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20 Feb 2017 3:57
Current You mean gayer.
19 Feb 2017 23:57
Make sure you use protection!
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19 Feb 2017 23:54
I would let you see this "ass", but you are already spoken for, and I refuse to be a mistress.
19 Feb 2017 23:51
I might not smoke, but if you think my white ass has been to Cuba, I would wager that you've been smoking "something".
19 Feb 2017 23:48
I don't smoke.


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Sweet! I'll have a character up in the next couple of days. Can't wait to get started on her!
Yeah, sorry about that man. It's been difficult prioritizing shit lately. :/ I'm still in it, yeah. Just gotta rearrange shit around so I can focus on getting my character for this one done.
@Altered Tundra
@Crimson Raven

I suppose the real question is this:

Do we just let it die now?

Pertinent followup questions:
Are our other GMs still willing to carry on with it?

If not, do any of our other players want to GM in their stead?

Push come to shove, I'll volunteer for a GM spot. Doesn't bother me any =o

From where I stand/sit, we have a majority of the cast of writers who are still wanting to go on with it. So, letting it die isn't an option - at least, not in my honest opinion.

As far as starting over/letting some others take a GM spot and continuing, well, as a few have noted above, they are more than willing to step up. And while I'm not exactly sure about throwing my name into the GM Volunteer hat, I am definitely up for continuing. I have been enjoying myself too much, and I've just cracked the surface of Asahi. There are so many layers to peel off when it comes to Sunspot.

So, whether we continue as if nothing has happened or we start off fresh with a new thread/IC, all I know is that I want to continue this regardless of what form that takes.
Discord Servers can only be deleted by whomever created the server or has "owner" rights. So, I don't know what happened, but yeah there it is.
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