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Nemo activated his manalysis as he walked over to Raiya. A stream of energy flowed out from the suited man up high into the air, then curved over into a giant dome that covered most of the harbor. Clearly this was the realm spell, creating a snap-shot copy of the real world. I suppose that's a smart idea, Nemo thought not only does it trap us inside, it also prevents us from damaging the merchandise in the inevitable fight. While our marks will be erased once the spell goes down, luckily it doesn't prevent us from tampering with the magical elements in the real world from here, so Travis can still work on the lock.

"I've got one." Nemo replied to Raiya, turning to the two opponents. "You're Harris' boy right?" Nemo asked, referencing Harris Hunley. A mage who used to run the harbor.

"Logan Hunley, what's it to ya, Nemo?" The working man replied curtly, picking up on Raiya's namedrop.

"Nothing really, I see the security here has improved." Nemo commented casually. "I take it your father passed and now you're running the show."

"Smart guy huh?" Logan said with a slight scoff. "Yeah, that's how it is. My old man was lenient on the security, too soft. But that's in the past now. Mr. Kaprico here is the best security system money can buy. That little trick you did with the comms was neat, but nothin' can hide from a clairvoyant mage."

"Oh? Does he know any other tricks too? Have you taught him to roll over?" Nemo sarcastically joked, slowly rolling his pointer finger in a circle.

A scowl appeared on Boslan's face from the jest, but he held his tongue "A comedian too? I really hate funny guys, don't you Boslan?" Logan asked. "Hate em." Kaprico affirmed with an unamused face. "But I suppose that trait suits ya well, with that white skin and those pink pants ya sure look like a clown to me."

"Would you like it if I came to your birthday party?" Nemo asked. "I can pull off the balloon animals that most can only dream of." He boasted. "Bet you've never seen a balloon hippopotamus before."

"...I think I've heard enough outta you." Logan seemed to finally reach his limit with Nemo's antics. He lifted the runic inscribed baseball bat from his shoulder and generated a concentrated ball of mana in his free hand.

Nemo turned to Raiya and the rest of the group, figuring diplomacy was over. "Zoey and Zuri, you two take care of the clairvoyant. Raiya and I will entertain the birthday boy over here. Just make sure to cover Travis." He ordered.

Logan tossed the baseball like ball of mana up into the air, giving it a bit of spin. After it reached the peak of it's height and began to fall he swung at it with his bat. It connected with one of the runes on his weapon, lighting the inscription up bright red. The act seemed to imprint on the ball as well, turning the blue energy ball purple. The hit sent it flying straight towards Nemo, but right as Nemo prepared to block the attack it suddenly veered off course towards Zoey and Zuri.

The energy ball was travelling quite fast towards their feet. And as soon as it would come into contact with anything physical or magical it was set to explode with high power.

Nemo heard Zoey and shrugged in response. "I sure hope not." He replied, looking up to the sky. He entertained himself by watching a small flock of birds fly by above the group. However Nemo's viewing pleasure was suddenly cut short when all of the birds suddenly froze in place, as if somebody pressed pause on a movie. His expression turned from slightly pleased to completely deadpan. Uh-oh he thought. It was a tell tale sign that a realm spell had just been activated.

Nemo quickly looked down from the spectacle, now on alert. It was just in time to see a large crescent shaped wave of orange energy travel straight towards Travis as he worked on the rune. Despite the high speed which it was travelling, it barely made a noise. Clearly whoever generated it had the intentions of a surprise attack.

With no time to warn Travis, a quick usage of his warp spell placed Nemo in the line of the attack before it could hit Travis. The lack of time also made Nemo's absorption ability not as effective, the runic X he generated from his glove wasn't able to grow big enough to swallow the whole spell, causing the excess to explode around the pair. Smoke and dust surrounded them, but they were unharmed by the attack. Nemo snapped his gloved fingers, using a small spell to quickly swish out the smoke from around them and clear their view.

Across from their container, atop another, were two people waiting. One of them lazily sat down with his legs handing off the side, with the other standing tall. The sitting fellow wore a blue working jumpsuit with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, white undershirt, khaki boots, and various jewelry, including multiple piercings. He had tanned skin and dirty blonde shoulder length hair tied into the ponytail. The ends of his hair were dyed bright orange. Resting on his shoulder was a wooden baseball bat with multiple runic circles burned into it link a brand. The standing man seemed to be much more formal, he had short silver colored hair with bright blue eyes, a thin mustache, light skin, and a dark navy blue suit, white dress shirt, silver tie, and black loafers. Both of the men seemed to be somewhere in their thirties.

The sitting man suddenly dropped down from the container, causing the other to teleport down afterwards. "Well well well, looks like we've got some hooligans in our harbor huh Boslan?" The man asked his partner. He spoke with a noticeable Boston accent.

"Looks like it." The suited man replied shortly with his hands resting behind his back.

"Frankly I could go for another." Nemo replied "Anything to get me out of this sun is welcome, especially if it comes with free cool air conditioning as well." The pale man added, using his hand to shade himself from the sun. Nemo clearly did most of his work at night for a reason.

"I'd calculate we have about fifteen minutes before the workers sort out my diversion. So that should work out just fine." Nemo assured him, turning to wait for the rest of the team to teleport in.
Nemo put his hand over his head to block the sun and looked out to their destination. By his guess it was about a mile out if they went in a straight line. He then turned his head to the main office building of the docks, which was much further away. The view caused him to ponder for a moment, which then sprung an idea in Nemo's mind.

"I have no doubt there's a magical presence somewhere within this compound. If your bubble leaves a trace, then we'll be found. So option B is probably the best. The only problem is that once we get there we can't just slip inside. If there are any locks we'd probably be spotted while trying to crack them... But I have something a bit more practical in mind to fix that." Nemo said, lifting his arm up and activating his manadial. After navigating a menu for a couple seconds radio sounds began to play to the group. It was the dock workers radio feed.

Nemo's expression didn't seem to be interested in the various conversations. But once a monotonous voice played out and gave an order in between the various babbling, a small grin crossed his face. "Prepare containers 246C and STEV6 for inspection."

"A harbor as big as this uses a basic artificial intelligence system to keep things organized though the radio. As compared to our other options, I don't think anybody would be too suspicious if it just so happened to 'malfunction'?" Nemo suggested. As he spoke he began to input various commands into his watch's holographic interface. "Mariners aren't exactly the most tech-savvy bunch around. So infiltrating their system should be. quite. easy." Nemo finished by pressing one last command, causing the usually white display to suddenly turn green. " know that was actually a lot easier than I thought." Nemo muttered afterwards, mostly to himself.

After using his hand to massage his throat for a moment, Nemo adjusted his voice like before and spoke into the manadial like it was a microphone. "Emergency alert, all personnel please report to the main office immediately." His voice pretty much perfectly mimicked the tone and mannerisims of the AI. Directly afterwards Nemo pushed a small red holographic input on the dial's display; one marked with a foreboding looking skull and crossbones icon. The effect was obvious, all the radio noise went dead, crashing the communications before anybody in charge could sort out Nemo's faux command. The only thing which could be heard was multiple vulgar complaints from the workers getting cut short. "That should keep them busy." Nemo noted as he saw workers on the dock all begin to walk from the shipping container area to their next time-waster. Luckily this time it was far from the group.

Nemo turned back to Zoey and gave her the go ahead signal to start her part in the form of comically 'shooting' finger guns in her direction.

"For now it's easy, we continue on without scaring our ride away." Nemo responded as he continued walking. A couple minutes later and after passing about five more warehouses. The maze like confinement of the metal buildings opened up to a view of the docks. The hundreds of shipping containers made it feel like they'd probably be looking for a needle in a haystack, but thankfully Nemo was able to save them from that. He pointed out a group of containers off in the distance, closer to the water where they'd be ready to be loaded. They were easier to pick out from the others due to the light blue color with a trident and cartoon tuna fish logo plastered on the side.

"There they are, now we just need to get inside without being seen." Nemo explained, putting his hands on his hips in thought. "You know... I'm starting to think it was a bad idea to wear the pink pants when I was gonna be sneaking around in broad daylight." He confessed. "Thankfully this is just a harbor, not a prison; no guard towers to be seen. All we have to worry about is the workers. Which unfortunately there are quite a surplus of." He added, turning around. "Zoey, if I'm not mistaken you use illusion magic. Do you have any spells that could help us along?" He asked, then turned to Travis. "Seidon's containers probably also have runic locks on them. You worked like a charm opening the catacombs up for us Travis, so I'm sure you could cover that?"

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