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24 Apr 2017 10:37
Current The most addicting thing I've heard all day:
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22 Apr 2017 0:48
"The lead singer sounds like a drunken middle-aged man with lung cancer and the background singers sound like a gaggle of oompa-loompas strung out on cocaine."
14 Apr 2017 2:08
Talk less, smile more~!
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31 Mar 2017 11:39
Sorry for lack of replies, guys. Kinda crook as horse shit rn ;-;
6 Mar 2017 14:57
Sorry for disappearing off the face of the Earth, guys ^-^ Not to worry, I'm still alive!


You know that person who thinks they're funny, but they really aren't?

Yeah. That's me :P

Silly philandering and brain-numbing comments aside, I view myself as something of an egotistical arse, though you should expect no less from an Australian :D I might come across as a bit eccentric at times but I'm far from unapproachable. Writing is my second (or third... or fourth... or fif-) life, and over the years I like to think I've developed at least somewhat as a writer, though I'll leave that for you to decide :3 I love myself a good sci-fi or fantasy setting, though I certainly don't mind the reality of the modern day. My characters typically range from flamboyant rogues to grisly old dudes to literal sex demons to underdogs to Jedi to the more human to the less human to the mature to the immature to whatever the Hell I need to fill in for the roleplay! XD

Basically, I try to be unique, though typically fail miserably c:

I'm pretty much always up for a 1x1, so shoot me a message if you're into such things, mature themes or no ^-^ And yes, if you're wondering, I do play male characters.

Too tired to add something cool to this. Later!

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In Pokémon: Start 24 Apr 2017 14:03 Forum: Casual Roleplay
I'm going to be late with my reply as I'm about to start another term of school and I need to finish my homework by tomorrow ;-; Sorry!
@Dynamo Frokane Solid copy, boss! ^-^ Good to be back on the team! :D And technically Kaitlyn is bi, since she's Ashtonsexual (and mistook her for a guy in the first place) :3
Just a little sister side-character here ^-^ @Dynamo Frokane

@Silver Fox

I know but I believe you said she wasn't your main and unable to romance ;-;

Edit: Well, there's always fanfiction...! ;)

She's done :D

Hope she fits in xD

@Dynamo Frokane :D Just tagging for you, fam!
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