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The invitation link has expired.

My bad, just fixed it so it never expires. I'll be off to work soon anyways. But hope to catch everyone later.
Nice! I see you put alot of thought into it. This is what I look forward to seeing. Alot of asymmetry between factions based on unique characteristics, beliefs or otherwise.

Also I love the singularity theme, ever read Quantum Thief? Best singularity based book out there. As for multiple human factions. That will be put on hold until we see alot more alien factions come into play. But also we will have to balance the fact there could very well be two human factions or more that might work together at one point or another. XD

Also a quick update. We have a discord! I'll put it at the bottom of the interest check. Just come in chill, have a space barbecue. Whatever fits your whim.
Update: Just polished the interest check further and for the most part the Founding member NPC's are finished. Further detailed the game mechanics. Decided on a roll system for Dossiers, NPCs included will be subject to this, and take their own actions every turn.

So in other words I'm spewing out content like its going out of business my todo list.
-Develop and finish mechanics
-Develop RNG lists for research, events, and otherwise fine details players will encounter each turn.
-Add one or two more NPCs
-Try to stop making more things in depth and complicated.
-Order pizza
-Watch Firefly and chill
-maybe study after and get my life together ;)

If things are too out there mechanics wise. Let me know, I'll dumb it down. As for now this Interest check won't go IC/OOC until I see the Nation Sheets popping up. No rush, by no means do I want anyone to rush. Just letting you all know for future reference. Can't wait to see where this goes!
I'm playing with a lot of ideas. The Curators enforce the Concordance, but don't participate in it. So technically no, but on the other-hand you are right. Its a yes. Don't mind me I have a bit of adled mind from a long week.
Interstellar Concordance

Aspiron, host to the Interstellar Concordance

The vestiges of sentience have long since reached the stars. Stories of war, tragedy. Are all but common, species hurling asteroids at one another. The charred surfaces of barren homeworlds long since destroyed by nuclear fire littering the core. Encounters with the unknown ancient and ultimately reclusive precursors sparse and terrifying.

But there is a spark that has drawn both minor and major civilizations alike moths to a flame. It is the first attendance of the Interstellar Concordance. Established by the founders on shaky grounds of trust, there is a new hope for cooperation. Perhaps the future of many will not be determined by the force of might alone, but instead the weight of words and the signing of treaties.

Interstellar Concordance is a rp of exploration, diplomacy, economy, and war. Which is focused on and around the politics, subterfuge, and intrigue that takes place on and outside of Aspiron. Which I have to admit, is giving me huge Mass Effect and Babylon 5 flashbacks.


To attend the Interstellar Concordance you will abide by the following ground rules
-Any representative will not be armed, have armed body guards or armed warships. The Curators provide such necessities.
-Hostilities between attending members will not be tolerated. Outside of Concordance space however, it is frowned upon but not restricted.
-You will agree to abide by any deals, treaties, or laws established by votes. Using Concordance space as an means to establishing diplomacy with other members outside of the votes is promoted.
-Any proposed vote will be accepted by a 3/4 majority. Or will be declined until another vote can be brought up.
-Finally all attending members will communicate in Galactic Common. As to overcome differences in culture.

Nation Sheet Format

Faction name:[Civilization, nation, or faction name. Also possibly an identification, or sector of space instead, such as an criminal sector. Pirate faction, or anything that you can think up of is allowed.]
Species:[Name of your species, alien or not. Only one human faction allowed. Whilst only two of the same species are allowed at the same time.]
Member of Interstellar Concordance:[Yes, or no. Being a part of the Concordance has its cons and pros]
Important Characters:[Leaders, diplomats, etc. The sky is the limit, but at the same time don't over kill it.]
Representative:[The representative attending the Concordance, only one is allowed at a time. Though supplementing diplomats, advisers, and otherwise may come to the Concordance. The representative is the one who holds weight, can propose bills, and use their vote.]
Description of Civilization:[From the biology of your species(multiple are allowed), to its culture. To government, military, technology or history. Elaborate as much as you wish.]
Advantages and disadvantages:[State the pros and cons of your Nation Sheet. This will help determine your sheet's dossier given to you at the start of the RP]

Founding Members

The Curators



Note: Founding members have 1.5 votes each as dictated by the Concordance. Their status may be degraded any time by their actions observed by the Curators. They have been observed and chosen by the Curators to be the non-biased party aside from themselves.




There is going to be the following mechanics in Interstellar Concordance.
-trade(Technology, intelligence, commerce, and possibly more between players and NPCs)
-Diplomacy(With other players, and NPCs)
-Intelligence(On other player's Dossiers, actions. NPC's included)

Due to the scale, and number of players that will be a part of this. I will make sure to dumb these mechanics down as much as possible, and leave them open ended for interpretation.

Turn mechanics
Each turn a player may post once. All relevant overt actions will be incorporated into the post in a summary or otherwise in the the rp itself. So I can know the actions taken. Any covert actions, will be PMed to me, and the Co-GM

Play Order
  • Event Roll: An event is rolled from a list of potential occurrences. Or the actions of players may prompt an event to happen. An initiative roll is also taken, which determines which players/NPC's may go first.
  • Player Actions: Players may take up to four actions per turn.
    • Explore Star system, nebula, asteroid field, or planet. Costs income, and a single Space fleet(The space fleet is non perishable, however is indisposed of the following turn due to resupply operations)
    • Establish relations with Player or NPC Costs nothing but a action. Will garner one influence if the roll is successful. So keep in mind differences in culture, and biology will influence the outcome.
    • Establish Trade with Player or NPCCosts 1 influence established through diplomacy to create.
    • Trade information or Technology with Player or NPC Costs influence from both sides, to complete a trade. The trade may be one ended with only one party benefiting or both. AKA extortion is plausible.
    • Build Space stations, outposts, shipyards, defense platforms. You name it. Builds are custom orders, name what you want, and you will be notified of the cost. Note that there will be a list of established structures to choose from.
    • Propose new bill Present a new bill for the Interstellar Concordance to vote over. Will cost influence garnered through diplomacy, and will vary on what you propose.
    • ResearchResearch works in the following order. Theoretical, applied, then prototype stages. These technologies can be chosen to supplement military space or ground forces. Economic, or otherwise how the player chooses to use them. A player chooses the project they want from an Rnged list. Then the project costs income over the course of how many turns it takes to complete the project. Theoretical, and Prototypes are ostensibly shorter then applied projects. Applied is the gap between theoretical and prototype phases.
    • Recruit/arm new ground force or space force
    • Colonize To colonize a habitable planet. Will cost a varied amount of income and space forces until the Colony is self sufficient.
      Covert Actions These actions don't need to be mentioned in your post, but can hinted too or suggested at the player's discretion. Execution of said operations may become overt or announced without your discretion in mind however.
      • Fund Covert AgencyWill increase defense against covert operations, and slightly increase offense. Also allows a rolled amount of slots for contact networks to be established.
      • Fund Contact NetworkWill allow your agency to gain intel on the targeted faction. Note, that results will vary. And information is a double edged sword.
      • Sabotage To sabotage a research project, trade lane, ground force, space force, or orbital structure.
      • EspionageA more direct means of gathering information, or stealing it. Can be used to assess force sizes, to discover and/or steal research projects.
      • Custom action Action per the player's request. Will have varied costs, and results.


Note: This is all WIP aside from the Nation Sheet things are bound to be altered before we hit the IC thread. As for how long it might take me to get there is varied. But I will do my best to get it done in a timely manner. By all means express your interest, ideas, and nation sheets! Go wild with your world building, talk to others about how your factions might relate to each other. It will promote a more vibrant, and active rp. I'm putting this out here with a few rough edges after working on this for about 5-6 hours. Alot of thought is going into this, and I might not be as fast to get started like some other rps. Either way, welcome everyone!

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