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Now that they were in the confines of the small container, keeping discussions discreet was out of the question. Which made Nemo a bit more uncomfortable while responding. "I say it because as you know I wasn't born a talent. Hence the term, 'untalent mark'." Nemo said. "I can't really say what caused it or didn't cause it, and it's unlikely I'll ever truly know. But that doesn't bother me much anymore. The origins of my condition were only something I toiled on long ago." Nemo finished, just in time for the blaring horn of a ship to be heard off in the distance.

Soon enough a soft ring sounded out of the manadial Nemo grabbed from Logan. He was quick to answer it before anybody outside of the crate might of picked up on the sound.

After a moment of pause, the sound of a gravelly older man's voice broke the silence. "Logan... I trust there haven't been any hiccups on your end? I don't need any bad news today."

Nemo placed his hand on his throat and adjusted his voice. "'Course not Paul, what do you take me for here?" Nemo started lightheartedly. "We had a slight technical difficulty earlier, but I checked it out, salt just rusted part of the comms to shit. But I trust that wont be a concern for you?"

"Ah yes, the effects of the sea's cruel presence. She's fair... but you just have to deal with her little quirks to appreciate her beauty. Perhaps I should have one of my lads come down after my return to show you a spell that could help you out."

"A quirk huh?" Nemo replied. "That's sounds great Paul, really, but I've got a quota to fulfill here and money to make."

Captain Seidon let out a small gruff laugh on the other end. "I understand, you're just like your father Logan, always so busy busy. Anyway, I'll dock the ship and let your crew load my shipment."

"Sounds lovely." Nemo finished, ending the call.

From inside the container one could hear the sounds of the ship getting closer and the dock workers getting busier. Eventually a crane picked the container up and loaded it on board. Nemo leaned up against the wall for balance and kept his fingers crossed in case of an alarm. But there wasn't any, and they were set down without a hitch.

"So far so good." Nemo commented.
Will be posting later tonight.

Also, @Dawnpath OC made it into the container? That's the main thing I am waiting on.

I just kinda had to imply everyone got in cause it was taking so long.
Container is already closed too.
Nemo sounded out a small chuckle. "No bags, only powdered matcha and loose leaf. I'm sure you'll find my cups to be pleasing as well." He replied.

Nemo flicked his hand to use a small magic spell to shut the door once everyone had made their way inside. He checked his watch before answering. "The ship is scheduled to leave this harbor in twenty minutes, so we should be picked up a little bit before then. I can't say how long it's going to take them to get to the paragon however." He explained.

Soon enough the group could hear the sounds of workers hurriedly returning to their stations in preparation for the arrival of Seidon's ship. "As you brought up before the mission, we should set up something to counteract any type of detection magic they might be using." Nemo started as he spawned a medium sized black leather clam-shell bag. He dipped his hand inside and retrieved eight mechanical devices and proceeded to attach them to all of the container's corners. The devices seemed to magnetically stick to the metal of the container, emitting a faint beep once firmly in place.

Nemo stepped back to the middle of the container and and inputted a few commands on his manadial, ending with the devices all giving off another quiet beep. "That should do it." Nemo said. "To anybody outside this perimeter, our signatures are completely hidden, courtesy of a device I designed long ago. I can even adjust the field to not hide any of Seidon's magical cargo he has in here."
"A person shedding their own skin, now that's a sight I'd like to see. I once saw a man from Cairo who could swallow entire weapons and store them for later use. I never figured out how he could keep a good grip after they came back up though." Nemo said. "And so that means the scar is gone as well?" He asked, remembering the fight back at the cave. "Sounds like the world's best peel off masque to me."

"Oh Zuri my dear, you look a bit bruised up. Get in here, I'm sure Zoey can patch you up good as new. I wish I could help myself, but I'm only really useful with sewing things back together, can't do much about burns and scrapes." Nemo explained with a comforting tone.

He turned back to Raiya. "Perhaps we should have green tea next time? It's even from Japan." He said, attempting to sway her.
Nemo walked to the back of the container and sat down with his legs crossed. He looked up to Raiya after her question, his interest perked. "The acid? That's venom taken from a giant tarantula like manabeast. Theraphosidae Gigas. Once tarantulas venom is injected into it's prey it begins to liquefy the insides of it's victim. Making a sort of flesh slurpee which the spider can eat. With a little bit of tinkering I can modify the effectiveness of it to be a little more powerful."

"It would no doubt ruin somebody's day if it got it on them in combat. But acid attacks aren't really my style. That's a little more cloak and dagger than I'd prefer. Plus the stuff isn't easy to get either. Usually I have to milk it myself, though sometimes I can purchase it at a market for a less than enjoyable price." Nemo finished. "Judging by that last fight it seems that you produce venom of your own as well." He added.
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