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27 Feb 2017 12:07
27 Feb 2017 1:29
The amount of care some people have for this status bar only makes me wanna shitpost more.
27 Feb 2017 0:54
I wonder if Buzzfeed is self aware that they are now a meme.
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26 Feb 2017 12:28
Ósnotr maðr hyggr sér alla vera viðhlæjendr vini hitki hann fiðr þótt þeir um hann fár lesi ef hann með snotrum sitr.
26 Feb 2017 0:55
The sayings of the High One are uttered in the hall for the weal of men, the woe of Jötuns, Hail, thou who hast spoken! Hail, thou that knowest! Hail, ye that have hearkened! Use, thou hast learned!


ᚹᛖ ᚨᚱᛖ ᚨᛚᛚ ᚷᛁᛚᛞᚱᛖᚾ ᛟᚠ ᚦᛖ ᚨᛚᛚ ᚠᚨᚦᛖᚱ᛬ᛋᛟᛗᛖ ᛃᚢᛋᛏ ᛞᛟᚾᛏ ᚲᚾᛟᚹ ᛁᛏ ᛃᛖᛏ᛬

The Words of Óðinn the High One | |
Gáttir allar
áðr gangi fram
um skoðask skyli
um skygnask skyli
því at óvíst
er at vita hvar óvinir
sitja fleti fyrir

Two are hosts against one, the tongue is the head's bane,
'neath a rough hide a hand may be hid;
he is glad at nightfall who knows of his lodging,
short is the ship's berth,
and changeful the autumn night,
much veers the wind ere the fifth day
and blows round yet more in a month.
I counsel thee, Stray-Singer, accept my counsels,
they will be thy boon if thou obey'st them,
they will work thy weal if thou win'st them:
tell not ever an evil man
if misfortunes thee befall,
from such ill friend thou needst never seek
return for thy trustful mind.
Each man who is wise and would wise be called
must ask and answer aright.
Let one know thy secret, but never a second, --
if three a thousand shall know.
A wise counselled man will be mild in bearing
and use his might in measure,
lest when he come his fierce foes among
he find others fiercer than he.

Þagalt ok hugalt
skyli þjóðans barn
ok vígdjarft vera
glaðr ok reifr
skyli gumna hverr
unz sínn bíðr bana

The Saga of Buddha | |

I am dedicated, myself to the High One, that he might know my strength, that I may join him in Valhalla, to do battle in his name, trusted as Einherjar. We do not kneel before the Gods, superior they might be, for our valor in battle is equal to theirs, much like our strength. If we demand their favor, we do not pray and ask like lambs, we sacrifice and take what we might need. Our god is not a kind god - oh, no - our god favors the strong and the brave, those that do not steal to take, but earn their keep with wisdom, sagacity, virility, strength and the will to live.

I'd rather be a wolf of ÓÐINN than a lamb of GOD.

To go Víkingr is what I want | |

To take by force is a honorable thing - to take without knowledge is a thieves way | |

While raiding a coastal farm, Egill and his men were captured by the farmer and his family, who bound all of the raiders. In the night that followed, Egill was able to slip his bonds. He and his men grabbed their captors' treasure and headed back to the ship. But along the way, Egill shamefully realized he was acting like a thief, saying, "This journey is terrible and hardly suitable for a warrior. We have stolen the farmer’s money without his knowledge. We should never allow such shame to befall us."

So, Egill returned to his captors' house, set it ablaze, and killed the occupants as they tried to escape the fire. He then returned to the ship with the treasure, this time as a hero. Because he had fought and won the battle, he could justly claim the booty.

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@Buddha Perhaps, but I was pretty sure that's exactly what I'd presented here - just a bunch of Vikings going 'a viking', not with any real intention of particular factions or people. In fact I'd quite like to stay away from history, but still think sacking an island monastery would be a good place to begin.

As someone of experience then, who would you say is popular? From what I can tell no-one is all that popular as a historical subject, unless you count pirates...but they're pirates. I've already gone for a nice broad Roman-sized brush that never worked.

What can ye do, eh?

I agree, but I find it's generally hard to interest people in things that aren't 'the current hot topic on RPG'. I've learned over the course of my few years of GMing that generally the only way I can get an RP that isn't part of the 'mainstream' roleplay topic (I hate saying mainstream, I'm not critiqueing those RP's) is to have friends that I can count on to join up.

What is popular is standard fairy tales - princess and prince pairings, but that's only in 1x1. In group RP's it's typically a fandom. It's how things go.

Nice Sutton Hoo ;)
@Jbcool I have noticed that going for a too realistic RP tends to attract people who want everything to be 100% accurate, and who expect everyone to do two hours of research backed up by sources and citing in-post. I don't think there are many people interested in having to read a bunch of stuff for an RP before even starting - so yes, it's a niché, and you've limited it down even further by making it based on the Norsemen, who by all means and accounts aren't exactly popular here to begin with.

So yes, I'm expecting a low player count. But that shouldn't be a problem all things considered. I'll see where this ends up, and if you feel like it's too hard to get a playerbase, you should consider at least downscaling the historical aspects. 'Barbarian horde plundering England' sounds perhaps more appealing to some than 'Vikingr from the Great Heathen Army of Sviðjod, Danmark and Noreger attack England to avenge their father who might or might not have existed, in order to ensure revenge is exacted, and then establishing the Danelaw'.
@Jbcool Alright, if that's the case I'll keep up my earlier stated, interested but unsure if I can dedicate the time to it.
@Jbcool I'd say it does except I was looking for something more straight forward. Once every week? Twice every week?
@Jbcool Consider me interested, but I'm not sure if I can join up quite yet. I'd like to see where this goes anyway, so if need be, add me to the list of people that are willing to play.

What pace were you hoping to have for this RP?
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