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20 Mar 2017 23:42
Current when you're too lazy to make any food... seaweed wraps and rice for dinner!
4 Mar 2017 17:16
who doesn't like to spend saturday in their underwear?
18 Feb 2017 3:06
Why hello there, Weekend. Would you like to go on a date? I promise you that we'll do more than just lay in bed together!
6 Feb 2017 5:04
I like to creep on other peoples role-plays that are long and successful, inserting myself into them in my mind. Especially late at night.
5 Feb 2017 2:15
just the tip, i swear!


Hello, I'm Denny!
slice-of-life + fantasy + adventure + romance + fandom

I'm a laid-back writer who dreams of doing just that. I like expressing myself creatively and through my writing and I am hoping to find people who like to do the same.

I have been told I have simple tastes, but I'm also a guy who wants to expand his tastes, so if you're willing to help a guy out then feel free to drop me a PM and we can come up with something together!

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Still looking for more people if anyone else is interested!

There aren't much other 1x1 rpers who want more combat focus, at least I can hardly find any, so I'm totally interested.

Of the fandom's you've listed I am totally interested in any of these:
Walking Dead
Sword Art Online

I'm all for OC's too! So we're a fit there also!
@Exit I saw Avatar and of kind of jumped in head first. I do like the fact that you're trying to go a different route than most other stories/rps I have seen, so that's also another reason why my interest was thrown!
I am SUPER interested in this!
You have my interest!
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