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8 Feb 2017 16:20
Current Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination - Brandon Sanderson
6 Feb 2017 7:39
Feeling sick, so won't be replying for a few days
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29 Jan 2017 17:22
Seeing a problem as a challenge is a bad attitude to take to the problem
29 Jan 2017 16:46
The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude to the problem.
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24 Jan 2017 21:25
Reading tales of King Arthur, it appears that none of his knights had any honour.


Hello, person. If you want to know about me, know this: I spend far too much time on the internet. If you wanted an overview, stop reading now. If you want to go into some detail, I also enjoy researching upon ancient history (Alexander the Great is a particular favourite) and know to much random stuff that will never be useful to anyone. E.g. The first city west of china was founded in 5000BC in Sumer (now Mesopotamia) and was called Eridu. So if you go away with anything, go away with that, because it makes you seem interesting if you know it. Probably.

I also enjoy reading, Brandon Sanderson is one of my favourite authors, and playing games from the Total War series. I am also, you might like to know, attempting to re-create the magic of a novel myself, and you can read it here:
It's based on the concept of superheroes in the late medieval era (it is not set in this world) and contains intrigue, action, a badass blonde princess, you know, epic things.

I am also pretty sure that I am a nice person. Now you can leave. If you want to stay, that's fine, but there's really not much else to do here, so...

Name: Shadow
P.S. I also adopted a Pokémon because WTF not.

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@lavulman Sorry, I've had a lot of stuff going on recently. I can still post, but it won't be as often. If I hold stuff up, just skip me. I don't mind if people control what my guy does if I miss anything.
Do you want me to post something, or are you good?

Sorry for some of the wonky stuff, I haven't done this much before.
Seeing that no reply had been immediately forthcoming, the foreign travellers enquiry caught his ear. He turned and flashed her a smile and a wink, "Jaimie Cartarsy, monster and demon hunter," he gave a slight bow, "Pleased to meet you, miss..." He wondered if she had a foreign name to match her look, or if she'd just chosen a more local one. He hoped she hadn't, he quite liked the way a lot of foreign names tended to roll of the tongue, those of his own country always seemed a bit blunt. She did look foreign, though, and he'd certainly not seen many people who looked like her before. Her eyes in particular, a deep shade of green, were very interesting. He'd have to ask her about where she came from at some point, you can't travel everywhere, and hearing about it was the next best thing.

If she replies, Jaimie would smile again and say, "I like that name, far more...imaginative, than some others around here. Sounds good to." He repeats the name a few more times to himself, smiling. "Of the lovely lady in green, I can tell you little except that she has given me money and something to kill, so she is, to all intents and purposes, the greatest lady in this vicinity at the moment." He looked up at the armour clad Veronica who stood behind the girl, "She's cool to. If only because I fear what she'll do if I say otherwise."
No, you can't win in this situation.
So... he's a typical elf then? Does that mean if our elf went up against him that it would be an even fight for a change?

You can find out if you want.
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