this is —”

Yes, I know who he is. And I understand the position I’m putting you in General Night, but my grandfather — and Interim Emperor of our country demands it.

“I just don’t like it. This isn’t right. Archadia has been ran by the Darcone for years, I get that. Under Vincent’s role, it was shoddy at times, but he was fair to his citizens. Roman proved himself as a suitable replacement as he ruled Bhujerba as the Marquis. But this?” General Night sighed heavily. “I fear the worst.”

General, just do this for me. I persuaded my grandfather to place him here as opposed to the alternate, grim location that Hamut was going to inprison him in.

“Very well, Isaiah. I will keep him here.”

Isaiah said nothing. Jaakuna heard footsteps come their way. He cursed silently, then , “vanishja” Dominic would cast, surrounding them in a veil of mist, hindering them from Isaiah’s sight. It would be evident as the Judge Magister would walk past them, stopping briefly. Jaakuna caught the hint of a smile, looking directly at Jaakuna. He knew they were there. Shit. But he didn’t comment about it. He nodded, mouthing something. Jaakuna knew what he said. “You have under a minute. Night will be rotating his patrol. It’s now or never, Jackson.

And as Isaiah would walk away, the vanishja spell would wither away as soon as he was out of sight. Jaakuna did not know what just happened, but one thing was for sure. They now had two prisoners to free: Shinto and whoever this new one was. “All right, so whatever just happened, Isaiah wants us to free that new prisoner. So, here’s what I propose: Dom, you go with Shion and Lorenzo to get Shinto, and Lannit and myself will get this new guy. Deal?

Sounds like a plan, J-Dawg!” Dominic grinned, “come my honey and Lorrie, my best mate awaits~” Dominic, regardless if they were willing or not, pulled both of them by the hands, crimson lightning surrounding them, and they were gone in a second, leaving Jaakuna and Lannit as it always was.

As the two blonde men peered their two heads out from the walls, what Isaiah was true. General Night was doing his rotations, though he left three of the Night Guard, who bore similar armor to their general, but it was significantly lighter and less heavy-made. They all had the same kind of sword, but again not as heavy in appearance. Odds are the swords had been molded in Night Steel, a special steel that could be found in Archadia’s Nocturne Mines.

]So, there are just three. We can take them out, but we have to be quick about it.

You thinking what I’m thinking?


Both of them nodded, grinning like total idiots, and then they came out from behind the wall, and turned the left corner. “HELP! MY FRIEND! HE’S HURT!

The three guards turned, looked at Lannit as he held Jaakuna, the latter holding his midsection, feigning pain. “What seems to be the problem? One asked as the others approached cautiously.

He’s in pain.

“Um, well what’s the matter with him.”


I hate gullible idiots such as yourself.” Jaakuna surprised them with a wave of fire magic that hit all three of them, and sent the trio of Night Guards to the ceiling. They hit their heads hard, and would fall on top of each other, all of them falling into unconsciousness. “Works every time.” Jaakuna snickered.

Reminds me of the golden days when we used to pull that shit to get into your grandfather’s secret storage.

Yeah, those were the days.” Walking past Lannit and towards the cell, Jaakuna would finally see who it was that Isaiah wanted to get free. To his absolute astonishment, Jaakuna couldn’t believe it. “Of all people..


Fucking hells.” Jaakuna shook his head once, more as he came to the sight of the man in the dim light.

Lannit joined Jaakuna as he saw. “Wait, isn’t that —

Roman man, what are you doing here?

Hey, maybe we should stop.” Savayna said to Grant as they seemed to have just passed the Mosphoran Highwaste, and were a few hundred paces away from the entrance to Rozarrian territory.

They had been driving for what seemed like hours. Savayna had stayed quiet for the majority of the trip. With all that happened from the Brotherhood, then her father, then her nearly dying, and then leviathan being slain , which still made her feel uneasy about, but c’est la vie. She couldn’t do anything to quell that. Only thing Savayna could do was try to focus on the positives that came out of everything. She was now betrothed to Grant. She had his mother’s ring on her right ring finger, and it was looking up. Despite the bad happening in Ivalice, at least her own life was looking up.

We’ve been on the road non-stop. I need to stretch my legs.

When it was all said and done, the trio of Dominic, his honey, and Princess Lorrie had made it to the msot secure section of the wing where about several dozen guards were outside one cell, all with top of the line weaponry. Some of them had armor that rivaled the late Judge Magister, Robumaal Volentas. Dominic would curse himself as he thought of that big bastard and how powerful he was. Why did they have to have powerful armor and weapons like that? And why were they equipped with top of the line weaponry?

Dominic came to the conclusion that this was going to take a lot longer than he had originally thought. And he wasn’t entirely confident that he could take all of them out without at least one getting a good shot on him. There was no choice. “Okay, my sweet, sweet rose and Lorrie, I’ll leave this into your capable hands. Take care of those guys and whistle me over when it’s done.” Dominic rest his hands on Shion and Lorenzo’s shoulders, trying not to let his hand slip lower on Shion(the urge was strong, though). “I believe in you two!

Goodbye Madness, Hello Life
As he continued to screech, his eyes widened, his iris rotating, and he was looking off into nowhere it seemed. His hands gripping his head so tight that hairs of silver. His mind was racing, something pushing him towards a grim act. His voice was deafening, neck movements erratic. The voice in his head that was coercing him was beginning to be too much. It was as if he had cement blocks tied to his ankles and was being pushed down into the ocean. Despite his desperate struggle to remain above sea level, they were pulling him deeper and deeper and deeper..

Until he heard his salvation all out ot him. A white light to the black void that was consuming him. It was the sound of silence, rendering the visions that remained from that terrible time - the oh, so terrible time - from when he committed the worst of sins. It was the veil that hindered him from The Voice. It was a glimpse of order amid his inward chaos. It was harmonious notes amid the cacophonous symphony. They were words that created a path from the light.

And as his eyes would open, Sylvester Alexander did not see black forms, he didn’t hear whispers of madness. He heard nothing but the sweet serenity of natural hymns from where they were. He felt like as if it were before when he was alive. He felt strength where decaying strength had been. He tasted the aftermath of death, and most of all, he smelt the relief in the air as he was no longer a husk. Sylvester Alexander was back. And had found his first order of business.

Arm extended out, he charged white magicks so fast, so powerful, at Sanguine. Before the red-haired warrior could react, he had been impaled by a spear of holy light. It didn’t end there, however, for the light would turn blood red. Not only that, but Sanguine’s form started to become transparent, showing the dark olive walls. As he ceased, the light came back to Sylvester’s palm, then his body flashed deep red, and his eyes became a mixture of crimson red and gold, becoming iridescent in nature. His body also became glistening with mist, an aura of pure red mist surrounding him. It would cease when he snapped his fingers. When he did that, the aura would be replaced by a pair of deep brown pants that has the symbol of the Alexander House, and a red and gold tunic with the same design on the front and the back. He also had a large greatsword that looked just like the Sword of Kings, but where the original Sword of Kings had a gap throughout the entire blade, this one didn’t. It had the bearings of purified nethicite, iridescent like Sylvester’s eyes.

Sylvester would look at Nadeline, a smile forming on his face. “Nadeline Lenore Roselia, I do apologize for that. But you do not know how bothersome it is to have a voice inside your head always chide and scold you, or maybe you do,” Sylvester chuckled, “Ultima does that to you all of the time, doesn’t she?” Sylvester inquired with a rhetorical undertone. He looked around, not sure what to make of this. He shrugged. “So, I suppose I owe you an explanation. I mean, from what I have been told, you sought me out. Truth be told, I fear I may disappoint you, Nadeline of Rozarria. These...barbarians dug me from my resting place at Raithwall, and did something to me.” Sylvester looked at his hands. “They have done things to me that I couldn’t tell you, not because they are unbelievable, but because they’re unforgivable.” Sylvester grimaced, eyes now turning dark grey, swirls of green and red. “I do not know how I can possibly say this, my queen,” Sylvester took the knee, “but from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. In Nabudis, I was...forced into doing acts. Nothing I say can ever make up for the travesties I have done. I can only admit that I was wrong and ask for pardon from her majesty.” Sylvester would lower his head, feeling as though he could not look at her directly.
Based on how much detail you put into Alexander and how long you've been talking about it, I am seeing that. now, with that being said, I think it's a wonderful coincidence. :D
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