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18 Feb 2017 22:41
Current On the one hand, the old character creator from City of Heroes is a great way to quickly visualize characters. On the other hand, it won't have exactly what you want. -_- I just miss the game.
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14 Feb 2017 7:51
To everyone out there fortunate enough to have a significant other, Happy Valentine's Day.
8 Feb 2017 0:45
If there is one thing Overwatch grinds my gears about...getting one particular skin from the event!
5 Feb 2017 14:05
Imperial Guard, not Astra Militarum, damnit.
3 Feb 2017 22:43
Playing Nefarious, a platformer from a villain perspective. The first boss fight was me using Robotnik's Stage 1 boss machine to beat the hero. Consider me amused.


Hope you're having a great day! Not much to say about me: I've been roleplaying on and off for the past ten years or so. Hasn't always been active, but I enjoy roleplaying when I get a chance. I usually lean towards 1x1 these days on account that my job keeps me pretty busy (and it's easier for me to keep track!), but I try to reply at least once a day.

If you want to run something, or just want to chat or brainstorm, give a shout!

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Just started playing Super Robot Wars V. I'm so happy it had an English international release.
Theology taught from another perspective...alrighty then.
@JDolan My hat's off to you for figuring out Victoria II to begin with. I've gotten a handle of HoI4 and CK2, but Victoria 2 is one of those Paradox games I CANNOT get my head around.
Enter the Gungeon: Top down Rogue-Like combined with Bullet Hell and ridiculous weapons.
For Honor. Definitely a fun game, but go into it realizing it's a fighting game, not just a third-person action game.

Seriously. I was playing the game for several hours before I realized the kensei had move cancels.
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