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@Sypherkhode822 Ooh, are you in the arts, Sypher? Sounds fun. I personally am terrified of improv, but admire those who can do it. And I also should look into learning how to use Premiere Pro, so I'll follow your lead some day soon. Currently in an acting program myself. Graduating this May, which is bonkers because that's actually next month ha ha I'm totally ready and not at all freaking out whatsoever yup.

I can't believe tomorrow is Monday, already. I'm back to a normal schedule, but I haven't been to classes in two weeks because of things, and it's just so weird readjusting. Hope everyone's alive and doing well. Let's kick this week's ass ~
In Omega Station / Boop! 24 Apr 2017 2:17 Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Kitt obliged and took a few steps backward, blinking as Ryobi sent the grate clattering to the floor with his boot. The human pulled himself out of the vent shaft and suddenly wrapped her up into his arms. Unsure of what to do - as she'd never been shown much physical contact outside of the occasional high-five or pat on the shoulder - the bot simply stood there, white metal lids opening and closing over her camera eyes in confusion. She searched her database for a response and could not find one for this level of affection, so she settled for being polite. "Thank you, sir. I will try."

He finally released her, and she looked down at herself to see if he had made any sort of imprint on her with his gesture. When she found none, she looked back up at him, and shook her head in response. He seemed to have many ideas as to what had happened and more importantly (or so it seemed), why it had happened. Kitt, on the other hand, had no assumptions other than what could be worked out by probability - and that was not her area of expertise. She dealt with her facts and her observations; anything beyond that was left to her superior bots, like Ris. Ris was one of the models programmed to function as the sidekick to the officers of the bay, and Kitt knew Officer Ito had worked with her previously because she was usually assigned to his shifts.

"The Captain is as optimistic as ever," she stated, rewinding her previous encounter with him during which he had instructed her on this search. "He would like to gather whatever officers were left in Prison Bay to one spot in order to regroup and formulate a plan to secure the civilians in Home Bay. Nothing too sinister about him from observation, sir. Officer Benton is... a upset. He was really quite loud when I left him. Shouting about wanting to - uh - do terrible things to the escaped prisoners." Kitt shrugged her shoulders and attempted a joke, like some of the officers try to teach her. "The usual of him."

"They mentioned something about trying to get a hold of you, sir, and Officer Pryce when I left them. Perhaps they've been able to contact her since then."

Thinking the conversation over, Kitt turned and began making her way in the direction of Captain Burchill's office, which was still four sectors away. "I should warn you, sir... The cleaning bots are still working to clear the other sectors. There might be still be some bodies ahead... I have learned it is best to avert your eyes," she added, thinking herself clever for being helpful. When she registered that Officer Ito was not following, she stopped and turned back, waiting for him patiently as was her typical demeanor. Perhaps he wanted to know who she'd already seen on her way there? She waited for him to ask.
In Collusion 18 Apr 2017 23:40 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
Just checking in whilst I eat some nachos - how is everyone's week going so far?
In Collusion 14 Apr 2017 1:11 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
LOL A+ for my reading skills, nice. Editing now.
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