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5 Jan 2017 5:59
Current Playing Hearts of Iron 4. Against all sane logic, tried playing as South Africa to learn the game. Kicked the Axis out of Italy with infantry and heavy tanks until Axis invaded. I get how to play now.
27 Dec 2016 23:59
Indulging in a bit of childhood nostalgia. And realizing Transformers' continuity is something of a MESS.
24 Dec 2016 19:26
Happy Holidays, everyone! May you have a wonderful time with friends, family and loved ones.
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20 Dec 2016 0:58
Paradox Entertainment games. Awesome in scope, awesome once you actually learn how to play. Learning to play is the tough part...
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In ❤'s Wild 5 Jan 2017 21:48 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
...I really am not sure what to say in response to this. Regardless, I look forward to playing. With or without onion slayers. Or Dreamwork animations powered by the dreams of sleeping eldritch horrors beyond our comprehension!

In ❤'s Wild 5 Jan 2017 8:25 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
@ScreenAcne I'm not too sure what you just said, and I apologize for that lack of understanding. Looking forward to posting with you either way!
In ❤'s Wild 5 Jan 2017 8:16 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Cripes, haven't checked in here for awhile, and now we have a whole posse. Nice!

I'm still reading everyone's bios to catch up, but my character is essentially unaligned with most politics. As a noble, he's aware of most upper-class spats, but is just dismissive of whatever doesn't immediately concern him. As a result, he might be slightly insensitive to most issues; he's just concerned with the next big discovery.

Crumbs, please take your time! I hope everything has settled down for you.
On the other hand, PlanetSide 2. STRENGTH IN UNITY, LOYALTY UNTIL DEATH!

Sounds like we have a damned loyalist here! :p Used to play as NC, but I've stopped recently. How is it larely?

Been on a heavy Hearts of Iron game. Never thought managing logistics would be this engrossing...
If the professor would kindly give back the Matrix of Leadership...
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