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19 Feb 2017 23:32
Current >again
19 Feb 2017 20:12
dead man looks pretty fucking dope
14 Feb 2017 4:12
I was about to greet my date for valentine's but remembered hands can't talk.
12 Feb 2017 15:11
Milk drinkers master race *flexes*
10 Feb 2017 1:57
I'm having too much fun with this shit
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Look at me and marvel at... I'll think of it, give me a moment.

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1) Can my hardskin and gauss rifle be of UED model so it would be more or less of Warpig or higher quality?

2) Can my sidearms be SC1 style deagle/python thingies?
@Mag Lev
You are the first person I have seen in my life on who a neckbeard works, and it works pretty fucking well dude
Former UED or Confederate guy alright? Ghost if the latter, UED Hardskin if the former probably.
Not saying that you are, but some people are horribly insecure about their appearance.

I hate to be the cheese merchant and derailer but confidence in oneself is pretty key in beauty because body language and shit. It's why smiling in a picture makes you a instantly look so nice. It's also (at least I think) why people often think that those in the past were not as attractive as people are now; they didn't smile ever if at all in pictures.
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