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19 Jan 2017 21:10
Current Replies are on their way
19 Jan 2017 2:40
*stresses over every detail when sending a reply to only find errors once I post it*
18 Jan 2017 21:20
Jae made me soup! I should get sick more often hah
18 Jan 2017 20:05
Feeling better now! Jae bought me some medicine (the sweet dear) and now I don't feel so crappy anymore! :D
18 Jan 2017 10:41
Feeling sick again. Dang it. I hate it when my body tries to kill me.
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Updated? :)
Okay, I'll be sure to be careful
Thank you<3

Jae said that his coworker had brought it with her to work to ask if anyone could take it. She's moving to a new apartment, and the building doesn't allow animals.
I'm hoping Jae can get a hold of her again so that he can ask her some questions about the bird.
I might as well let Jae keep the little thing. It seems to be friendly enough and it really does love to putter around and explore the house haha
@Lady Selune

It is cute, but Jae and I aren't sure how to keep a bird hah we've never had one before
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