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Nation Overview & Government
In the Amorian Desert, a powerful force has come to dominate the many city states in the region- that of the Ranuun people. The Ranuun people are a people of great confidence as they have come to believe themselves the agents of a all-powerful being they have direct contact with.

((Otherwise TBA))

Give us a concise summary of your nation: what is is known for? What is it all about? This should set the tone for other sections and how others will perceive your state. Also, include your form of government and its structure. Most will be kingdoms, but duchies, principalities, even small republics are fair game. Also name important characters and the current head of state.


The Khanate has multiple ethnicities within their dominion due to the overall society having deeply entrenched systems of forced breeding among multiple groups of people that over the millennia have created a caste system that has perpetuated itself from a total hostility to any racial mixing. It is one of the most strictly enforced caste systems in the known world, where any form of social mobility is absent and any attempt to disrupt the harmony is bet with in extremely, extremely brutal fashions. For instance, any refusal to do what your caste demands of you will lead to your family having to murder you or risk fratricide on part of the regional chief. Interbreeding in particular has deep, deep contempt among Ranuunian civilization. For it is tradition that Children born from mixed marriages must be cooked to dearg and their remains fed to those who made the kid to begin (both the mother and father) with to forever taint them. For they aren't even considered people of any sort- failing to fall into any of the castes.

There are five recognized castes.

The Ranuun, or the angels of god. The Ranuun are a rough skinned, golden eyed group and dark haired ethnicity of people who have a long running tradition of horse mounted warfare that has managed to prove shockingly adaptable to modern advancements with weapons, switching between bows and rifles as they will.

((More to come))

((I showed my claim in Discord- They dominate the only desert area on the map in the South, eastward of the Roturra Wetlands))



The majority of industry in the Khanate is within the coastal towns and cities which are controlled by the Ranuun Caste whose horsemen protect the trade routes and generally act as a stabilizing actor for perchant trade within the Ranuun dominion. Which ensures easy land trade throughout the deserts and ensures a constant revenue of tribute for the Ranuun people. The system so far has been stable only so much that the Ranuun are very hard to remove from power due to other castes being deprived of any knowledge of military tactics and any attempts to revolt leading to the complete wipe out of a dissenting city.

((More to come))



Probably wants to also conquer and dominate all neighboring players. They don't like that there are other societies not paying tribute. Mercantile, more cordial relationships with the distant countries are likely.

I will be a caste based society in the desert, okay?
It's good, feel free to proceed with the IC intro PM.
Repost in the OOC in the nation RP thread I set up.

It's good.

Just remember to PM me your IC-intro post for full acceptance.
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