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@Hylozoist Yeah, my hair is getting thinner, so I'm growing it out to about .3m-.4m before I cut it so I have a lot of hair to make into a wig when I go bald.

Why doesn't the US use the metric system? I'm glad most things are in metric over here, but still, I want the main measurement to be metric. Its so easy...
@Hylozoist Thats awesome. My stories aren't nearly as heartwarming and are actually Fing creepy.

Overview, I've got pure white hair.

So I tend to attract jailbait and I know they are jailbait. Its really... whats the word. Not embaressing but embaressing with a mix of being creeped out? But yeah, having anime protag white hair attracts the wrong kind of crowd age wise and its super annoying. >.<.

Then you see the tomboys and they're super salty for some reason, probably being hit on by people who smell of BO or something earlier in the con. I tend to hate that too, why some guys tend to not bathe at all. And the nerdy girls tend to hide or not want to talk or are their with their BF... And then you got the assertive ladies who tend to be lesbian.

Only costume story I can think of was at the last one I was at. I have an Organizaion XIII coat I use for my winter wear because my mom didn't know it was a video game coat. So with that and my white hair I can be any of those characters. Sora cosplayer comes up and asks to do an action shoot, so I'm just sipping my mug of soda while doing that 'hold off weak character that wants to fight you by holding their head with your hand while their arms flail in vein to hit you' sorta thing and his group of friends loved it.

Also your lucky your a girl. you get to have thick hair. lol. Mine si getting thinner and thinner.
@Hylozoist Oh I'm fine with 2 days. Its the 3 day ones that are a drag if you never find any friends.

Come with friends though and your all set. All I know, be assertive and active and people tend to come to you.

My problem is since I'm house ridden I don't got many stories to tell people and can only do science facts.
@Hylozoist If anything happens. People in public tend not to want to make friends for some reason. At least if your a guy. If your a girl, just pretty yourself up a little bit and watch the 'friends' flow xD.

I'm expecting just taking pictures of neat cosplays and being bored the last day tbh. Thats usualy what happens at these things.

Its some smaller anime/video game con as I'm not able to go to that many this year.

But then I'm mostly going to try to find friends/GF so not too worried about that.
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