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"Aye, it's comin' along" he said as they walked to, and then rode up, the elevator "Few components in the leg joints I couldn't fix up, so I picked up all new ones on Minos. Then it's just a matter of replacing the core power cells, patchin' up the holes, and re-wirin' it all together again. Few other little odds and ends. Should be able to get 'er well close to done while we chat actually"

"Ladies first" he said sincerely as they arrived at the Armory. He pushed the cart in off to the side, then rushed back to help Amy across the room to his chair. It was pretty messy, half unpacked rates with their contents strewn all about. He extended an arm out to her.
"Here let me help ya lass" he said "Don't want ya to trip up in the mess here and put ya out of commission"

"Yeah, we're cleared to go man. Back us on out of here and get the old girl moving"

Stryker rolled his chair back around to face the co-pilot's console, with a few deft flicks at the machine, Stryker had locked in their coordinates- the far edge of the Deadzone- and begun the pre-flight checks. Everything across the board was showing green, so he flashed Tibulus a thumbs-up.

"Fire her up, we're ready to go" Stryker said casually, before adding with a chuckle "And try not to scratch the paint up as we clear our berth here huh?"


"What the fuck?" Grayson said "That don't make a lick of sense whichever way ya cut it.. I already planned on havin' words with him over going AWOL, but after this, it's gonna be a long conversation"

He walked over to her and laid a hand on her shoulder "Listen, you're clearly shaken up over this, and we should talk this over a little more, try and pick somethin' of it all. Gimme a minute, Gotta run and grab some gear for the armory from the supply drop, then we can head up there and chat, ok? Just a sec"

His notions of a snack forgotten, Grayson headed out of the kitchen and quickly marched across the common area and through the door into the docking bay, where a tidy stack of about 40 metal crates awaited him against the right-hand wall. He'd brought the push-cart he acquired on the station down with him, to make quick work of the task. He picked through the stack and located 5 that were labelled as Armory, he decided to take a quick peek inside them before loading up. A fine assortment of ammo, explosives, and the like filled most of the crates. Inside one, Grayson found a true treasure, a mobile weapons repair kit, something he'd been hopeful to acquire for a while (and hadn't thought of requisitioning). Lastly, one crate held a pair of Alliance-standard assault rifles, newer models than what the ship was equipped with.

"Well, some nice spare parts here anyway" he muttered to himself "Ok, time to go"
He hoisted the loot onto the cart and wheeled it on out, stopping alongside the kitchen door. He poked his head back inside and said to Amy.
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I'm in! Been a bit busy myself, but super-ready to jump back in if everyone's game!

Stryker had grabbed up the palm-sized package that contained their orders before showing Taleste around the ship. He headed to the cockpit to review them. Without a word to Tibulus he opened the package to find a data drive. He plugged it into his datapad and downloaded everything off it. As his eyes scanned the first couple of documents, he absent-mindedly fished out one of the decks of cards Adachi had given him and tossed them over onto Tibulus's console.

"Will those do? Got another 4 in my pockets" He found the coordinates and typed them into the ship's nav system "Long trip ahead, we're going right out there this time, could be a week or more getting there, want me to take over for a bit?"

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First order of business for Grayson was getting everything he'd picked up into the armory. He had just unpacked the cart and was wondering where to begin when Stryker's voice echoed out through the ship's PA system.

"Anyone who had a requisition in, you'll find it down in the Docking Bay along with the rest of the supply drop, I'd appreciate anyone who's free heading down there to pitch in on getting everything unpacked. We've got a long trip ahead, could be a few days, could even stretch into a few weeks, but we can talk about that later, I'm sure we're all sick to death of team meetings by now, I sure am"

The PA whined and droned for a second before cutting off, as if Stryker was about to do some kind of official sign-off, but then thought better of it and just closed the channel. Knowing that there'd be "official Alliance-certified" supplies for the Armory, Grayson made his way back down to the Crew Deck to find them. He made a last-second decision to detour into the kitchen and stopped in his tracks as he saw Amy sitting there, the door slid close behind him, and there they were, alone in this room again.

"Oh hello" he said to cut the silence, and to let her know who had just walked in "Was just on my way down to get the Armory supplies, thought I'd drop in for a bite to eat first. I can come back later though if there's a risk of another cup gettin' tossed at my head, ay?"


SAL had returned to the Tech Lab after the meeting, finding no purpose in his disembarking the ship, when there was so much work to be done. By the time they had taken off again, he was ready to begin a consciousness transfer into the body he had crafted from the leftover parts of AP-772 and the Hunter Droid. He connected his mind to the new AI program to address it directly, wanting to be sure it'd be safe to allow his creation true sentience.

"Hello again. How are you feeling?"
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Stryker and Grayson made their way back to the ship and did a quick check to make sure everyone else was aboard. One last piece of business, Stryker walked Sammn down to the docking bay, said a farewell, then handed him over to Adachi and Julius. As the door closed up, Stryker thought he saw a glint of malicious intent in Sammn's eyes, maybe he'd try and make a run for it, maybe that was just his expression, whatever was next for the lizard-man, Stryker silently wished him well, and walked back into the ship's proper. He gave Tibulus clearance to begin disengaging from their docking berth, and wandered back to find Taleste in her room.

"Ready for that tour?" He said after finding her "Don't worry, it'll be quick, you've obviously already seen the quarters and passed through most of the common area, so there's not all that much to cover really. First off, the restrooms, showers and whatnot are at the end of the hall here in the Crew Quarters, women's is the door on the right" He pointed towards it then waved an arm for her to follow him over to the elevator.

"Kitchen is that little room off to the side of the Common Area, there's not much downstairs to cover, just the cargo bay, engine room, tech lab, stuff like that, you can explore those at your leisure. We'll head on upstairs, just so you know where everything important is"
They emerged at the Upper Deck and Stryker quickly pointed out the War Room, Armory, and Med Bay.
"Cockpit's up at the front, and oh yeah, nearly forgot, in the case of some kind of catastrophic failure, every floor has ladders that provide quick access down to the escape pods on the Lower Deck. That's pretty much it... any questions?"
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