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In Asura's Shrine 13 Jan 2017 13:54 Forum: Character Sheets

Chimamire, Shirayuri

Interacting with Uchiha, Kaido @Hillan
Uragiri, Sakana@Buddha
Iemochi, No @Queentze

The waiting was almost unbearable for somebody like Shirayuri. Almost as unbearable as the droning sound of her new squad leader's voice. He was already grating on her nerves, in the whole thirty minutes she had known him. He was one of those types to find fault in that which had none for no reason other than to criticize. The huffy general type who never truly did much, but would bark orders which such undeserved authority that one would assume they were the Hokage themself. But, such was life, following these men into battle and fighting on their order. It was a sorry state of affairs, but one she had no place in questioning. With the subtle curve of a frown upon her thin pink lips, Shirayuri followed suit with her squad, taking up the rear position in their formation as the trio of Chuunin joined their Jonin amongst the treetops.


It was during times like these, that Shirayuri contemplated her own behaviors. She was never particularly good at interacting among her fellow shinobi. To strike up conversation so casually and to speak so free of snark or spite as comrades did was alien to her. She bounded among the tree line like her team mates, catapulting from branch to branch with all the grace afforded to a shinobi of skill. The wind which whipped through her hair and whistled in her ear was a more welcome addition to the plethora or forest sounds around the small group than the idle conversation Sakana struck up with this girl whom she knew not. Indeed, all the Kaguya did in response to his jab towards her was sneer in his direction. Bone bitch. An insulting, if not innaccurate nickname given by those who envied her abilities, no doubt.

If nothing else, his casual speech did allow for her to learn a bit more of their squadmate. Whilst Shirayuri was unfamilar with the fighting style which No spoke of, she pieced together a fairly vivid picture in her mind. Using explosions in close proximity was certainly a hazardous practice, but chakra was a wonderous thing which could accomplish many incredible feats. She merely needed to keep note of No's positioning in combat to avoid having her body scorched by the blowback of a careless punch or kick. While chakra surely guarded No from harm, it would not do the same kindness for Shirayuri.

Truthfully, Shirayuri wondered if any combat would occur on this mission. It was ranked A for, what she could tell, circumstances of chance. If Kirigakure knew not the location of this common criminal, then it would be a simple mission.

If they did... well, Shirayuri had no qualms in ending the lives of Kirigakure's shinobi. She had felled their men during the war both for her own sake and for Konohagakure's. It was strange to think that once, her father had served them. That if things had been different, she too may have served the village of assassins and bandits who had been such a scourge on its neighboring lands. If small talk would not make the time pass faster, her musings would.
In Asura's Shrine 7 Jan 2017 15:21 Forum: Character Sheets
<Snipped quote by Weird Tales>
Better than having every shinobi who isn't from the leaf move there.

>Whines about foreign ninja.
>Making a foreign ninja.

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