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28 Feb 2017 14:49
Current And snowflake wounds oft cut the hardest of them all.
24 Feb 2017 0:47
*stalks profiles of individuals stalking own profile*
21 Feb 2017 17:23
Life hack: Hate the status box: F-12 and have the pleasure of deleting it every time you load the main page.
20 Feb 2017 20:43
Redthorn Anvi - NOW. Now, man, Now! Not no! Now!
14 Feb 2017 3:09
Dependency on a browser to save your roleplay contents is the key issue, if I'm reading the below statuses correctly. Offline/frequent backup or the entire equation favors an accident happening.
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Open to up to 2 1x1 roleplays. Two are open as the reserved bit never did pan out.

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Welcome :)
Welcome :)
Welcome :)
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Welcome :)
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