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Longtime rper, 10 years and counting. My favorite genre is slave/master with vampires, and I don't tend to do much else; I kinda just stick with what I'm already good at. My rp level on this site could probably be described as high casual to advanced (though more towards high casual honestly). I play DnD and Pathfinder too, though, and always end up playing Paladins. I've got two characters I use for rps who are my babies, Alexandra and Damon. I've had them for almost as long as I've been rping. I am an engineering major in college so I may get busy occasionally, but I try not to keep my partners waiting for longer than three days at a time.

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@Zverda PM me
Bumping this rp because I've had some spots open up. Do not be daunted by the age of the post!
So I've got a few rps going on, but I'm hoping to pick up maybe a couple more good ones to round me out. Help me out, RP Guild!

As the title says, this is a roleplay primarily involving vampires. I have a specific character in mind I would like to use, my male vampire named Damon. I have a female too, but oddly enough she has some good rps going right now and Damon has none, so I'd like to achieve some balance. If you *really* want to play with her, I'll probably still let you, but again I'd rather start one with Damon.

**EDITED** Both my male vampire, Damon, and my female vampire, Alexandra, are now open for rps, and my female especially needs some love. <3

Now we get to the explanation of 18+. This roleplay is a slave x master/mistress roleplay in which my character is the master/mistress. The idea is for the roleplay to evolve into romance later on, and will involve things like Stockholm Syndrome. It was somewhat inspired by a Criminal Minds episode a long time ago. The basic idea is that you start off with a human of the opposite gender to my character, who is then turned shortly into the rp by my character. This roleplay will take place in a world of my creation. It's basically Earth, but with supernatural beings added and some other changes which you'll learn more about if you're interested. Even though the rp genre is slave x master/romance, mature content IS NOT the only thing it's about. The roleplay is open-ended, so we also do miniplots and stuff. So yes, it has substance. I expect my partners to be able to contribute satisfactorily to that substance.

I expect you to be able to keep pace with me and in turn I will do my absolute best to keep pace with you. If you can not follow the rules (posted below) then the rp will not work.

1. I don't do anything other than hetero right now.

2. Paragraph format only, NO SCRIPT. I am a literate RPer (think that still means Casual here), so I ask that you give me at least one or two paragraphs per reply. I usually deliver about 300-400 words on average in a good rp (sometimes more if it's great or I'm doing exposition), so I expect about the same or more. I understand if you’re having writer’s block or if the rp is in a slow spot because I sometimes have that problem too, but please try not to do it often. If you don’t follow this rule, the rp will go nowhere and you can expect me to drop it.

3. Don’t play as yourself, please.

4. I would prefer that you use third person.

5. I can get pretty particular about grammar and spelling, so please be good at both. I understand a mistake here and there, but please don’t have a grammar or spelling mistake every other word.

6. Like I said above, this roleplay is not strictly about smut. Don't be here strictly for that. It gets boring if that's all it is, so I need partners who can help me come up with stuff to do in the rp. Don't make me carry all the weight.

7. Please be active. You don't need to be replying several times a day, but don't reply like once a week either... I know we all get busy, but let's try to not make each other wait too long.



PM me if interested. :)
In Hullo 15 Jan 2017 6:09 Forum: Introduce Yourself
Ok how do u introduce ur character lol

With a long, well-formulated intro with a short summary of backstory and appearance, then with a tie-in to the current setting/plot that is about to take place.
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