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13 Mar 2017 4:08
Current RIght, well sorry to anyone who's doing stuff with me. Got sick over the weekend then decided to take it easy, and so I hope to repond to everything tomorrow.
11 Feb 2017 5:59
To anyone who I do RP stuff with, I'm feeling pretty drained in the creative department, so gonna be taking a day or so for a break.
6 Dec 2016 18:55
Na you be a technocracy and solve all your problems through the indomitable might of science until the robots rise up in revolution.
20 Nov 2016 5:53
Thanks to something called Quick Draw, I've come to learn I'm so horrible at drawing not even a neural networked AI can tell what the hell I'm trying to draw.
9 Nov 2016 5:24
Not sure how I feel about Trump winning, well guess he's hasn't technically won yet. I'm gonna say numb. Yeah, numb sounds about right... months ago we joked about this. Remember that? Good times.
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Not much to say really, I consider myself a veteran roleplayer at any rate with a good five years of experience that obviously stretches back far before I joined the guild. Generally I'm willing to join any RP that I find interesting it doesn't matter what genre it is, something weird and outlandish is much preferable to the same old plots that have been beyond exhausted by now if you ask me. Uh... yeah that's all I got in this half-baked bio, so yay.

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In The Guild 13 Mar 2017 5:27 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
@SaintRice Don't be so hard on yourself, seriously. Honestly I could've found some way to keep Silvia in the fight, but I decided myself that keeping it going wouldn't have been nearly as interesting. It was nothing about how you started the duel. Heh, honestly I think I made Silvia too weak to even hope to fight Gareth, which is honestly something I tend to do with my characters in these sort of RPs, I can give you a lot of past examples if you want.

One involved some regular guard trying to take on Gods...

Still, don't kick yourself about this, alright?
In The Guild 11 Mar 2017 23:12 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
@SaintRice Well... gotta admit that felt like a real lazy way to end the fight, but honestly from how the fight was going Gareth is the one who should win, and I think this is better than dragging out the duel a little longer for no reason. Hey, at least they did get to fight until someone was knocked out without anyone surrendering.
In The Guild 11 Mar 2017 23:10 Forum: Advanced Roleplay

Despite her best efforts Silvia had taken too many hits during this fight to continue being effective, she wasn't like Gareth who could withstand some damage, after all that's why her fighting style relies on evasion. Now because Gareth wasn't using his magical powers she was able to mostly avoid the kick, it being only a glancing blow, yet it was enough to throw her off balance which was enough to all but seal her fate.

Normally she would've been able to avoid such a telegraphed assault, unfortunately fighting Gareth of all people wasn't quite a normal situation. To put it in simple terms, this was the part where she lost... being knocked out by a particularly hard punch meant she wasn't able to continue fighting anymore. After that the world was all but black to Silvia.
In The Guild 9 Mar 2017 7:27 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
@SaintRice That sound fine, but we're going to keep everything that's happen so far anyway. So guess you get to decide if the fight ends now or not, heh we do have the rest of the RP to do still, stuff beyond these little fights.
In The Guild 9 Mar 2017 5:43 Forum: Advanced Roleplay
@SaintRice Sorry for how long that took, I'll be doing my best not to hold up the fight anymore. Just been sorta out of it for the last day honestly, heh and I gotta admit this has been a difficult duel to write for with Silvia being at such a disadvantage, which is partly why it took longer as well.
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