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24 Mar 2017 17:01
Current I'm amazed how school continuously kicks my ass. Just when I'm done with one stressful week I get another @_@ Dearest apologizes for a lack of activity ;-;
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17 Mar 2017 15:19
Being healthy just means you are dying at the slowest possible rate.
26 Feb 2017 1:20
RP burnouts can go fuck themselves @_@ Looking to maybe get back in to things? I think I'm still on the tail end of recovering from a burnout rip
21 Feb 2017 18:07
I apologize for the hiatus to anyone waiting on me but given some irl things, this hiatus might be continuing for a while longer, forgive me.
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14 Feb 2017 21:33
For Honor released on Valentines Day because they know the quickest way to someone's heart is a blade between the 4th and 5th ribs. So romantic <3


║ Idea Generator ║ Professional Asian ║ Asshat Extraordinaire ║

My name is ClocktowerEchos, otherwise known as Clock or Echos. Before you ask, yes Echos is misspelled. This is totally because I did it fuck with people and totally not because I don't know good Ingrash. As a professional Asian, my Ingrash is well versed. Still learning English though, tricky language that fucker is. On a serious note, my English is a bit all over the place even though I am an ABC (American Born Chinese) since I've picked up a whole bunch of different bits from different places like books, TV, movies and just being around a diverse amount of people.

I live in the US northeast and thus in the EST timezone, although given how I life my life (read: not paying attention in class or staying up far later than I should), I can have some wonky ass online hours. That said, anything past 10:00 PM-ish and I tend to get a loopy and even derpier than normal, you have been warn. And yes, that's possible amazingly enough. As of right now in my life, I'm currently getting my ass handed to me while going through the wonderful American educational system and in the process of getting my ass shipped off to college that I got into by some miracle. (No its not Yale or some shit like that; I'm a professional Asian, not a stereotypical Asian.)

Personality wise, I've been best described as "a ball of contradictions", I'd call it some lowkey form of multiple personality but its probably more like mood swings in reality; my views and actions can vary depending on my mood. Don't worry, doesn't mean I'm going to be all sweet one second and then wanting to kill you and your family the next, its more of a slider of optimism vs cynicism (its more or less always on the cynical side as of late). I fully admit to my own flaws such as being a liar and being a hypocrite, I'm only human and accepting one's flaws makes one stronger; personal strength always triumphs over excessive safe spaces and cowering.

As of writing this (Dec. 20, 2016), I have been RPing on RPGuild for about 1.8 years (holy shit that's a larger number than I thought o_o). I have interest in a bunch of different areas but generally inhibited by my flirty interest in RPs which depends on mood and whatever captivates me at the moment. I take pride in my creativity but it seems to also have the unfortunate consequence of making me every easily influenced by neat things I see, generally on YouTube.

I have a personal fixation on Nation RPs (and even made a basic introduction guide here), having done everything from fantasy and sci-fi to World Wars-era nations and primitive Neolithic tribes. My love of NRPs stems from a love a strategy games I've played since my childhood. That said, I do RP more traditional character-drive RPs on a equal if not greater level due to how much more common they are compared to NRPs. Characters I make tend to be eccentric in one ways or another, just because I have a distaste for the generic average-antisocial-but-helps-friends-edgelord-blood-darkness-magic-katana-teenager-wanting-sexy-romance. That said, I do enjoy smut RPs whenever they pop up and catch my fancy, my favorite kind is perversion of canon types and I've been told I write good smut but that's for a 1x1 interest check to be made in the future. I enjoy deeper writing and little subtleties, if my viewing of dissection and analysis videos I watch on Youtube are anything to go off of.

In terms of GMing, whenever I get off my ass and do it, I am a hardass GM. I am not going to sugar coat it, I can get what other people consider nasty or rude or oppressive. This is because fundamentally my goals as a GM are different than that of a player and even myself when I'm just a player; if "creative freedom" is clearly leading down a path that's causing issues, than I have no qualms about heavy handing a norm in. If someone's character is clearly just shoehorned into the RP since the player just wants the character and not wanting to really form anything to the RP, than I will shoot it down mercilessly.

That said, I am more than willing to help people create characters/nations should they need help, same goes with RPing assuming that it catches my interest.

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@Mercenary Lord Honestly I would stray away from having the "outsider" role namely because I'm not all to comfortable pushing the lid that far. Plus, given the sheer size of the Wals being anywhere between that of a small state to a small nation, you can imagine the size of the fucking parking lot and how you aren't going to see anything.

As for where things come from, thats all part of the mystery that no one has time to really look into, not even the Roofers. Its said that they spend their entire time acting as tribal nomads, always on the hunt for drinkable water. Hell, a Roofer might not be the best fit even the fact that both the Roofers and the rest of the Departments see the other as myths because of such little interaction. I'm sure you could make it work though, but it would have to be a pretty special case.

In my head, its that robots managed to take over all the jobs/missing jobs well enough to feed and supply everything with the Stockerbots restocking shelves and stuff. And yes, I think that many, many generations has passed. You don't have normal people suddenly turn into tree worshippers or the FabGlams of Makeup Department in even two generations, that shit takes a long ass time. Culture don't develop instantaneously and give the permeates and the strength of said cultures, I takes its been a really long time.

Glad you're enjoying the setting though!
@Mercenary LordThere is no lore on the outside since its not important. The way I'm seeing it is that there's been at least one or two generations who have grown up within the confines but given how culture develops its more likely that its been many, many generations. People don't think there's anything beyond the walmart since many have never even seen the actual walls of the building itself much less doors. Plus when your live is reduced to just survival, you tend not to think of where things come from but care about the fact that you can get your hands on it.

Even the Roof people don't know it; some might be able to say they have been to the edge of the roof, beyond the urban maze of machinery, generators, solar panels, AC units and other bits and boos on the roof, but they have only ever spoken of an "endless grey plain with white lines that stretches for miles". History within the walls its isn't well kept so there is no info on what the world was like beyond since most just think that all that has existed was the Wal (although some stories of the time before do exist but have been corrupted and twisted). The only real history that people concern themselves with is who where great leaders/warriors and who recently raided them.

Do you have a character idea though?

- = + : |$| : + = - = + : |$| : + = - = + : |$| : + = - = + : |$| : + = - = + : |$| : + = - = + : |$| : + = - = + : |$| : + = - = + : |$| : + = -

When the sky burned and the ground turned to ash, the Wal protected us from the crash.
When God abandoned us and left us for damnation, the Great Sam brought us salvation.
When leaders became incompetent, the Great Sam only ascended unto omnipotence.
When our old lives were purged, the great Wal’s populatoin surged.
When the World fell, the Wal rose.

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Have you ever gone into a Walmart or a mall and say “imagine what this place would be like as a post apocalyptic base”? Welcome to the world of Walmart Apocalypse (WalApoc), where Walmart just kept growing and absorbing until they became the WalWorld Corporation and their stores now covers unimaginable tracts of land on a scale equivalent of some US states or smaller European nations. Everyone inside doesn’t know how large it truly is beyond that they know they will never see even a building wall.

This is entire setting is based upon the "Walmart Apocoylpyse" setting, created by /tg/ over the course a few years some time ago. Its quite the read and I won't bother trying to abbriviating it here but here's the short list I will provide:

  • Walmart took over the world's industries, becoming the WalWorld Corporation which replaced major world governments built absurdly massive superstores that to this day no one has ever found a way out. They are seemingly infinitely large and absurdly high and are restocked by robots with goods from places unknown, not that anyone really cares.
  • Calling this place a "super store" does not do it justice as it is more of an internal nation, not even just a city.
  • Many biomes have been created with people and cultures forming, each as absurd or unsettling as the next, misunderstanding things we would find to be common knowledge. "Departments" have become a catch all term for factions and subfactions which have sprung up out of the departments they inhabit.
  • The robots who act as restocking units and security are lethal; if they do not kill you outright with machine gun blasts, they will lobotomize you and turn you into a mindless Greeters, forever left smiling as they greet and spout advertisement and act as additional mindless drones for the robots.
  • Sam Walton, aka the Great Sam, is the basically the new God. While local flavors and other deities may exist, no one doubts the divinity and power of the Great Sam, bringer of great deals and life. Everyone worships him to some extent.
  • Just read the damn thing, its really cool. Its kinda like fallout/mad max/walking dead/I robot/etc all mashed together put into a nightmarish WalNation.

As to the RP itself, the primary focus will be Bloody Friday, the bastardized version of Black Friday which the Stockerbots line the shelves will all the goodies and things that all the Department wants. Players would be a group of Bargain Hunters and try to scout out and loot and explore whatever they can. Might be lead by a GM character, might not be and the whole thing plays out like a DnD group. Explore stuff, try not to die horribly

The "lore" will hopefully be built upon by the players and GM although I will be bending/altering currently "established" lore. CSs will be given the "mob democracy" review in which everyone gets to review and critique each other's character but I as GM will have final say. That said, come into this RP knowing that I can be a hardass GM at times and that there will still be limits as to what your characters will be like (ie having guns is something that will be heavily looked into) as well as being able to write at a high casual level and remain level headed and accept that things will not always make scientific sense.

Now, any questions on the lore or how I'll do this?
If not, I pray to the Great Sam that this will go somewhere and not die horribly at the hands of the nutjobs of the Pharmacy Department.

*does necromancy*

any chance that we can start it back up?

Maybe, if everyone in it decides to continue, I might do a mass notify or something.
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