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Esra heard the new dragon call out to him with their mind, and he hastened to answer; "Yes! I can hear you!" He returned, feeling a small churn of excitement at the success. Outwardly he barked a flame of silver light, a puff of brief illumination from his tiny, fanged maw. He would have blushed in embarrassment at his eager reaction if he could. "I am Esralion, who are you?" His eyes flickered to the other egg that had shook, but now calmed. A false alarm maybe, but then his eyes quickly returned to the other.
If there's no more interest by the time I wake up tomorrow we can just keep going yeah?
@Pyromaniacwolf Should I hold off on replying to wait for others to join? If they will?
@Pyromaniacwolf okie okie :D
@Pyromaniacwolf Don't worry, our characters will become more detailed as they experience the world around them. Accepted!
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