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@Willy Vereb What you have thus far looks good. You can add it to the character section, just make sure I get a chance to look over your completed military section before posting.

@El Noche In general it looks good, but I might want to discuss your Volkswrought a bit. No real major concern here, so feel free to post in the character section.

Everyone else: IC starts Friday, so do your best to have your sheets at least mostly done by then.
@DarkspleenI have several questions
1) Was this being talked about for awhile because that is a lot of CS's for 9 hours XD
2) is the political map with the colors...does that mean it is all filled?

Well the interest check went up 2 days ago and I already had 5 countries on the map before that even, so yea. XP

@Poohead189 @Catchphrase I have space for 1, maybe 2, countries in the southwest. All the colors are claimed territories.
@Monkeypants Looked over your sheet. You are good to post it in the character section. Just make sure to finish it before posting ICly.
OOC is up.
Placeholder. Don't post here till you are accepted. I intend to start the IC on Friday, so try and finish your sheets by then.
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