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27 Apr 2017 12:07
Current "Briefly discuss the agreement, or not, of the speed on the BOM website with your relativistic calculations." Two pages of writing later ...
11 Apr 2017 9:06
I always say in two weeks rather than in a fortnight.
9 Apr 2017 9:17
I blame thermodynamics for everything.
6 Apr 2017 13:09
[@The Kid Lantern] It's dead Jim.
6 Apr 2017 10:31
I am the king of karaoke nights.



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Apologies for the late post. I had a few things on my mind that stopped me from concentrating. (Admittedly, Persona 5 was one of them :/)

I'll try not to make that a habit.

I totally getcha. Persona 5 is pretty great.

The only reason I'm not playing all the time is because of studying.
@Prince of Seraphs No because they're making a movie.
<Snipped quote by Crimmy>

Well Alan does exist, just only on Earth 2 right?

Isn't Earth-2 like, fucking dead.

And given that Johnny Thunder turned up in Rebirth and the appearance of Jay's hat in Flash: Rebirth, pretty sure they're bringing back the JSA.
@Prince of Seraphs Earth has a buddy cop dduo of GLs in the form of Simon and Jessica. The others are in space. And Alann doesn't exxist.
@Lime Blossoms Hey, haven't seen a peep from you in the last week. You gotten busy?

Also, reminder for those who still haven't done so, if you have Skype, feel free to hit up our Skype group chat.
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