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23 Mar 2017 22:00
Current I mean, if you kill lots of killers, you become the American government. You know, death penalty, and all that.
19 Mar 2017 23:21
Didn't meaaan to make you cryyy...
16 Mar 2017 21:30
Village idiot? Or is he perhaps a crime... inal, a criminal?
12 Mar 2017 23:57
What really sucks is when somebody checks RPG once every few minutes without doing anything, and they're in an RP with you. You get antsy, right?
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12 Mar 2017 9:29
40 lbs gained, or lost?


Hello, I am me from the internet. I migrated here from Kongregate's Forum Games Forum, so feel free to look for me there if you wish to follow a career in internet stalking people.

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A lot of shit happened in the next several seconds that really riled the oversized Cambion. First of all, something smacked into the RV from one side, rocking everything about. Then, Old N rolled past like a crazy person, as Toby screamed at him for no good reason. Then Weaver did the same, and basically kicked him out of the van whilst Grant went on about wanting the Power-Pint back, and by now the mug was forgotten in his hand, and he was really rather pissed off. He figured now was a good time to prelude to going full psycho on them.

'You know, I wasn't even doing SHIT just now. All I asked was to be left al-URP.'

...well that killed his rageboner. Swallowing his vomit down again, he realise that maybe he couldn't drink xocolatl from the magic mug forever, no matter how good it was.

'...yeah, well, you're lucky I was done anyway,' he muttered, half to the group and half to the world in general. He handed the Power-Pint back to Grip with the words 'There's your thing back, Grill', and promptly distracted himself from whatever bullshit Weaver was spouting by concentrating on keeping his drink down, and also following the female knight round the RV.

...oh fucking Hell yes there was another lizard practically presenting herself to him. Not to look a gifthorse in the mouth, but... wait, fuck, would doing what he liked to this creature be another thing that got the others in his group to turn on him? Fucking so-shell norms were so absurd to try and follow. Still, maybe if he convinced her to stick around... yes, that could work.

'Well, well, if it isn't... uh, you, whose name I don't know yet,' he spoke, making his over to the fallen demon as suavely as a three-meter-tall, several-hundred-kilogram giant could, then leaning on it in a way that showed off his physique once relatively close to her. 'So, what brings you to crash into this giant van here? I can only assume you were flung at high speeds, am I right?'
@Banana I was gonna suggest she starts off fighting whatever's causing the RV to lose power, but whatever works.
I would assume the reason only Sisters Repentia and zealot priests tend to use Eviscerators is because the weapon, as JB has stated, is extremely impractical to utilise, especially in conjunction with anything else. I imagine most Battle-Sisters are more comfortable with weapons that can be swapped out for other weapons when necessary, since they aren't blinded by insane faith at that precise moment.
@Lauder Well, I like the character. We needed a character focusing on the sin of gluttony. I mean, having lost a lot of our players, we need characters for multiple other sins right about now, but yours is a good start.
@Andreyich Cool.

@Asura I think they're largely used by Sisters Repentia and other such groups because they're so humongous that wielding anything else alongside them is extremely difficult, and impossible whilst actually using the Eviscerator due to their being two-handed weapons by necessity. Then again, the strength-boosting power armour might help overcome some of the weapon's obnoxious weight... and in fairness, I typically go by how things are portrayed on the tabletop, so that's just me.
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