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We're all waiting on a GM post to move forward. Well at least a bunch of us from the Discord chat are. Trust me. I wish to post as well, but it would just be Alria ducking, covering, and saying "holy crap. That was a big explosion."
Yeah I went to the Discord Server people homepage too. This is the entire service. It's all just dealing with a bunch of issues. Hopefully it'll be back soon, but so far we're without it.
And now we've got Alria's current relationship standings! Have a look guys!

Alria Vicrinus
Location: London Ruins

Keeping a careful and deadly eye out, Alria made sure to use her pistol with a lethally effective trigger. Her shots being steadied by her firm two handed grip and made better by the hunk of debris that she chose to take cover behind. Making sure to time her shots and keep her bullet efficiency high, but also to not hit any of her allies as they ran ahead to fight or just RAN AHEAD. Alria was one to enjoy a good close handed brawl, but literally running into a tide of Husks that big was insane, yet she could only watch with confusion and... what's the word for it... Not concern or anger, but something in between.

Regardless Alria knew she couldn't stop the crazy Human for doing her business without putting her own life in unnecessary danger so instead she just watched and provided fire support where she could. Though before long the crazy Human seemed to actually have a plan as she charged through several Husks with reckless abandon and when her barrier went up Alria understood. In truth she still thought the Human was crazy beyond words, but at least she had some plan going in.

To better help the whole event she continued to place shots around her to sink into the bodies of a few Husks, looking for crowd control instead of key target elimination. After all it seemed like the better choice. Also making sure to toss a few fireballs into the fray, sinking up their targets and trajectories to pass around the Human and to strike into the crowd, setting them to burst mode so as to give some flames to more than just one Husk with each shot.

Continuing to watch the events unfold she saw a few other members of their team charge ahead to plant bombs and that only made things harder for her to time her shots, but still when she found an opening she took it. Though as things progressed further and a Krogan charged in to pull the Human out just as her barrier fell with the two demolitionists taking their leave at the same time. This left her with free reign to open fire and toss fire down range to cause the Reaper's pets pain.

Though nobody could see it, Alria had a growing scowl on her face. These were the bastards who cost her so much just a few years ago. Maybe not the ones who did it, but sure as Hell on the same side as the ones who did which meant they were no different. Each time she pulled the trigger and watched one of her eternal foes fall to the ground she felt just a little bit happier on the inside... or did she? After so many Reaper kills over the pasts years, why did she still feel so...

As the battle raged on and with their line remade she continued to hold it, though as time passed it seemed like more and more of a lost cause. There were just too many of them, but they had their ace... Just at Aegon's word it would be played. In the meantime Alria still had a few Thermal Clips to spend.
I just haven't posted because I'm waiting on that collaboration to hit. Then Ill have Alria respond and react to the event.
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