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26 Mar 2017 0:14
It's spelled Volgin, BTW, not Vulkan or Vulgan
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25 Mar 2017 21:30
@BCTheEntity So a Voltron Roleplay, then?
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25 Mar 2017 16:38 In case any of you wanted to know about those songs created for Wolfenstein: The New Order
23 Mar 2017 23:50
Nothing is more painfully ironic to me than seeing pictures of Che Guevara on merchandise...
19 Mar 2017 6:04 When you gotta act straight around conservative relatives


Just here for a bit of roleplay occasionally. I have an odd schedule, so please don't get too upset if I disappear. I'll do my best to let you know beforehand, though.

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Tekart had been to many a hive world in his lifetime, and Scintilla was just another to add to the list. The Inquisition had taken an extreme interest in him and his work ever since the incident with the 'Nurgle' plague, whatever that is, and had requested his 'assistance' in future matters. Mostly due to being strongarmed into complying, Tekart made his way to Scintilla, and was now finding his way through the massive hive city.

Tekart did not draw much attention, though an anxious-looking old man in a lab coat and glasses isn't expected to draw that much. He worked his way through the crowd, timidly pushing through the massive hordes of people to work towards his destination. He paused several times to check a map he had stored to his data-slate, before returning his attention to navigating the massive complex of buildings and walkways.

Eventually working his way to the service elevator, Tekart rode downward, deeper into the complex, in what seemed like an endless shaft. Eventually, the elevator slid to a halt, and he stepped into, and then through, the passageway. There, he quickly noticed the growing group of other recruited people, and hurriedly stepped closer. As he caught up with them, he grew pale and rushed over as he saw the one in the white coat collapse upon the ground.

Pulling the diagnosticator from his medikit satchel, he quickly scanned over the man. "This isn't right...The Diagnosticator says that he's dying, but it can't deduce why. It's as if his body is just shutting itself down without a reason." Digging around in his satchel, he pulled several medical tools, quickly using them on key areas of the body. "I think I can stabilize him, but I'll need time to figure out what exactly is wrong, and we'll need to move him to a proper medical facility."
@Wraithblade6I'll get right to posting.
@catchamberSo what you're saying is: If I apply for the position of Spamocrat, it'll be frowned upon? Either way, I'd like to be a Spamocrat
<Snipped quote by DepressedSoviet>

Do you get folks mistaking you for doing somebody from the Death Korps of Krieg?

All the time. The key differences is the helmet and the coat. For DKoK you want a wool greatcoat, and a German Stahlhelm or other helmet with a back-neck cover. For the Steel Legion, you want a slimmer cloth trenchcoat, with either an M1 helmet, or if you wanna splurge, a German WW2 paratrooper(fallschirmjaeger) helmet.

EDIT: images for reference

I usually go to GenCon here in Indianapolis. I go as an Imperial Guardsman from Warhammer 40k, specifically from the Armageddon Steel Legion.
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