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26 May 2015 14:39
Just made my first post in... I don't even KNOW how long. I feel alive. Woop.
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25 May 2015 15:40
I didn't even know this thing existed. Alright then.
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If anyone is still interested, we'll be making an OOC in the next few days based in Casual.
With all this Interest, an OOC will be up within the next few days.
Oh, wow, look at this little surprise. Guess it's time to throw in interest.
It's not that I am not interested, because I am, I'm just not sure how I feel of taking real-world politics into this. I have a feeling lines will be crossed and talking politics usually never ends well.

That being said, I am still interested

As @Ruby stated, the politics are a satire and backdrop for the game, but are also being used as an allegory for real-world events. Just as the X-Men can be considered politically-charged characters being used as mediums of discussion about prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination, so are the characters in the Wild Cards universe. We've simply placed them into the current day, and reflected certain feelings of the past year, but amplified.

An alien bioweapon that changed the world, almost overnight--dubbed "The Wild Card Virus" by a human news media that simply had no better idea of what to call it. The virus' effect on a human seemed as random as the draw of a card in a poker game; 90% of those affected by the virus would draw "The Black Queen", a painful and fast death, the human body unable to withstand the incredible changes brought about by the virus. Of the remaining 9% survived, but mutated into monstrous creatures nicknamed "Jokers." The miraculous 1% of those affected with the virus would be gifted with superhuman abilities, the stuff of comic book and movie lore--individuals nicknamed "Aces." Even fewer become Joker-Aces; those who have inhuman appearances but superpowers to boost. Roughly 30% of those within the surviving 10% (both Jokers and Aces) would simply become latents, people with the virus dormant in their DNA. Typically, but not always, latents are youth who "draw a card" as they physically mature (ages 18-25), or undergo severe stress or trauma. Latents have the same odds of drawing either the Black Queen, a Joker, or an Ace as any other affected persons.

When the virus was released over New York City, tens of thousands died from the virus in weeks after the initial outbreak; tens of thousands more died in the chaos that followed the appearance of the Jokers and Aces. President Obama issued a national emergency and closed New York City under martial law. During the 2016 US Presidential Election, Republican candidate Donald Trump took the opportunity to call for harsh treatment of Jokers and Aces alike: "Worse than any form of fundamentalist extremism we've seen, folks, they're a homegrown threat to our nation's security, whether they admit it or not." Rumored cures funded by the Republican candidate, in addition to his anti-Wild Carder rhetoric, drove an increasingly scared and paranoid American public to vote Trump as Obama's successor on Election Day--six months since the initial Wild Cards outbreak.
By Inauguration Day the martial law of New York City had been lifted, noted Trump ally and anti-Wild Carder Rudy Guliani returning to NYC as Interim Mayor, appointed by President Trump in a move broadly criticized by news media, and Democrats. The Bowery of New York City had been the hardest hit area of the outbreak, and in the aftermath had been renamed and remade into "Jokertown"--the place where the government allowed many of the Jokers to relocate, a place they could call their own, with basic services, housing, and businesses available for them, usually ran by Jokers, or Joker-Aces. The US Army has begun setting up free clinics just outside Jokertown, waitlisting Jokers wishing to field test the Trump Cure. (Or Trump Virus, depending on who you believe.)

Play as a Joker, a Joker-Ace, or an Ace. Or even as a latent near time to "draw." The game will be mostly sandbox, but there will be episodic storylines that everyone can jump into. Right now a small group of players is our preference. This is currently a work in progress, and the OOC will be further fleshed out by myself, @Ezekiel, and @Ruby, currently the Co-GMs of the game. Questions? Comments? Don't be shy.
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