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Well here is my character. I hope I got everything right let me know if I have to change anything or add more of anything if I am missing something or got something wrong.

@BladeSS4Nowhere in the OP does it state that the Brotherhood is part of the NCR. The opening post mentions that Elder Elijah still controls the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood, but not anything about them being part of the NCR.

Oh I miss read that, thanks for the clarification. I hope I could be allowed to make a brotherhood character then if that would be allowed.
Im kind of interested. Do the characters have to be part of one of the major factions? Also how much of the brotherhood is part of the NCR? Is it the whole Brotherhood of Steel or is just a faction of them?
Finally was able to post. I think I got the situation right. Sorry if my post wasn't very good had trouble thinking of a way of getting my first post into this. Wasn't sure how to introduce my character but that first ic post is that I came up with. I hope it is alright.
Cole Surik

Location: Jedi Temple
@Princess of God@mattmanganon

Walking through the halls of the Jedi temple was a young man who goes by the name of Cole. His full name is Colejul Surik, he was walking down the halls dressed in grey black like robes, much like that the robes of a Jedi. Cole was a former Jedi Guardian, he left the order a few years ago to pursue his own endeavors. After he left the order Cole turned into a freelancer or mercenary for hire, this was his first time returning to a Jedi temple in three years. He returns now as he was summoned for a 'job' Cole was rather reluctant to accept any kind of work from the Jedi but he made an except this one time or at least that is what he says if he was asked why he showed up for a job by the order.

After a bit of walking he spots the small green Jedi that he was looking for Yoda. He seemed to be talking to others, Cole then says, "Its been awhile Master Yoda hasn't it? So what is this mission that I have been summoned for Master?" Cole speaks rather casually for just entering the room and speaking to the Jedi master Yoda. Even though Cole spoke to Yoda as if he knew him Cole had only met Yoda a few times never really got to know him other than he is a well-known Jedi master to most Jedi and most that aren't Jedi. Out of all the Jedi Cole respected Yoda the most it is why he went straight to him to ask about why he was summoned and what is the job he was going to be hired for.

While he waits for Yoda to respond Cole starts to take mental notes of those who are standing around Yoda . Cole wasn't sure if those who were talking to Yoda were part of his job or not but he was taking in his surrounding as he prepares to find out why he was there for and what was he going to do.

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