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28 Apr 2017 1:41
Current i got five on it.
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27 Apr 2017 16:00
that's what's up.
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23 Apr 2017 19:48
by the wayside.
21 Apr 2017 9:32
day three without sleep.
20 Apr 2017 5:50


Hey, there. I'm Crumbs and you are you. I like that about us.

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Got a few takers, so that's pretty awesome.

I think I'm gonna take time to say, now, that I'm always accepting requests for 1x1 stuff. Though I may start making certain plots 'off-limits', if I have a version of it already running.

Mind you, I am also open to plot suggestions from those interested~
Thought I'd drop a line and say that this is still open to one more person. Dunno if that matters to anyone...

Still, though! There's that.

As a note...I plan on finishing the third fragment of the intro post sometime in the next couple of days.

I'd love to resume MGB with you! Let's talk a bit about it. So, hit me up on Discord or through a PM~!


If you don't mind, I'd like to discuss a few different ideas. I'd still like to RP with you, but I lost interest in the one we had previously. I'm sorry about that, by the way. My two month absence left me without motivation for certain ideas.
Hey. Yo. Looking, again. Just came back from a really long absence. Hit me up if you're interested in a 1x1 deal.

Some of the ideas listed in the first post aren't exactly what I'm looking for right now (but I'm not excluding any of them, offhand); I'm more interested in doing something simplistic (at least in the beginning, as I'd prefer to develop the story as we go) with a fantasy flair. Any ideas you have, you are welcome to introduce as well.

I may be a little slow to post.

Edit: I plan on adding some ideas, soon.

Second Edit: Added Black☆Soul☆Reflection to the intro post.
Hey, yo, went ahead and posted up the first part of the intro post (Servant, I) focusing on Mahin and something weird she's doing.

For now, consider the intro post a WIP and cut me some slack, hehehe.

There'll be two more parts posted there. The hiders for them are up, but they'll prolly be empty until tonight or tomorrow.

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