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23 Mar 2017 21:33
Current I got my PS4. That is all.
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19 Mar 2017 2:40
I just had my first drink to celebrate true adulthood. BRING ON THE PAPERWORK.
18 Mar 2017 2:04
Happy Birthday to me~
5 Mar 2017 23:16
I now have a Snickers Brownie. 5 ps4 games are on the way for my birthday. *content*
4 Mar 2017 2:26
I'm in the mood for a Templar x Mage roleplay. Dragon Age or not.


Hey, I'm a female, 19. I like anime and manga. I like to read and write. But my favorite pastime is ROLEPLAYING. Duh, why else am I here? Anyways, you can find my posts all up in the 1x1 forums. I posted alot cus I'm looking for specific partners. Anyways if you read this, have a cookie on me.

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@XxLyraxX *sees that you have many of my favorite fandoms and games*

Please PM me.

In Loki x OC 10 Mar 2017 6:04 Forum: 1x1 Interest Checks
@Kelpie99 I may be interested in this.
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