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24 Dec 2016 13:44
I made that short worldbuilding guide I posted about earlier! Feel free to check it out :)
23 Dec 2016 1:48
Would y'all be interested in a short worldbuilding guide?
8 Dec 2016 20:27
Me: I don't know what to pack. Me to me: PACK E V E R Y T H I N G
2 Dec 2016 20:19
The cold makes me sad but wearing hoodies and drinking hot chocolate is bæ
23 Jun 2016 23:06
I've decided on a career path. I'm going to be a stay-at-home son.


Hi, I'm Blitz. I love college football and general shenanigans, but I love writing and RPing equally as much. Genres I prefer generally depend on my mood, but I tend to prefer RPs about college/sports, gangs, mild fantasy, realistic/modern, post-apocalyptic... I could be convinced to do anything if you're good enough at arguing.

I think I'll also put a bunch of my favorite quotes here because what better describes a person than the things they say? (Or rather, things my characters have said... Tee-hee)

“I guess I should've remembered that you easily get cut on broken glass.”
Landon (BG)

“No, I think I'll keep you on your toes my little succubus.”
Landon (CLSC)

“Oh, shit. I need a mint. Coffee gives you reaper breath.”
Landon (SC)

“Are you trying to elope or something?”
Preston (EID/OEO)

“It could be a complete dead end, but on the other hand, whatever has managed to kill four men in one week with almost no trace except for an inhuman piece of fur could be lurking there, waiting for the two only detectives who have a lead to stupidly wander right into its claws.”
Preston (EID/OEO)

“I bet I look great in this.”
Mako (UD)

“If I ever got ahold of that crystal, I'd make you a better dancer.”
Mako (UD)

“The one? How much have you been drinking?”
Aidan (MB)

“I need a cigarette immediately.”
Hazel (MB)

“Hazel, this is getting… Whew, is it hot in here? Wow!”
Olivia (MB)

“I’ll make some sunscreen bottles filled with alcohol.”
Olivia (MB)

“This is tequila, sweetie, SPF 50. I don’t know if you’re quite big-boy enough to drink this.”
Olivia (MB)

“I’m drunk but I’m not stupid enough to let a wee freshman get to me anyways."
Olivia (MB)

“Oh nothing, you’re just a bit of a tool is all.”
Olivia (MB)

“There’s nothing better than chilling in a hot tub with a drink in your hand and a beautiful lady at the disposal of the other.”
Cliff (MB)

“Well, I'm certainly very sorry about almost pissing you off.”
Angel (SoF)

“I'm sorry about this babe, but no one screws over Angel McBride... You'd be such a good addition, it'd be a shame if I had to kill you right here.”
Angel (SoF)

"Consider this a fee for using the... VIP entrance.”
Knox (SoF)

“I am a Lost One, but I’m not, like, their most active or dangerous member or anything.”
Knox (SoF)

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Well y'all, I finished on time. It's a shame I got my idea/inspiration so late... I could have fleshed out an entire book with it. Ugh. In a few hours I had to fill in some of the gaps with clunky anecdotes, so yeah, it's pretty condensed and probably ridden with a few dumb errors. BUT NO MORE EXCUSES, I hope y'all enjoy reading it. First time I got the job done in a while. Oh, and good luck everyone!!!
Just a few minutes ago, inspiration hit... and without a second to spare! I better crank this out fast, y'all.
My best writing was the birthchild of a tequila sunrise.

Sorry, Windy. I despise both gin and tonic.

EDIT: Come to think of it, I'm not a fan of tequila either. Alcohol in general is not extremely tasty. I mostly use it tO FORGET ABOUT LOSING FOOTBALL GAMES (@Dark Wind im still not over it and wont be for at least the next 8 months)
I can't decide wanting to include an expository segment or just jump right into the character narration WHY DO I EVEN WRITE THIS IS SO STRESSFUL

Location: Main Street → Driving
Interacting with: ending @tanderbolt; currently no one

As Jackson was conversing with Mr. Williams, whose last name he still thanked his lucky stars he could remember, he suddenly was overcome with a wave of... uneasiness, and definitely some lethargy. As he was talking to the man, hed had instinctively placed his hands into the pockets of his pants where, of course, all boys kept their phones. His left hand was unconsciously gripping his phone—something which was not uncommon—but Jackson became aware that the phone had become unusually hot. Feeling somewhat awkward, Jackson interjected in the middle of his conversation.

"Uh, excuse me, sir... I'm feeling a little bit ill. Must be coming down with another cold. Not used to this weather, you see. I'd better be heading on home. Nice talking to you." He gave the man a smile, offered a quick handshake, and hurried back to his old truck. Climbing inside, he let out a sigh of relief and whipped his phone out from his pocket and stared at his phone in shock. The device was nearly hot to the touch, fully charged, and the screen... It was buzzing.

"Oh shit..."

He tossed the phone onto the passenger's seat, afraid it might overheat in his hand (though as an aferthought, the passenger's seat probably wasn't a much better plan B). To his surprise, it immediately stopped buzzing and seemed to not be having a fit anymore. Jackson glared at his phone, a look of distress painted on his face, as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Not again!" he growled. "What the fuck is going on with me?"

He rubbed his eyes tiredly trying to fight off the spell of tiredness that had begun to overtake him earlier. Jackson knew something was wrong, and he was terrified of what exactly it was. He didn't want to tell anyone... Especially not his parents, and he wasn't sure if he was close enough with anyone in town to entrust them with such a secret. God forbid he gets branded some kind of he-witch in this small town just after he starts to settle in. Still, this was eating at his mind nonstop, and above all, it was the answers he wanted that plagued his mind most. But he knew he wouldn't get an answer, particularly not while having a mild breakdown in his truck.

With a sigh, he pulled his keys out and started up his truck, headed for home.
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