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17 Apr 2017 18:48
Current Oi! Updating your status always changes your condition. Just look at facebook, those folks have life-changing events all the time...
15 Apr 2017 19:00
Teachers make you do test corrections and then have you redo the test so you know the stuff on the original test and are less likely to bungle the retake. I know, sadistic >.<
14 Apr 2017 15:54
You should adapt the guildFORSAKEN roleplay and add a Mahz NPC.
12 Apr 2017 16:27
Partially straightened out, at least, to the point where I should be able to stand in the roleplays I've expressed interest in.
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12 Apr 2017 3:43
Shit. I'm sorry folks, I was planning on coming back in - alas, my circumstances have shifted again, and I place all interest and roleplay developments on hold until things straighten out.


The eye is watching. It observes with a very long stare. It does not glare, necessarily, but it is very intent. Intent upon what? We must attempt to find out, lest we drown in its gaze.

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Seems to me like the first course is figuring out a fallback plan in the event this site isn't viable to sustain by Mahz anymore.

All of this is pointless if we're really that vulnerable.
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Pity, we could have made a great team.
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