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Interested. And know what area I want to use already. But I'm really busy so no promises until I have a nationsheet up.

Interested. Will compile a NS soon. But there is the stigma that I am moving this week. Time can be made. So we'll see.
@FlightofIcarus I'm starting to have my doubts too. Usually once I finish my sheet I'm comitted but NRPs die often. Also my Nation Sheet, is still evolving in my head in various ways, with nothing concrete down yet. Couple that with the fact I have 12 hour days and multiple rps off site. I can definitely find the time to do this, with the qaulity I like to bring to NRPs. Just haven't found the spark yet. But today my embers are glowing bright. Just no fire yet.
@WrongEndoftheRainbow Actually an fun NS, the implications of them being ancient, and having vast technology; presents a scenario likely to happen. One species might opportunistically try to steal these black boxes then tinker with them. Though I would assume the self-destruction, or other such securities are near impossible to bypass.
Remembers saying goodbye to @HeySeuss But HeySeuss has just started up an RP he once did long ago, perhaps with new surprises in store. Might join even though he is up to his eyeballs with responsibilities and other hobbies..

Dammit HeySeuss!
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