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Sorry peps, but I'm failing all of my classes so I gotta drop this thing.

'Mr. Ross' he'd said, it sounded so formal, as if they were business associates. Aden raised an eyebrow, but let it go; at least he knew these were the right people. Probably. They knew his name anyway. He didn't like the way this was going though, what sort of 'problems' were they up against here? Why were people freaking out and why were they in Greece? These people were speaking English, and there was little evidence anyone was familiar with this place, so why come? What was with the portals? Were they running from something?

Somehow this meeting was shaping up to be about as dangerous as he suspected, but not quite in the way he'd been imagining.

He stayed closer to the healer than anyone else, mostly because they all seemed... strange. Except for the one dubbed O'Ryan, he looked very adult-y and put together. Someone was ordering the group around, taking the violent one and some of their downed members away to... somewhere. He decided to avoid that group, not that going with the mind-control group sounded at all enticing. What had he gotten himself into now?

He crossed his arms and tried to look both tough and non-threatening, ending up with an uncomfortable grimace instead of either. He could feel the threat of getting mind-whammied or thrashed with a tornado hanging over his head if he stepped on any toes. Whose bright idea was it to bring magic back again? Someone stupid, that's who.

Aden cringed away from the surge of violence and general... upset, that struck several members of the group suddenly, but finding the man (kid really) he'd been looking for kept him from disappearing. These people were like him, or he assumed they were given they were traveling together even if he hadn't seen all of them use any magic.

They didn't seem to be in a position to hold any introductory talks, so Aden just nodded a greeting and fell in at the edges of the group. One of the girl's losing her mind was swiftly dealt with through a show of force, which he was quick to take note of. The hierarchy here seemed to be led by violence. He took a more defensive, hostile stance, eyeing those nearby in case they thought they'd try and make him their bitch. Aden answered to no one, especially not a bunch of jacked up kids with superhero complexes. He'd see how things ran, for now, but he was already devising a plan of attack in case he needed to escape. Or take control.

First impressions are killer.

He adjusted his sunglasses, which would have been a subtle threat if anyone had been aware of his abilities, but otherwise made no move to interfere with the group dynamic. They could sort themselves out, and then they'd get on their way, and then he could decide if these were really the kind of people he wanted to involve himself with.

Aden ducked behind the barrier around the balcony at the sudden disturbance, slipping on his sunglasses just in case he needed to blast a calenallum at any attackers. Luckily whatever was happening seemed contained to the streets below, and not directed at him. He took a moment to steady his breathing, annoyed at himself for being so paranoid. Just because the message had been a little mysterious, and the location a bit far-flung, it didn't mean anyone was out to get him, he was just... overthinking, that's all.

He stood again, looking down at the area the noise and light had come from. There was a myriad of new people that hadn't been there before. He couldn't name any of them, so who knew if they were who he was supposed to be meeting or not. Given the blatantly magical nature of their arrival however, well Aden was growing increasingly doubtful of anything resembling the word 'coincidence'.

Before his eyes traffic cones and official looking cordons appeared in the area. People began to leave, but Aden wasn't close enough to tell if they were suspicious or not. If he had to guess, they were too calm about the ordeal to be leaving without some kind of influence- and despite having no such spells of his own he knew they were possible. After a moment all that remained were the newcomers- or who he assumed to be newcomers, he hadn't been looking when they popped out of... wherever.

After a moment he decided to approach, looking both ways to make sure no one outside the area was looking, and then began focusing his magic around himself for flight. He accidentally knocked over a pot as the force of his power rattled the gravity nearby. He jumped, becoming weightless, and drifted towards the ground where the group was standing. He shuffled nervously for a second, glancing at each face searchingly, then; "Anyone here called Alex?"

He never told his mom how he made it all the way from St. Louis to San Francisco, only that he'd flown. He let her assume it was on a plane, and shrugged when she asked how he'd paid for it. He was beginning to realize his mom's home wasn't the Eden he'd hoped for; she was suspicious of him, her other kids didn't like to be around him, and her husband was content to watch him dig his own grave. Aden had too many secrets already, and his cagey attitude about why he'd run away from his dad wasn't helping his case. For some reason he'd expected to seamlessly integrate with this perfect life his mother had escaped to, but that wasn't the reality at all.

He would be leaving once the summer ended, this time to a dorm at the college. He wouldn't be reminding his mother of her mistakes from there, but at least he'd be away from his dad too. Or that had been the plan anyway, but as the summer stretched on... he had to get out. Luckily there was a message for him, mixed in with the emails he received about his financial aid being refused.

Maybe he shouldn't have been so trusting, but he wouldn't know until he got there. He'd never been out of the country before, even with his new abilities he hadn't considered the possibility. He was eager to see Greece though, and meet with others like him. Would this be the Eden he'd missed out on? He was reluctant to hope.

He left in the night, with his few belongings. Even if this meeting didn't pan out he wasn't going back there. It took him a few hours to reach Greece, a very boring stretch of time spent mostly watching cities fly by, and then trying to sense movement beneath the waves as he flew over the Atlantic. He may have slowed down over Europe, but he only stopped once in Italy for lunch, which he somehow managed to talk the shop owner into accepting his US Dollars instead of the Euros he didn't have. It was't long after that when he dropped onto the roof of a random building in a random city on the Greek west coast. He kept losing service every time he used his magic to fly, so he wasn't sure if it was Epirus, or even Greece, but from a bird's eye it looked vaguely like the right place.

He plopped down cross-legged on a balcony just below the roof he'd landed on and pulled out his phone. Service was spotty at best, and kept fizzling out. He wasn't sure if he was outside his coverage range or if it was the lingering effects of being exposed to the electromagnetic manipulations of his powers.

It was almost a whole hour later before the phone finally connected to the internet long enough for him to check his email. He replied to the one who'd emailed him, hoping he'd get a timely response. He took a picture of a nearby sign that looked like it might be a city name and hoped it didn't say something stupid like 'Coco's Pizza!' He sent it, as well as the attached message; "I'm in Greece, where do I go from here?" Epirus was a small area of land compared to some American stretches, but it still wasn't all that specific. He hoped this wasn't some kind of sinister trap, he'd hate to be on some kind of wanted list.

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