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Current i thought opening a door for a lady was the polite thing to do, but she just screamed and flew out of the plane
10 Nov 2016 20:34
'ohemgee im so surry guise that i havnt posted in 4ever pls 4give me QQ'
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Trying to cut down on my cursing. It isn't fucking going well.
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"I feel like I forgot to shoot something... "
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I'm back in the game for no reason in particular.


Hey there! Welcome to meh page. Apparently introduction blurbs aren't my thing, so I'm just gonna leave it like this. Soz

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Putting this here to save room on my post in the CS tab.

Callan Points Updated!


Ernie gained a friendship point! +

Felicia didn't have time to raise her sword as the two remaining skeletons descended, but she was allotted plenty of time for her life to flash before her eyes. In that ephemeral space of time in which which everything moved as if submerged in molasses, Felicia allowed herself to contemplate her 26 years of existence. She figured she might as well, considering how likely it seemed she was about to have her face smashed in and-- in the interim-- baked into a crispy green haired patty on the dungeon floor.

Of course, what she saw was rather disappointing. The flask of whiskey in her pocket suddenly felt a thousand times heavier than the sword in her hand.

Though not nearly as slimy.


"I'm gonna cremate you boney bastards!"

Elbowing her assailants, Archer bought Felicia enough time to shove the closest skeleton away and regain her footing, putting as much distance between herself and it as she possibly could. Which turned out not to be very much as her back hit the bars of the small cell before she was barely out of arms reach.

The furthest skeleton immediately grabbed hole of Archer's trousers, head still reeling from the attack as it unintentionally set the man's clothing alight.

Meanwhile, a detestable green chuchu came hopping in out of the edges of Felicia's quickly worsening tunnel vision.


The green slime splashed across her arm and sword as she shielded her face, pressing herself up against the bars with even more fervor.

โ€œHaha! Stupid skeletons!โ€ she heard Jillian's voice cry out. Opening her eyes, she quickly noticed that the skeleton before her was no longer on fire as well as slipping and scrambling to get back to its feet in the puddle of slime. Felicia slashed her sword across the skeleton's head, decapitating the nasty thing before suddenly slipping in the slimy green substance herself. Feet swept out from under her, she hit the ground hard, causing her to instantly lose her grip on her sword as the wind was knocked out of her lungs.

"Wah!" Felicia complained as the detached skull rolled into her forearm and decided to sink its teeth in her flesh with fiery determination-- reminiscent of its previous glory.

Callan Points Updated!


Marcus gained a friendship point! +

(Because why the fuck not? They promised each other they wouldn't die. That's probably a pretty big deal?)

Makoto simply observed. He impassively watched the pointy eared boy's limp as he moved to the back of their little 'class' just as he observed the sudden appearances and introductions of his other classmates. The names of which entered his mind but didn't quite stick. He was here to do as his mother wished and work on his magic. Between school and whatever part time job he would manage to find in town, he didn't imagine things would be very different here than they were back home. Friendships were fleeting and not worth pursuing. They seemed nice, but it didn't matter. He didn't bother introducing himself.

When Makoto returned his attention to the adults, he immediately noticed that where two had once stood, only one remained. He listened intently to the woman's words-- 'Elizabeth', he noted. Perhaps the only name worth remembering for now. It was nice to know he would be able to visit home whenever he wished. No doubt he would take advantage of that feature frequently. Just to enough to help make sure his mother's house and laundry was kept in check.

He listened silently to the questions that followed, quirking an eye brown at Mr. Elf as he spoke of stallions, servants, and when lunch was going to be served. Some kind of magical fairy prince? he inwardly scoffed to himself. How many people actually rode horses and had servants?

Then there was talk of clubs-- a subject that Makoto found absolutely no interest in. Certainly there would be no time for clubs if he properly kept his schedule filled with productive things to do.
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