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6 Feb 2017 4:17
Current What is on my mind is a wonderful Discord site for everyone Please feel free to join
8 Nov 2016 15:14
"...But if the republic can’t survive a bad executive, then it’s already dead." - David Harsanyi.
26 Oct 2016 10:08
If you aren't having a good day, I swear to GAWD I will smack you in the mouth
29 Sep 2016 7:28
Rule # 67 on how to start a fight: Pistol whip the next person who says Shenanigans
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17 Sep 2016 13:30
Everyone to the Pit we gonna go wall to wall fools!


I'm an optimist who enjoys getting to know people. If you want to know more feel free to ask

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In Marvel: Exiles 2 Apr 2017 3:31 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I do apologise for the delay. I will not be continuing with this rp. Hope you all have fun
In Marvel: Exiles 27 Mar 2017 22:18 Forum: Casual Roleplay

@mattmanganon Let me know how I can best adjust my character to the RP. This was a character I made for another RP that never got started.
Awesome bud, will do
I am very interested, If you don't mind bud I have an OC character. I will send you the char via DM and see what you think. Otherwise I will look for a marvel char to play.@mattmanganon
I'm going to pick up Ezekiel's character for the time being. Either way I think it is not meant to rush. Everyone has life going on and their minds are torn between several spots currently.
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