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Dex ran one last look over her omnitool window, streams of data downloading concerning Firuzeh. The turian minimized the window then walked through the common areas heading to the cockpit. Some dishes from breakfast were still strewn about with no other crew present. The mess wasn’t an issue but it felt a twinge bit more lived in. Small contributions everyone made in one way or another to making the ship feel more like home were noticeable if one was paying attention. The past two days of shore leave were necessary, she hoped the moments spent bonding did them well in the long run. Maybe even functioning closer to a team than a group of strangers.

Their next destination was solely to see to fixing Drono’s back at Lafayette Station, something she personally wanted to see through. Still carrying a small sliver of blame for his current condition, a failing from back on their first mission. It felt like it had been ages since then.

Dex made it to the cockpit, the door opening up to the small and cramped cockpit where she saw Iosif prepping for flight. She nodded taking her seat, shortly thereafter Haze came in behind her taking his seat at navigation. Without a word, he began loading up the coordinates courtesy of Drono for Lafayette. Plotting their course.

She logged into her terminal, orange holographic windows appeared giving her readings for all over the ship. Her talons began moving automatically without need or pause to look down.

Iosif and Dex ran through preflight checks, sounding off each check as they went down the list. They tried to ensure their rust bucket of a ship was in a half decent condition to take off. When they reached the end of the list Haze had plotted a course, favouring as usual the most fuel efficient course versus the shortest. They saved their credits on fuel where they could.

Tapping a button to activate the speakers ship wide Dex spoke, “Good morning Jury Riggers. Our little shore leave has officially come to an end, whoever isn’t on the ship will have to hitchhike to Lafayette. We’re off to get Drono’s back fixed whether that comes to bullying a doctor or fighting off some assholes. We’ll find out when we get there won’t we?” She laughed her eyes crinkling. “Speaking of assholes, don’t be one and go say hi to our newest addition in the medbay. We picked her up at a local dive bar, so you know she’s legitimate.

She noted a bit more seriously, “Remember guys, we fucked up on our last mission and instead of our pay checks at risk here it’s one of us.

This trip is going to take a few weeks by the looks of it. Word of advice, stagger your horrible pranks, invent a decent pair of earplugs, and kiss cold Elysium goodbye.

If anyone else is making playlists for their character like this weirdo like me, please share! I'd love to hear them.
I'm sorry, but I'm going to withdraw my interest.

I really like the idea here, and there is nothing wrong with the RP, I just have other interests to persue.

This way someone else will have a chance to get my spot. XD

See ya 'round

Thanks for letting us know~
Yay for more submissions! We've only got a few more days left until the deadline then we can do the reviews :>.
@DearTricksterI can't wait, I'm looking forward to the first official Loyalty Mission.

@Hellis You better not disappoint! :P *applies pressure!*

You... You do know what tomorrow is right?

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