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23 Apr 2017 23:37
Current Don't give me a space to put whatever I want in it, it goes poorly. Those of you who've seen my bio know how accurate that is.
16 Apr 2017 23:59
If you think you have the authority to tell someone else they have poor taste, then I will hate you forever.
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2 Apr 2017 18:43
Huh, I was right. You can get a like by posting two letters.
2 Apr 2017 18:07
31 Mar 2017 22:54
"I'm just under so much-" "PRESSURE, PUSHING DOWN ON ME, PUSHING DOWN ON YOU..." "I hate you"
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Yo dog

Daily Dose of Electronica, In Flavors 80s Style Disco-Rock, Drum and Bass, and Indie Dance Respectively.

Tommy isn't my real name (OR IS IT?), I'm somewhere in the ballpark of none-yo-damn-business years old.

I am Canadian born and raised, but through years of exposure to multiple accents through media and my own imitation, my voice has permanently changed to a Bostonesque accented mess of British slang and gratuitous use of the word "hoser".

I'm a fan of fantasy RPs, Sci Fi RPs, and other fantastical creations of the human mind.
I'm fairly laid-back and approachable, and I'll always try to make friends. I never mean to offend, and if I do I am quick to apologize, though my sense of humor is dark as I like my coffee, mixed with crude oil and thrown in the garbage so that it can't be given to African orphans.

IF YOU WANNA CONTACT ME: (Checking my e-mail is low on my list of priorities, one step above eating, and one step below taking a dump, take that as you will.)

My Twitter @Veni_Tom

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Credit to Bryan Lewis Saunders for the above two images.

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That high school French is going to come in handy.
@Nerevarine@Lady Selune@Dannyrulx@SillyGoy

Skies Above Britain's House

"Decrease altitude, yes, perfect... slow down... and... land. Bon travail Madagascar, I'm so proud of you!" France said, tweaking her son's ear with a smile. Opening the basket door, France moved to the side as her progeny spilled from within, spreading across the grass like water poured into the dirt. She looked over at Britain's home with a wide grin, her arrival was sure to bring a little blush to Britain's cheeks, perhaps Canada's too, she enjoyed teasing the little girl, though when she turned into Samuel it became a lot harder to do so. Other than teasing her love and their child, France had no real plans, perhaps that was something she'd have to speak to England about.

The Gambia held open the door as the rest of France's children took out their trumpets and lined up against the walls. France herself gave a cursory "Bonjour" to the obviously perplexed Ireland, brushed her dress and pulled a few locks of hair over that hideous scar that she had yet to pay Germany back for. She entered the room with a grin to the sounds of her colonies poorly playing their instruments, they'd have to work on it.

"Salut mon cherie!" She said giddily as she saw Britain. As the rest of the room turned to her, she immediately regretted her decision, noticing both Japan and Russia were also there. Coughing and turning up her chin, she offered a nod to the others before taking a seat, somehow managing to hide her embarrassment. Her children grouped up and sat on the ground, obviously bored out of their minds, especially Indochina, who grew more and more unruly as the years went by.

"My apologies for my informality, I was certain..." she shot Britain a look "That I would only be paying a visit to John, mais, it seems as if I'm going to have to entertain guests," she said with a glance at Japan. She didn't exactly trust the new empire, no matter how many times she relayed her suspicions to Britain he was having none of it, the only person who seemed to agree was America, and talking to him about the Pacific was a recipe for disaster, he seemed to think he had a monopoly over both it and the Americas. He was a special child alright, yet another example of Britain's failure as a parent. It was good thing he was cute, or else she'd have no idea what would become of him.

"Salut, Mademoiselle Russie, comment ca va?" She turned to her ally. Her and Russia were rather close, though France had to say she was not impressed with Russia's technological failures. She had heard about an Entente meeting at Serbia's house, but she was rather displeased with him for a statement he had made a few days back, she guessed that now was the time to talk strategy in the case of war, which seemed fast approaching.

"Algerie? Chercher maman un sandwich au jambon s'il vous plait." It wasn't fancy, but nothing in Britain's kitchen really was.
@Wernher I'm sure it's simply in character bravado. If it's not then it really doesn't matter all that much.

Also, if you have a grievance with another player's writing skills or something else, please either PM them or me, I don't want negativity in the OOC.
I've added France to my NPC list.
@Dannyrulx It's alright, I don't mind doing it, I was just wondering if anyone else wanted to.
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