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15 Jan 2017 1:29
Current My toes are froze
14 Jan 2017 21:58
I watched too much youtube today. I need to go grocery shopping!
13 Jan 2017 22:20
Been anti social all day, I need human contact.
10 Jan 2017 23:40
My dinner was a disaster. If I had not eaten out for lunch, I would go buy some edible dinner but I must restrain myself.
10 Jan 2017 1:31
So I am a Hufflepuff, pottermore sorting of course, but i found this quiz that tells you your secondary house? So apparently I am a Huffador.
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Hello all! Name's Satan! You can call me that, but if you are too afraid to address me in such a manner, I will accept Candy, or Luci, or Supreme and Magnificent Ruler of all that is Unholy.

Also, felt the need to add this, I am 20, nearing on 21. If you want to RP with me, expect some colorful language. If you are under 16, sorry, no dice. I won't RP with you. End of story. I don't want to have to censor my words. (Reminder that I do not do any type of romance or mature RP)

To find out my role play interests and likes and stuff, just click this link so conveniently placed for you! The Yellow Letters tempt You...

Other notable things: I enjoy baking, occasional video gaming, writing, arting, and being a general nuisance to my friends and family. Oh, also I enjoy Chris Evan's face.

Obviously I also love screwing around with text

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Man that sucks. But alright, I will work on a character and hopefully post it tomorrow. Just as an FYI, in case it isn't okay, but due to my work schedule my posts during the weekdays will be spotty, but my weekend posts should be more common.
In The Demon Lord 15 Jan 2017 23:07 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Name: Aniel "Call me Annie"
Age: if asked what her age in Hell is, she only states that time runs differently there and she is the equivalent of 15 human years.
How they look:
History: She is a demon born and raised in Hell, but after failing numerous times on tasks set for her by her higher ups, she was thrown from Hell as a failure and told to not come back unless she completed a new task they set for her. She refuses to speak of what this task is to anyone, and often says she dose not believe she will ever return home. Despite being a demon, she is probably the sweetest creature on earth. She is very trusting and friendly, and always lends a helping hand when needed. It is not hard to guess why she was kicked out of hell if one only took a moment to get to know the young demon. She has heard rumors of the 'demon lord' and 'hero' and has decidedly chosen to side with the 'hero' if ever the need arises. She quite likes the creatures of earth, and would hate to see them eviscerated by some uppity demon.
Dream: Despite seeming relatively happy to be out of hell, she does miss her younger brother and hopes one day she may see him again. Her deepest desire is to be able to be what her family wants her to be, but she is just not capable of being evil. She's tried.
Power: Her demon powers include the ability to commune with any creature, and she can kind of float with her tiny wings. Since she did not graduate to adult demon in hell, her wings have yet to grow to full length, and she can only cover short distances or hover above the ground. She can also cast spells, but she isn't very educated in that aspect yet. Hence her going to Magic School!
In The Demon Lord 15 Jan 2017 23:04 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Hmmm, I didn't think of that point, haha, but I can totally say with utter certainty she will not be a sexual character in the least.

Anyway, I guess I will add Aniel to the character tab and await ya'lls decision on what you are doing with the IC.
In The Demon Lord 15 Jan 2017 22:23 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I can change her if you'd like. I was thinking a demon in a school where everyone is on high alert for a demon lord would be ironic, but I have no intention of playing Annie as an evil character. She is basically the opposite of what a demon should be and has pretty limited abilities. As for modeling her after any sort of demon classification, I was basically taking a broad idea of a demonic creature in hell and adding an 'anime' like twist to it, I had no specific demon type in mind. Calling her a succubus is far from her character, truthfully. She is more like a low level 'dark' being with powers similar to that of a witch.
Is this still active? I just read through all the posts and am wanting to join but I'm not going to spend my time on a CS if this one is dead.
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