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16 Jan 2017 16:01
Current Slowly going insane thanks to Internet going on and off.
15 Jan 2017 14:15
Sometimes I think I have a bro-crush on Jensen Ackles, because I've been subconsciously seeing a lot of movies and shows that involve him in them.
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15 Jan 2017 1:28
I hate people that shamelessly self-promote, check out my RP please!
28 Dec 2016 14:16
FFXV is waaaaay too good.
25 Dec 2016 3:01
Happy Holidays, everyone!
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Hi there, cherie. I'm an gamer, Otaku, writer, and a comic reader. It's me, CallMeChaotix by the way.

I like to think that I was born to play video games. It's my favorite thing in the world, most of the time when I have no plans I end up finding myself playing an app, or a Xbox 1 or PS4 game. I'm addicted to video games. My biggest hobby would have to be writing though, I was always good at writing, especially in high school. That's why I came to this site, obviously. I love to write and roleplay. I am a noob compared to other roleplayers, because I've only been roleplaying for about three years. I use to play an game called Roblox (I know it's a kid game, but I played with other people my age.) and roleplayed on there too.

I admit, I'm not the best at it but I'd like to think I'm an pro at it. On other sites, roleplaying was not really fun to me, possibly because people were always serious and when I would crack a joke or do something not serious I would be an outcast. That's when one of my friends on Roblox invited me to this site, and I instantly fell in love with it.

Sometimes I like to binge watch anime or read Manga. I do read comics constantly, because well, I love Marvel and DC. I have cosplayed a few times at conventions. I once cosplayed as Nightwing, and at least to me I was cool in that costume. (No I wasn't, don't believe me.)

Welp, this is all about me for now I guess. See ya.

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I planned to make a CS sheet once the IC is created, but I'd post it originally hear first for you guys.

I'll be making an OOC tomorrow after school. I'll let you knowill when it's done, there are only five slots that I'm allowing for this RP though. So if someone walks in before you send in your CS or show up, I think you get what I'm saying.

Not trying to rush anyone, just saying though. This is a small group RP. There is a chance I could sink in a sixth party slot but nothing more after that.
@Darkspleen I'm interested.
@FantasyChic I'm thinking more advanced classes.


Knight/Warrior - A light sword fighter, is durable and fast. Their limit break Lvl. 1 is them charging sword first into an enemy.

Acrobat - Basically the monk, excent very swift and fast. Somewhat weak and fragile. Their limit break Lvl. 1 is basically a combo of them beating an enemy up and adding a sidekick into the enemy as a finisher. They also can weird daggers.

Sorcerer/Sorceress - A professional magic user, not an exact Mage though as they can weird a staff that can also be used for melee attacks. Can heal other characters by draining life from enemies. Their limit break is summoning an God or Goddes, but because of how OP that would be, their limi5 break takes long to fill.

How does some of these sound? I feel like I should just go with starting classes. Like Onion Knight, Thief, Ninja, Red Mage, and White Mage. And then they could turn into advanced classes as their classes also have a Lvl. Up system.

And since someone wants to play a Moogle, most likely a Moogle class. I'll most likely be playing NPCS and playing out the story and battles for you guys as well.
@Raddum I'm thinking about that, most likely restricted to human characters.

Unless you want to play a Moogle badly, then there could be room for that.
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