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I just wanna say I'm still here. Me and Kaithas have discussed our background, and we're keeping it pretty simple and straightforward. For multiple reasons, it hasn't been practical for me to add the last details to my sheet just yet - sorry about that. I'll see to it as soon as possible, but I don't think you need to hold off on starting the IC on my behalf.

Awesome thanks for dropping a line!

@alexfangtalon@Kouki@Lord Szall@Kaithas

So Maxwell and Kaithas have figured out their backstory for Dorian and Kiora. So how's Szall and Cassie's coming along?
@Kouki yeah! Like an achievement wall on the OP.
I feel like we should start a betting pot for fun to see who hits some Firsts, well first. For exampleeee, who gets a crush on who first, who punches who first, who pisses off their weapon partner first, what weapon accidentally transforms some part of their body first, uh who beats the first Mook, etc...

Strictly for fun and non competitive lists of weird firsts.

Awesome and a shout out thanks for everyone who submitted a sheet. Now the fun can begin, we've got a good diverse group of characters. Shenanigans are sure to happen.

Polish up those character sheets (spelling, grammar all that good stuff), add the name of your partner and the joint history you've both agreed on. If you make any significant changes outside of partner mention to the sheets let us know (like adding an ability or removing something).

Let's put a deadline on that so we're not waiting any significant amount of time before we get started IC wise.

Let's say until Saturday April 22? @Kouki

Discuss the details here in the ooc or over pm. Remember! Keep us in the loop! :)
Excellentttt. I'm gonna post my character sheets after @Kouki posts theirs.

You guys can hash that out here in the OOC if you like.
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