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3 Feb 2017 10:19
Current Who knew an RP based on a Montana farm in the middle of nowhere could go so well.
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1 Feb 2017 21:49
I never thought a rap song would make me so emotional
18 Jan 2017 3:27
Every character you create has a little piece of you in them. It's amazing
24 Dec 2016 13:44
I made that short worldbuilding guide I posted about earlier! Feel free to check it out :)
23 Dec 2016 1:48
Would y'all be interested in a short worldbuilding guide?


Hi, I'm Blitz. I love college football and general shenanigans, but I love writing and RPing equally as much. Genres I prefer generally depend on my mood, but I tend to prefer RPs about college/sports, gangs, mild fantasy, realistic/modern, post-apocalyptic... I could be convinced to do anything if you're good enough at arguing.

I think I'll also put a bunch of my favorite quotes here because what better describes a person than the things they say? (Or rather, things my characters have said... Tee-hee)

“I guess I should've remembered that you easily get cut on broken glass.”
Landon (BG)

"Your tongue definitely strikes faster than a blitzing cornerback though."
Landon (TBS)

“No, I think I'll keep you on your toes my little succubus.”
Landon (CLSC)

“Oh, shit. I need a mint. Coffee gives you reaper breath.”
Landon (SC)

“Are you trying to elope or something?”
Preston (EID/OEO)

“It could be a complete dead end, but on the other hand, whatever has managed to kill four men in one week with almost no trace except for an inhuman piece of fur could be lurking there, waiting for the two only detectives who have a lead to stupidly wander right into its claws.”
Preston (EID/OEO)

“I bet I look great in this.”
Mako (UD)

“If I ever got ahold of that crystal, I'd make you a better dancer.”
Mako (UD)

“The one? How much have you been drinking?”
Aidan (MB)

“I need a cigarette immediately.”
Hazel (MB)

“Hazel, this is getting… Whew, is it hot in here? Wow!”
Olivia (MB)

“I’ll make some sunscreen bottles filled with alcohol.”
Olivia (MB)

“This is tequila, sweetie, SPF 50. I don’t know if you’re quite big-boy enough to drink this.”
Olivia (MB)

“I’m drunk but I’m not stupid enough to let a wee freshman get to me anyways."
Olivia (MB)

“Oh nothing, you’re just a bit of a tool is all.”
Olivia (MB)

“There’s nothing better than chilling in a hot tub with a drink in your hand and a beautiful lady at the disposal of the other.”
Cliff (MB)

“Well, I'm certainly very sorry about almost pissing you off.”
Angel (SoF)

“I'm sorry about this babe, but no one screws over Angel McBride... You'd be such a good addition, it'd be a shame if I had to kill you right here.”
Angel (SoF)

"Consider this a fee for using the... VIP entrance.”
Knox (SoF)

“I am a Lost One, but I’m not, like, their most active or dangerous member or anything.”
Knox (SoF)

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Interesting new challenge. If Christianity wasn't a thing I would've totally done the Passion. Oh well.

EDIT: My brain just hatched an interesting idea. Maybe too interesting. Like, it may get my entry failed. Hmmm.
Congrats to everyone 😬😬😬
I'm casting my @vote for Ashes of Illium for its well-developed characters, historical inspirations, and colorful imagery. Good luck, @Silver.
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Inquisitive monkeys

(@curious george)

I hope I have one more labour victory still in me
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