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25 Feb 2017 13:45
Current So true it hurts.
24 Feb 2017 12:09
They also say 'cyka blyat!', which is markedly more beautiful.
21 Feb 2017 12:45
You think the textual diarrhea is your ally? I was born into it! Molded by it! I hadn't seen my first quality post until I was already a man!
20 Feb 2017 7:04
19 Feb 2017 21:34
[passive aggressive comment]


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In A Game of Goblins 24 Feb 2017 12:25 Forum: Spam Forum
It was obvious to Muk Tukkish, as with all goblins, that the shinier something was, the more power it held. By that logic, the mushrooms which sprouted from the walls of this damp abode were rife with the stuff! Knowing that the consumption of an object gives you its power, the mighty chieftain waddled towards a particularly large bit of fungi and tore it free from the wall with his grubby fingers. Into his maw it went, disappearing among smacking lips and gnashing teeth... The gobs around him waited, watching carefully as their mighty leader spun to face them.

With a triumphant cackle, Muk Tukkish declared the power shrooms to be just that; full of power. Mimicking the strongest of their bunch, the gobs descended upon the fungi in great number, consuming the glowing blue shrooms with gusto. So great was the power of these shrooms, that even the waste produced by eating them glowed blue with the power! Well fed and quickly gaining a surplus of fancy filth, Muk Tukkish inadvertently avoided starvation and cannibalism for his small cadre of gobs!

But now... What would he do?

Current Population; Twenty one goblins
Current Inventory; Piles of glowing blue dung.
Current Buildings; Nothin'.
I'm here for the food symbolism.
I... I shouldn't, but I can't not.

I'm in like a fin.

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