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@WrongEndoftheRainbow Actually an fun NS, the implications of them being ancient, and having vast technology; presents a scenario likely to happen. One species might opportunistically try to steal these black boxes then tinker with them. Though I would assume the self-destruction, or other such securities are near impossible to bypass.
Remembers saying goodbye to @HeySeuss But HeySeuss has just started up an RP he once did long ago, perhaps with new surprises in store. Might join even though he is up to his eyeballs with responsibilities and other hobbies..

Dammit HeySeuss!
@ClocktowerEchos I mean I'll post it down. But it is no where close to finished! I love detailing my nations so my posts will have more references to draw from, and make interactions more interesting, ambition? My only ambition is write good scifi along with everyone ;)

Thanks. But the thing is I even haven't submitted my sheet yet >_>. Been working on it incrementally and it just keeps going from a good sized NRP sheet to monolithic. Working on Military Ranks right now. So we might be in the same boat lol.

Though the more time I have, the better it will get haha.
@Ophidian But the thing is, we don't need him that much since the rules are arbitrary at best. As in there is none aside from don't be a god modding derp, or an meta gaming edge lord. Not to say we don't need him. But if he has to take breaks. We can definitely move on without guidance. Since I can only hope we are all able to work through any disagreements that come along etc.
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