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30 Oct 2015 3:00
Alright status update: I have started a new job and am currently in the process of getting used to said job. To all the games I'm currently in I will starting work on responses this weekend
20 Jul 2015 22:53
Due to a misplacement of my laptop I will unlikely be able to post until Friday or there abouts. My apologies for those waiting on me.


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This is the first draft I have ready to change if needed
Ok cool I'll get something working
Is this still looking for genin? I've been lurking a bit and got interested lol
You know me @Prisk I'm always down for one of your games count me in to any remake or restart!!
Name: Gregor Dubrinsky

Official Title: The Slender Man, Demon of Sochi

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Position: Unlinked

Specialty: Hunter/Silencer

Alchemic Style: Motem/Sigillum

Asylum Code: XIII

Weapons: Gregor was given an unique weapons system in his youth, bio-mechanical tendrils surgically implanted onto his spine. At first glance they are not visible until summoned by Gregor but once called on they are able to take whatever shape Gregor requires of them anything from long slender blades to powerfully thick octopi-like tentacles. He has upgraded this system where they now produce a mixture of Anti-Alchemical Posion and what has adequately been described as "Fear Toxin" which attacks the center of the brain that controls fear.

Alchemy Specialization: At his most basic Gregor is a Porter, able to teleport over considerable distances. However, unlike the more trained division in A.M.R.O., he is only able to move himself and only to locations marked by his Sigillum. Gregor has learned how to take advantage of this by placing a sigil directly onto his target which allows him to stay within eyesight of his targets. In combat Gregor uses this ability to hound and harass his target wearing them down both physically and mentally.

Alchemic Overdrive: (Look at dictionary to understand the

concept of Alchemic drive) An Alchemic Overdrive is a state achieved

when Asylums merge their Alchemic drives to reach a state of

resonance which boost the capabilities of their alchemy as well as

materializes in the form of a weapon that represents their

collective personalities. You have to think of the weapon that will

come forth from your overdrive as well as its alchemic properties

(these are usually derived from the alchemic specialization or the

alchemy that best represents the current state you are in at the

time of resonance). It is not neccessary for you to mention the

details of your alchemic overdrive, you can show it IC.

Appearance: Gregor was diagnosed with giantisim and at his current height he stands at an impressive 8'6'' he stands perfectly straight allowing his mammoth size impose on those around him. His face is marred by numerous injuries from both self-inflicted and not Gregor wears a mask that covers his whole head, this mask is completely void of any anatomical sign as to add to the already growing legend that he his building.

Gargantuan size aside Gregor tends to keep himself dressed in a rather spectacular fashion keeping himself in exquisite suits tailored to fit his massive frame but the one item that always sticks out is the bright red tie that he wears in a perfect double windsor knot.

Personality:Gregor is a curious sort, very little is know about his early life but what is known is his life up to now. He hasn't spoken in years most likely because he is trying to play the role of unknown horror, due to the events in his own life. Gregor's has become a ruthless Hunter playing off the fear that he his a phantom, a ghost that haunts man's dreams.

It is unknown if he enjoy's what he does For he keeps to himself mostly and speaks very little to anyone. Something that many find odd is that Gregor has an affinity for children, he tends to be very protective around them now it is unsure if it has somthing to do with his own childhood but what is known is he will fight to the death to protect children.

History: Will reveal later...
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