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Everyone could do a character post to react to Light bursting through a door shining style at all the people in that one room thats probably darkley light with emergency lights and all that.
In ONE PUUUUUUNCH MAN 23 Apr 2017 2:23 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Cherrywitch Don't be afraid to Slice Light up too if shes in the way of a clean hit :P.

I'm more interested in the after party with socializing.
In The New Avengers 21 Apr 2017 20:05 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I like Deadpool a lot. Though most of my favs are Marvel heroes because DC heroes are too... whats the word... Overshadowed and ruined by the mere presence of Superman?

For villains. Marvel Dr. Doom is pretty good and will make a great return when Fox finally gives up the Fantastic 4 license. DC, probably the Joker or Lex. DCAU made sure of that.

Superhero stories are more comedy than serious broody stuff anyway. Because they aren't ever allowed to be 'serious' if they go broody, otherwise Joker would dissolve everyone, Batman/Tony would destroy everyone with nanobots, and it would be a big mess.
In ONE PUUUUUUNCH MAN 21 Apr 2017 20:01 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Light is a toon, so she doesn't care too much about being at ground zero of such an attack. Worst he can do is squish her flat, and that happens with toons all the time xD.

Also if your attacks would hit Light in friendly fire, don't be afraid to say that. It works well into Light's powerset and general unluckiness. xD
In ONE PUUUUUUNCH MAN 21 Apr 2017 19:59 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Getting squished by two giant hands wasn't the worst thing that had happened to Light, although her squeak couldn't be heard over the giant shockwave that had knocked everyone else away. Still though, getting squished literally as flat as a sheet of paper with a pained expression on her face wasn't the most pleasant feeling in the world. But being a toon, such an injury didn't really bother her for too long. AFter mumbling an "Ow" to herself, and the monster clearly convinced he squished Light to death, Light put one of her super flat fingers into her mouth and blew into it, popping back to normal shortly after.

At least her injured companion left a hole into the monsters innards that Light could use to teach the brute a lesson. Flexing her claws, she used them to scratch down the metal monster from her perch down to the injured spot with the intention of just popping in and shredding the monster's innards like a butcher. Though while sliding she did notice a live wire get unreasonably close...
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