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4 Jan 2017 22:06
Current A bit busy at the moment but replies will get sent today as soon as possible.
2 Jan 2017 5:51
A dwarf who was a mystic escaped from prison. The APB went out that there was a small medium at large.


My area of 'expertise' falls mostly in mature themed Rps but I do love a good plot and story to really dig into when it comes to roleplaying. I can play almost any gender you might be looking for and have played a variety of roles into the past, no idea is too weird or out there for me to at least try once. Though I am more partial to 1x1 Rp's in all fairness. As long as you can sell me on an intriguing enough plot or I can sell you, we should get along fine.

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Updated Bump.

Cleaned up the post a bit, mostly with hiders, and added that some of the pairs are open to mxm as well as fxf. Again everything is considered 18+ up and therefor relegated to pm. Also added a few more plot ideas in Shapeshifters and a new category in Fantasy relating to Omegaverse stuff.
I play either depending on what the role calls for.
Updated what's locked up now. Figuring to clean this up properly when I have a chance.
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