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21 Apr 2017 14:25
Current Here's a neat character creator, if anyone wants it.
21 Apr 2017 0:40
Spark a chemical reaction and inhale the extract of one kind of plant matter wrapped in another plant matter once a Terran rotation.
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20 Apr 2017 17:07
Friendly reminder that Hitler was in Persona 2.
20 Apr 2017 15:24
As a no good, godless commie, and the antithesis to all things American, I hereby acknowledge and support today. Happy 4/20.
19 Apr 2017 21:38
If you're gonna pirate games, do it like a REAL pirate. Run into GameStop with a cutlass and flintlock pistol, kill a few people, and run out with a treasure chest full of game discs.


Just here for a bit of roleplay occasionally. I have an odd schedule, so please don't get too upset if I disappear. I'll do my best to let you know beforehand, though.

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As the bricks, bottles and other assorted rubble continued to fly at the advancing group, Josef nodded to Karl as he requested that they start to take cover. "Alright, find some cover, keep your heads down, and if they open fire with actual weapons, return fire at will."

With that, he ducked down behind a collapsed section of wall, just as a handful of shots rang out, bullets whizzing by over his head. Carefully peeking over the chuck of brick and stone with his rifle, giving a cry of "Open fire!" as he began to fire his rifle, firing off three shots, hitting a man armed with a rifle of some sort, another carrying a makeshift firebomb, which was snuffed out as it fell to the ground, and another man carrying a pistol. As he used his rifle, Josef's face took on one of grim concentration, carefully looking up from the rubble to shoot, before ducking back down to slide the bolt of his rifle back, ejecting the shell before pushing the bolt back forward, chambering in the next round, and repeating the process.

Having fired off the three shots, he quickly affixed the bayonet to his rifle, gesturing for Karl and Bruno to do the same, moving ahead under cover, jabbing a man armed with a club as he came close, and butting another with the end of his rifle, confiscating the man's rifle, and tossing to back behind him to prevent it being retrieved by more rebels.

"Karl, Bruno, keep moving forward, and keep up the fire on them! If we get close enough, they should start to break apart!"
Assuming neither of you have a problem with that, I want to go for the role of Communist Sympathizers.
@GreenieAgreed. I don't understand why people act like an RP that doesn't have a post a day is dead. I get wanting to keep a consistant schedule, and there IS such a thing as too slow, but not everything needs to be at speedposter levels.
@ClocktowerEchosTry it now. I broke up the categories with line breaks, and paragraphed down the two larger text blocks. I guess I was a bit TOO eager to post it, and ended up forgetting formatting.
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