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I'm here. Probably interested in a sheriff's deputy.
I love writing rural crime so I am in.
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I feel at an odd place with this sheet considering it is technically imposing itself on two characters—amalgamating them. Not only does this tie the hands of any prospective players who are interested in interpreting Charles Xavier it also creates a topic of where the line of reinvention is for me. On paper, it seems innocuous enough but I like the idea of co-existence of Marvel, DC, and Indie; not particularly mish-mashing two or three of them together. Incorporating say, Archie Comics’ Sabrina Spellman character in the same sphere as Stephen Strange, Kent Nelson, John Constantine, and Zatanna Zatara is one thing and acceptable; but merging her into some Doctor Strangefate complex is in very murky territory.

Approve it. What are ya, chicken?
"In POW, first you get the country, then you get the shitposting. Then you get the women." -- Vilage, probably.
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Agent Graves
Phillip Graves, 58 (b. 1910)

Active since approximately 1945

Essentially, I'm doing a 60's version of 100 Bullets. The early structure is, to wit "Graves approaching someone who has been a victim of a terrible wrong. Graves gives them the opportunity to take revenge by providing a handgun, 100 bullets, and documentation about the primary target responsible for their woes. He informs the candidate the bullets are completely untraceable by any law enforcement investigation, and as soon as they are found at any crime scene, investigations will immediately cease." Graves will serve as a catalyst, supporting character, and maybe even an antagonist to characters and stories that are loosely connected. Interwoven through Graves and these characters are a story of a secret society that lies at the heart of America, a country that is under duress from the tumult of the late 60's. It is crime, it is politics, it is espionage and intrigue, it is history, and it is all blended together to make something very much me.

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