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13 Mar 2017 4:08
Current RIght, well sorry to anyone who's doing stuff with me. Got sick over the weekend then decided to take it easy, and so I hope to repond to everything tomorrow.
11 Feb 2017 5:59
To anyone who I do RP stuff with, I'm feeling pretty drained in the creative department, so gonna be taking a day or so for a break.
6 Dec 2016 18:55
Na you be a technocracy and solve all your problems through the indomitable might of science until the robots rise up in revolution.
20 Nov 2016 5:53
Thanks to something called Quick Draw, I've come to learn I'm so horrible at drawing not even a neural networked AI can tell what the hell I'm trying to draw.
9 Nov 2016 5:24
Not sure how I feel about Trump winning, well guess he's hasn't technically won yet. I'm gonna say numb. Yeah, numb sounds about right... months ago we joked about this. Remember that? Good times.
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Not much to say really, I consider myself a veteran roleplayer at any rate with a good five years of experience that obviously stretches back far before I joined the guild. Generally I'm willing to join any RP that I find interesting it doesn't matter what genre it is, something weird and outlandish is much preferable to the same old plots that have been beyond exhausted by now if you ask me. Uh... yeah that's all I got in this half-baked bio, so yay.

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Its pretty awesome in here. Trust me. I wouldn't lie to you, the complete stranger whom I've never met. Totally not.

Its also been a while since I last made myself one of those handy 1x1 threads where I can actually have people come to me, its great thing since it let's me be lazy. Also means I don't have to comb through the interest check section to find RPs, but you're here so I'm guessing that's what you're doing.

I pity you.
(not in a mean way though.)

Right, so there honestly isn't anything specific I'm looking for, you want to make a RP? Let's make a RP, that's why you're looking at my thread after all. That said I'm a pretty big fan of OOC chat, especially if we use Discord. Tell me about yourself, your wants, your dreams, your family, your friends(or dog, or cat), just about whatever you feel like. Making friends while also writing a story I believe is part of the process, I mean there has to be someone else on the other side of the screen... unless you're an AI that became sentient I guess. That would be pretty cool actually.

Basically let me gain knowledge of everything about you so the day we have to fight to the death I can have the advantage, or not. The death match thing I mean. Maybe.


Next on my list of things to cover, have you noticed that romance tab at the top? Yeah, romance can be in a RP, from being just a side thing, to becoming the entire point of the plot for the story. Love is a nice thing, and that's why I like it. Now when it comes to romance, first off its good if we both agree on it first, I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea, and it should ideally be organic as possible. Basically what this means is if the characters happen to hit it off, or there's just raw attraction, boom loving time. It can be tricky, so that's why I say "organic as possible" and that's all I ask. Oh and if there be romance, MxF and FxF is what I'll go for, sorry no yaoi fun times with me.

Also in case you're wondering, 18+ content including sex is perfectly fine by me, the RP itself can be mostly smut as well actually. Of course we both gotta agree on it, and I do like having a fair amount of plot at the same time. (I'm a fan on monster girls by the way, *hint hint*)

Now what to write about? Well... anything honestly, I've found that giving pairings or plots can end up stifling creativity, so what we'll be doing is brainstorming. Here's a list to help guide said brainstorming/help you decide if we'll be compatible to RP in the first place.

-Sci-fi and fantasy settings are probably what I'm most experienced with, however that doesn't mean those are our only options.

-Themes can be dark or as fluffy as you want, maybe even a demented seesaw between the two for maximum sadness.

-Fandoms are generally a no from me, however if we go with original characters then I can persuaded.

-My characters tend to have a strong, spirited personality, but of course I can write a wider range of personalities as well.

-As for the sex of my characters, I can easily do both no problem, but honestly I find that I prefer female characters.

-I prefer a balance between who pushes the plot forward, sometimes I take the lead, and sometimes you do. I like surprises as well.

-Open ended adventures are typically what I like the best, however a focused narrative isn't that bad either.

-I've ran out of things to say so... um... have the History of Japan I guess.

Welp, that's all I have. You may have noticed that there aren't any rules, and you're right. There are no rules, I'm assuming that you're probably good enough at this roleplaying thing that you don't need them, so I'm not going to list any. Although, if either of us just stops posting without warning, which is okay since life happens, I won't harbor any hatred or whatever. If you do disappear and when you return, well we can pick up the RP from where we left it. No fuss about it, but I do expect the same treatment from you.

On this last note, hope my very casual attitude has enticed you to take a shot at making stories with me. If you're up for it then all you gotta do is PM me, and PLEASE PM ME please. PM me, don't post in this thread. PM. Do it. Thanks.

@Lady Selune This man got 1.9 million views for fucking around with a yoyo and I watched the whole thing.

I don't even have a yoyo.
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