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20 Jan 2017 18:14
Current Anyone who actively WANTS Trump to fail/be a bad president, is basically saying they want the country to fail.
19 Jan 2017 16:53
stsicsaF eht lliK
19 Jan 2017 1:49
That feeling when you see the timestamps on all your subscribed threads, refresh, and they stay the same ;-;
19 Jan 2017 0:44
*hears someone say the word 'stop' by itself* *immediately begins rapping 'Ice Ice Baby'*
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18 Jan 2017 14:39 @Snarfulblast Try this out, then


Just here for a bit of roleplay occasionally. I have an odd schedule, so please don't get too upset if I disappear. I'll do my best to let you know beforehand, though.

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In Change A Single Word 20 Jan 2017 18:15 Forum: Spam Forum
Drunk dwarfs.
@Silver@PlatinumSkink@Gutshot@BlitzI just wanted to thank you all for the kind words included in your reviews, and offer a bit of clarification in a hider, in case you wanted some elaboration.

As for my opinions on the various stories, that will come later today, I have work to do.
I wholeheartedly encourage you do a "Meanwhile!" type post. I probably should have tagged people in the post where I was discussing it, because it's likely got lost in amongst everything else in this thread, but the short version is - feel free to do Meanwhile! posts, just put them behind a hider saying "Meanwhile!" so it's neat, tidy and obvious that's what it is. There's a whole galaxy to fill up, and seeing the creative efforts of others speeds that up, gives me more ideas and it helps give me a better understanding of what everyone likes.

*Urge to make a Meanwhile! post that's just a copy-paste from Hitchhiker's Guide intensifies*
In The Meme Team 20 Jan 2017 13:32 Forum: Casual Roleplay
In Change A Single Word 20 Jan 2017 0:56 Forum: Spam Forum
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