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going to be gone tomorow and most of sunday guys. Should be able to post when I get back though.
Alex Bradan

The Church

Alex nodded at Archers confirmation. He was still trying to work out something of his Servants identity, but the strange man was canny. He seemed to imply himself to be a great master of the sea, and yet he professed a hatred for it at the same time, and seemed more enthusiastic by far when on land. Could it be he was dealing with the titular character from the Rime of the Ancient Mariner? He had read that one at least, or parts of it and certain things his Servant had revealed so far seemed to fit. It takes a good marksman to shoot a bird on the wing, even one as big as an albatross, and the Ancient Mariner would certainly have reason to hate the sea he had once loved.

He wasn't sure that a mere poem could create a Heroic Spirit however. Somehow he doubted it.

Shrugging off his attempts to identify the man he approached the doors of the building directly and knocked sharply three times. He hoped that this was not a lengthy process, or there was some kind of background check. He was after all, technically a criminal, and however else they framed themselves the Holy Church was a political organisation, and one that didn't take kindly to thieves.

He wondered suddenly if he should have set up a safe house a block or two away from here in case they needed to beat a swift retreat, but now there was no time.

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@PKMNB0Y Yes I am still here. Sorry, I have been insanely busy leading up to Easter, and now I am getting ready to go on a trip. I will post later tonight.
Alex Bradan

The Church, Dawn of Day 2

Despite his initial intention to move quickly, Alex and his Servant had spent the following day and night before finally turning their feet towards the tall doors of the Church. He had decided in the end to explore the city first after all, and the two of them had spent the night slowly working their way through the streets of the unfamiliar town. He had considered simply sending his Servant out alone, and perhaps following with one of his Gull familiars, but in the end had chosen to join him personally. It would be best to see the city itself from a human perspective, less by some chance his plan would fail and he be driven out into it. This had taken some time, and effectively finished their first night in the war.

He had planned to visit the church the following morning instead, but to his annoyance, had found the next day in his early Tarot reading, that the Scuttle would soon require unexpected repairs if it were not serviced promptly. The morning then had been spent inspecting the ship, and once the problem was found, in repairing it. The unfortunate incident had burned up most of the day, and between this and catching up on the sleep he had lost last night, the time flew by till the day and most of the following night were used up. It was an unmistakably frustrating start to his war of planned efficiency, but in the end there was nothing to be done.

So it was that it was not untill the dawn of the second day that Alex finally found his feet pointed towards the Church, and the administrator who supposedly waited for them there. He only hoped that they would receive him at this time. Behind him Archer floated, invisible, but unmistakable to anyone with a sense for the magical. He had sent the ancient mariner out to scout the city thoroughly while he focused on the necessary maintenance, and read his cards in the meantime, and so at least he did not count the past two nights wholly wasted.

"Let's do this quickly. I hope you're not an overly religious man Archer, these Chruch Agents can be ruthless, and they don't worship any sea god besides. We go in and out, and hope they write us off."

Alex finished working his way up the gently sloping hill which led to the little chapel and gained the door, knocking sharply three times with knuckles that were still stained with diesel from the night before.

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@Moonlit Sonata Sorry again, I thought I would see a rapid decrease in work after easter ended, it didn't happen as fast as I thought it would. I will post tomorow.
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