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24 Dec 2016 6:07
Current First finals, now Christmas! Replies to follow the holidays (:
10 Dec 2016 17:04
Finals will be over in a week and a half, then I'll be back to regular replies!
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22 Nov 2016 1:50
Only Suga I need:
15 Nov 2016 4:36
Trying hard to catch up on replies. You haven't been abandoned!
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I'm so sorry for all the waiting. My family is moving currently and it's just been a big mess.
Monica couldn't believe what she was hearing. He actually wanted to come over and spend the night. Sure, when they were younger they'd spent the night together, but never in the context of what had happened moments ago. In other words, she hadn't ever kissed him like she did, or ever, before having him spend the night. While she heard him above her upstairs, he seemed so much more calm than even she did.

Pull yourself together, Monica! He's Gray, there's literally nothing you can be nervous about. He's Gray, not some target coming for you. Gray, Gray, Gray, she held onto a piece of her hair in her frustration. Her feelings were bothering her, to say the least. Why had she even kissed him? She had to let him know how she felt, but it was stupid of her. She'd get tonight with him, and then what would happen? Chances were his family had a dozen girls lined up for him. She couldn't be with him for long. They were so different.

She forced those thoughts from her head. She had loved Gray since high school. Her dream was coming true, and she took a deep breath and resigned herself to try and enjoy the present. The future was important, but she had to take a step back, and enjoy life as it came.

Monica chuckled slightly as Gray took a seat on the couch with his bag, "You'd lose your head if it wasn't on your shoulders," she ruffled his hair, before dipping her head down to kiss his forehead. In an instant she had her arms tight around him, holding him as close as she could.

"But if you sleep out here, I'll be so lonely," she half teased, "And you know, my room is sort of dark and scary. I need someone to protect me," she gave his forehead yet another kiss, this time lingering there for moment and taking in his light scent. He had always smelt so good.
In SinfullSkills & CatBee 30 Oct 2016 22:17 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay

Oh my god I'm so sorry, I meant to reply to your last bump. Shoot. Anyway, I'm sorry for my lack of activity, it's been so hard for me to even start writing a decent post to anyone. I'm gradually starting to get less busy, so I would like to continue this is that's okay! Thanks for the reminder. I'll do my best to get you something tonight (:
In Uh...hi. 10 Sep 2016 21:23 Forum: Introduce Yourself

Woah, I started on Neopets too!

Good times.

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